What women are really doing when they go out on a bar step 6
"The 'wallflower' is a good place to start when you're hoping to meet someone that offers potential for a relationship."

The massive list of everything we could think of that attracts women to men. Sure you might have a few contradictions in there (but in life, there are a ton of contradictions!) but we feel it’s relatively accurate. For each point, we attempt to explain and justify our point, often referring to a biological response in humans.

For example, we try to explain why women are attracted to physical strength (it’s not just the appearance, it’s because the male that is stronger is likely to survive longer than his peers.)

We are happy to hear your feedback, let us know what you think, what you would add and if there are any that you don’t agree with!

0-10 Let’s Get Started

  • Clear, beautiful and healthy looking eyes. Eyes provide an insight on the level of health of the individual, and healthy eyes indicate a healthy mate. It was also surveyed as the most attractive feature according to various women’s magazines.
  • Being wealthy. Wealth indicates power, security, comfort and even excitement. This is very attractive to women who crave all these feelings.
  • Being intelligent. Intelligence, demonstrated by high grades, an impressive line of studies or career are very attractive.
  • Body posture. Within 1 second, just from how you stand, women will judge you as attractive or not. Good body posture indicates that you are a healthy mate and that is very attractive to women. Lean back.
  • Speaking to her true self. If you can see past the walls most people put up and truly speak to the real person inside of them, you’ll be one of the few that understands them. This makes you very important.
  • Convinced and has strong beliefs. Be opinionated about things. If you ask someone a question about a topic and they have something interesting to say about it, that’s attractive. Be opinionated.
  • Being energetic. Have you ever heard the expression, “he was the life of the party” This is energy, its contagious and most people don’t have enough of it. It is very attractive.
  • Being attentive to details in your life. Are you meticulous? Being attentive to the details in your life will mean that you will pay attention to the details in her life.
  • Being passionate. Be in the moment and enjoy life every day. It’s not about the destination, but about the journey. You’ll find your true love along the way.
  • Being witty. This is very attractive as it alludes to being smart, and intelligence is attractive to women. If you are dating then wit will be a big part of your evening.

10-20 Wealth playfulness and more

  • A confident attitude towards life. Confidence indicates that you are successful and to be trusted. When you trust yourself, others will as well. Women will trust you with themselves.
  • Being playful. Playfulness means that you are fun to be with, consequently triggering feelings of attraction in women.
  • Being touchy. Human touch is a powerful way to trigger feelings of attraction. Naturally touchy people have a lot more sex than people who refrain from human contact. This is important when you flirt with a girl.
  • Bravery. Being brave, alert in emergency situations is very attractive and indicates that you will be able to protect her from danger.
  • Being excited about life. The energy that people emit when they are excited about living is contagious and very attractive.
  • Being unavailable. People want what they can’t get. Being hard ( but not impossible! ) to get is attractive.
  • A cocky smile is attractive. Cocky smiles, demonstrated in movies such as James Bond and Top Gun, trigger feelings of confidence and dominance which is extremely arousing. Read up on how to pick up girls for more information.
  • Genuine smiles in general are attractive. As long as they are a reaction to something that occurred and not because you are being polite or awkward.
  • Being concentrated on a task is attractive to women. If a woman can watch you while you are completely involved in a task, then she is likely to be attracted to you. Examples of this can be her watching you paint, play an instrument, anything you do well that requires full absolute concentration on your part.
  • Playing an instrument is attractive to women. Wonder why the rock stars get the girls… there are many reasons but those who play music are automatically ranked more attractive than those who don’t.

20-30 Are you famous?

  • Being famous. If you’re famous, then by definition a lot of people know you. If a lot of people know you, you are therefore important. Being important is very attractive to women.
  • Physical height. Height provides a sense of security and comfort which is very attractive to women. Being taller is also a dominant trait which is attractive. Ultimately, if you are short but can provide a feeling of security and comfort, this will be equivalent to height.Height and attraction chart
    The best guide to creating attraction regardless of height is Double Your Dating.
  • Not caring. A carefree attitude is liberating and very attractive.
  • Being well dressed. Wearing nice clothes demonstrate social status; accentuate your physical features and shows that you take care of yourself.
  • Unique accessories that match your personality. In our society, accessories that stand out provoke curiosity, signify confidence and will attract women. “What’s that necklace you are wearing,” says the girl at the bar. That is one of the dating tips for how to attract women.
  • Shoes that are in style. The first thing that most girls notice in guys is what kind of shoes they are wearing. Shoes speak more about you than all clothes. You can be wearing a diaper on your head, jeans from the 80s… but if you’re wearing brand new shoes that are in style, girls will automatically see you as attractive. If you don’t have the shoes… get them. Clothing that attracts women
  • Well fitting shirts. Baggy shirts are out! Shirts should complement your body and show off your features. Now I’m not talking about spandex, but regular well fitting shirts. You know why suits look good? Because they are tailored to fit you perfectly. This is attractive to women.
  • A deep, commanding voice. Your voice says a lot about you, literally. The next time you strike up a chat with a woman, don’t sound squeaky.
  • Human smell. Sweat, at a very basic level, is very attractive to women. It triggers feeling of arousal in women. However, don’t go too far and stink. That’s repelling.
  • Some light, musky cologne. These smells will mimic the natural smell that males produce and used lightly, will arouse some females.

30-40 A leader among men

  • Leadership Being a leader is very attractive to women, it demonstrates social status and importance. Make decisions, lead the pack.
  • Being dominant. Women are naturally submissive, and men should be naturally dominant. Unfortunately with all our yoga classes and hormonal milk, this has changed in the past century.
  • Physical strength, muscles. Being muscular provides a sense of excitement and security in women. It also alludes to dominance which will seduce most women.
  • Being dangerous. Danger is hot, exciting, energising and can be very addictive. Women love the bad boy.
  • Being good with animals. Being good with living things indicates that you will be a good mate, capable of protecting and caring for any offspring you could potentially have. This is very attractive.
  • Being good with kids. Same as above.
  • Being genuinely interested in her. People love people who are interested in them. If you genuinely want to know what makes her tick, this will be attractive.
  • Being the best in a group of men. If you are the best among competing men, then out of that group, you will be the most attractive to women.
  • Being disciplined. People want to be surrounded by competent individuals. If you are able to control yourself when she can’t, she will see you as having a lot of willpower. This demonstrates that you are in control of your life.

40-50 How Fun Are You?

  • Not taking life too seriously. Having the gift to be able to laugh at life and embrace it as an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to think about marriage every time you talk to a girl.
  • Being positive. Positive people are attractive. If you can show her the sunny side of things, she will thank you for it.
  • Being a little selfish. Being slightly selfish indicates that you care a lot about yourself and your well-being. This relates to confidence and importance which are attractive. Don’t be a martyr.
  • Being generous. The complete opposite of being selfish, being generous can be attractive as well because it demonstrates that you are not needy and that you are wealthy. Note! Being generous does NOT mean you should buy things for people so they like you… this is not attractive. A good example of being generous would be, if you’re with friends, you could purchase the pitcher of drinks. This subconsciously communicates that you are in charge, dominant and wealthy.
  • Spontaneity. Very attractive, alludes to excitement.
  • Good hair. Having nice, healthy and well groomed hair shows that you take care of yourself.
  • Trimmed nails. Women notice. If you take care of yourself, she’ll appreciate it.
  • A slight tan. These days, a tan indicates that you’re wealthy and physically healthy.
  • Relaxed attitude. Being relaxed shows a lot of confidence.
  • Being driven. If you know what you want in life, and you’re pursuing it, this is attractive.

50-60 Let’s get physical

  • Nice teeth. It is very important to have nice teeth, women think about it every time they consider kissing you.
  • Having nice possessions, such as a car, house or a boat. These indicate wealth, excitement and power, all of which are attractive.
  • A sense of adventure. If you’re curious about life, and are willing to take risks. You can lure her into your world and she’ll be happy to follow you past her limits.
  • Honesty. Being able to speak the truth is difficult and shows that you have accepted who you are as a person. It also shows that you don’t care what others think, which is very attractive.
  • Whispering in her ear. The sense of secrecy, mysteriousness and excitement that comes from a whisper is very attractive.
  • Being busy. If you are busy, then you are important, independent and have a life.
  • Being a man. Women love men who do manly things, stop doing yoga and go play a sport, hit the gym and get dirty.
  • Having a nice butt. A sexy fitness indicator, attainable through the gym.
  • Pre-selection. If other women want you, then there must be a reason. Having many people want you makes you attractive. You aren’t a guy who has time to look at personals.
  • Being genuine. Say what you mean and do what you say. This is hard, but attractive.

60-70 Picking her up

  • Physically picking her up. Ever heard of sweeping her off her feet? This is it.
  • Touching her hair. There is something about having your hair touched that is relaxing and arousing at the same time.
  • A nice face. Women love men with an attractive face. That’s what she’ll be kissing and you better believe it makes a difference.
  • Originality. Women crave excitement, originality provides that. Seduction is never the same and being original is an essential part of it.
  • Experience. Maturity can be very arousing; if you know what you’re doing she’ll appreciate it and you’ll get laid more often.
  • Being funny. Laughter makes people feel more comfortable and happy. Also, when people are laughing at your jokes, you immediately gain social status which is attractive. If you can make her laugh, you’re halfway there. Read how to make a girl smile.
  • Independence. People don’t like neediness, being independent shows that you are self sufficient and can take care of yourself.
  • Teasing her. Playfulness, excitement, she loves it.
  • Composure. If you can keep your cool under stressful situations, she’ll notice.
  • Being selective. If you are selective, then it implies that you aren’t needy and are valuable enough to want many people want you.

70-80 Are you a challenge?

  • Being challenging. Playing hard to get is as true for women as it is for men. People want what they can’t have, and if they have to work for something, they’ll appreciate it much more.
  • Focus. If you know what you want, and are determined to get it, then that’s attractive.
  • Modesty. No one likes a show-off. Being modest is great, and attractive. There is nothing better than a girl finding out something good about you through a friend.
  • Muscular abs. An indicator of health.
  • Being natural. If you’re genuine about how you feel, without caring what others think, then that’s attractive. You want to know if people can handle the real you.
  • Charismatic. If your spoken words and gestures can warm up a room, she’ll notice and be warmed up as well. If she doesn’t, her matchmaking friend will tell her about you.
  • Sensual. Some people are frigid and cold. Some people are warm and very alert to their senses. If you are in tune with your body, you’ll likely be in tune with hers as well.
  • A man that loves to have fun. Everyone wants to be around a guy who enjoys himself, be that guy.
  • Goes against the rest of society. No one likes a follower. If you have a conviction about something, stick with it. Make up your own mind about things and people will respect you.
  • Caring. Compassion and caring show that you will be a good father and is therefore very attractive.

80-90 Going after your goals

  • Persistent. If you go after your goals, other will notice. This is very attractive as it shows will power that not many people have.
  • Being respected. If your entourage respects you, then she will as well.
  • Loyal. People do not want to get hurt, and will avoid you if aren’t loyal. It is better to remain single than to get into a relationship you don’t plan on staying in.
  • Romance. Spicing it up in a relationship is critical and attractive. Don’t always do the same thing because it will get boring really fast.
  • Drama. Ever wonder why women love soap opera’s? It is because they crave drama, gossip, secrets. It is exciting and attractive. If you have an eventful life, people will be attracted to it.
  • The way you move. If you have calm, controlled and relaxed gestures, then you will be seen as someone that is confident.
  • A mysterious grin. There’s something about a grin that arouses curiosity and intrigue.
  • Being extravagant. Sometimes going over the top is good, if you can let yourself go from time to time, people will notice.
  • Loving yourself. If you truly love yourself for who you are, then others will as well.
  • Being a teacher. Have you ever wondered why so many girls have crushes on their teachers? It is because being a teacher is a sign of power and knowledge, be a teacher.

90-100 Clean and powerful

  • Clean, clear skin. Physically, nice skin is a health indicator and women will naturally be attracted to healthy looking skin.
  • Quick mind. If you can think on your feet, and are quick to reply to her playful teases, you’ll be seen as smart and alert. A woman would rather be with a man that stimulates her intellectually rather than someone who is brain dead. It is much better to find something original to say on the spot rather than to use pick up lines.
  • Attentive to details. It’s the little things that matter, if you notice that she’s done something different with her hair when no one else does, she will appreciate and be attracted to that.
  • Being in tune with her. Being in tune with someone is one of the biggest factors in relationships. Have you ever felt chemistry? Have you ever felt like you were on the same wavelength? If you and your partner are similar (and you should!) this will come naturally and will be one of the most attractive traits. The same applies for meeting women during the day or night. If you’re picking up a girl in a club, then high energy is appropriate because your energy will be matching hers. If you arrive with high energy during the day and she is reading in the library, this will clash. Read the article on how to approach girls for more information.
  • Being knowledgeable about various subjects. If you are versatile, then you’ll never be short of conversational topics. Being flexible and able to adapt to all kinds of situations is attractive. Go read some books.
  • Innocence. It’s no fun when you know everything, have tried everything and have been to the edge and back. A little bit of innocence is attractive because it makes you more human. There’s always something that you haven’t tried, let her know and invite you to try it with you. Asking for her advice is alright as well.
  • Challenging her. Forcing her to be on her toes, teasing her, is exciting and attractive.
  • Be a planner. If you are always organising events, you are automatically the leader that has a high social status and a lot of energy. This is very attractive; everyone wants to be invited to outings.
  • Being open. Tell her about your life, the real one. Cut the B.S. and you’ll stand out as someone who’s not trying to prove anything to anyone.
  • Being direct. Being direct is very powerful and attractive. People use indirect methods because they want to ‘feel things out’ and not get hurt. Being direct shows that you are confident, bold and not scared of rejection.
  • Be yourself, the good yourself. You shouldn’t try to pretend to be something that you aren’t. You should grow and continually improve, but remain genuine. Don’t hide your faults, everyone has them. The old saying,” be yourself” is very true and is ultimately what will attract the woman of your dreams.

Does it mean that you have to be all these things in order to attract beautiful women into your life? No way! The universe has a weird way of working and you’ll be attracted to the one you were meant to be with. She’ll love your faults, your weaknesses and your strengths. Have faith, believe in destiny and you shall meet your soul mate. You’ll know it when it happens.

  • Chu Kem

    Your article provides a lot of information that can be used to attract women.
    I can summarize and give some more tips that are: Prepare as good as for your appearance such as hairstyles, clean, smeel good, clothes size fit your body, have good style fashion. Having confidence in the voice, body, it mean your body language is always comfortable in every postures. Finally, always make everything around you become communicative with fun, teasing other people will create attraction to the target girl.

  • David Farfan

    be up, be down, but not too up or too down, and be left but also right, but only when its right time to be left and/or right, and be hot but don’t forget to be cold, and definitely be in and out….yep

  • Dbakeca Italia

    good to know…great tips

  • Jimmy Birer

    Being direct also shows a low attachment to things. It shows that you don’t really care about the outcome.

  • Zuzu

    Why does a girl is attracted to others mens when she engage???What are the reasons?

  • kevin bailey

    Don’t be nervous. A lot of guys are great to chat with as they have many smart ideas about this and that. You may find more similar advices at: attractwomen. info
    However, not all of them are able to maintain the same level of calmness with the presence of a hot chick. When you get nervous, most of the times you won’t be able to think of something sensible to say. As a result, regardless of whether you know or not about how to talk to girls, you have the potential to say something wrong. As you may already know it, saying the wrong thing may potentially kill all your chances to talk to girls.

  • adrian jones

    Are you wondering why women not being attracted to you? Why do other guys get such beautiful women, when you clearly have so much more to give them? Why can’t you attract the women you want when you are such a good catch obviously? Then following is for you. I had had exactly the same feelings, then a GOOD friend of mine recommended me the link and now I am a completely different person, talking with women with great confidence, knowing very well how and what to talk with positive results. I highly recommend it.

  • Lucifer Yahweh Orloff

    I hear you, brother! I’m in the same boat as you. Women are just as brainwashed as men. We find equal and opposite things attractive. There’s something fishy going on here. I think it has everything to do with the fact that the world is divided into warring nations. If we could all just get along, stop fighting, abolish national boundaries, allowing freedom of travel, and world peace, then we would all find our one true love in this lifetime. The fact that the world is currently in a state of perpetual war makes true love almost impossible. We need to unite the world peacefully before love can prevail. The vibrations of the screams of dying children and exploding bombs does everything to thwart our collective romantic effort. As long as war exists, love cannot prevail. We must do everything in our power to end war and instill a lasting peace in the world. This is the only path to true love.

  • Lizzette Torres

    Charles… everyone deserves to be with someone they are compatibly happy with. Not all women are that shallow.. If you are worth it your height, wealth, status and all these other things you seem to think we want will not matter… a positive attitude that you will find the one for you someday is probably one of the most valuable attributes to finding the right person for you..

  • Charles

    Okay I hate this list. I’m. 5’9. Black, and ripped. And I’ve been told i ‘act white’ and I’m really nice and considerate. Yet girls don’t like me. It sucks because girls just want the bad guys and basically everything on this list. I mean Jesus Christ why can’t girls be realistic and find a guy that’s nice,sweet, and caring. I mean really I hate how the media portrays the perfect man. This is why I hate society now. Also I hate that guys basically have to climb mountains and sing and dance and basically be famous for a girl to like them. Another thing that I loathe. Is the fact that. Almost my entire life I’ve had to settle with girls that I’m not really attracted to. I always have had to settle for ‘just go enough’ women. I mean I don’t want a model or anything, but would it hurt for me just to have someone that IM ATTRACTED TO.

  • mystery

    i am a guy and i have read this article to do the exact opposite
    so maybe then i will be invisible to all of the women in the world

  • Cormac

    To hopefully finish the Yoga talk.. Le Bron James etc does Yoga, yes of course, but he’s primarily an athlete, a bball player. Of course there’s nothing wrong with Yoga, I think the author means that if you do no other activity but Yoga or similar, ‘then get out there and play some sport’ ! What would you say to your lil’ bro or sister if they sat in a room doing Yoga? .. unless you could see they had a passion for it, you’d prob say – ‘hey go outside and ride a bike’ !
    I certainly think women are attracted to money, but looks also.. Di Caprio wasn’t the wealthiest in Titanic, but the girl fell for his charm and looks. On the other hand, in my life I’ve heard girls’ comments regarding men and wealth ‘I want to find a rich miner’ or another case where a girl said she’d love to marry a doctor.. I asked why, she replied ‘not around much, shopping ‘ ! ..I think money makes one happier, more free, and more secure in general, so everyone wants a piece of this. Oh and I just realised Titanic was just a movie.. haha, but still, you don’t have to be rich to get the woman. Maybe a bit of chemistry, romantic gestures, persistence, and a genuine love for the woman. And putting your best foot forward, just like this article helps us guys do. And no harm in the mystical ending either. Trust your instincts and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities, thats how you move forward. Having a job and some savings is a clever way to position yourself to land the woman of your dreams, following your passions also. And to finish, I remember watching a gypsie girl on TV being asked what kind of man she wanted: She replied ‘ rich , handsome, and… proud of who he is’ .. thats coming from a 6-7/8 year old girl, but there’s often wisdom in the little ones! In my life I’ll strive to have what I want, take care of my body and appearance, and follow my dreams with confidence!

  • Aaron

    This list is on point. But as far as dress, I don’t agree. I am a blue collar worker who makes six figures with benefits, with a beautiful home, etc…. But judging by my afterwork attire, one may conclude that I’m NOT a good catch. Never judge a book by it’s cover ladies.

    Peace and blessings!

  • Tom

    Weird thing is that women rarely posses any of these traits. They just watch TV and gossip.

  • laura

    i think it is the man who should make the first move, soulmate? not sure there is a such thing.

    i am not sure of any man right now

  • Umran

    So…in a nutshell girls want everything! lol you have basically mentioned every quality out there.

  • Ryan

    Get over yourself. I would rather a woman be experienced and know what she wants out of a relationship rather than be grasping at straws trying to find “the one”. Time to get out of fantasy land.

  • Emma

    Well although I do agree with most of the things on this last, I couldn’t help but see the negative tone against men who don’t fit the above criteria. It’s probably simply because the author is just a self centered egoist, but maybe it was accidental. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man who likes yoga for one, but then again we all have our preferences. It was the way you talked about it, as if anyone who doesn’t fit each of these categories was sub par or beneath the rest of us. Everyone is different and deserves to be treated like an equal and not belittled by a writer as smart as a door.

  • brian

    really good list. i wish i could do all of this at once!

  • MSAR

    Man what the fuck are you talking about? The only thing that attracts women to men is “MONEY”. And that’s it! No money, no honey. No of the stuff you mentioned matters if you don’t have enough wealth. I have seen ugly, bald, short and fat jerks dating super models just because they are rich. And this thing is all around us.
    Not every Angelina marries a Brad Pitt. Most of the time its Danny Devito who gets all the action, if you know what I mean.

  • marion

    Hell yeah! I’m damn near all of that exept for the 6 ft & over thang. I’m 5’7, but hella muscular. So I guess I’m good. I’ve picked my exs up many times & I’m not talking bout under 160 either! Completely swept her off her feet literally. I can be the bad boy too, I smoke weed every now & then take them on weed & bootleg liquor runs. I tell them if we get pulled over you know where to stash this! It turns them on on the low. On a date I would often get5 them to take a quick shot of liquor just for the road. I’m a great speaker also, I did this in church to introduce myself at her church. She loved it. One time the waitress was all in my face when we went out & I jokingly reaponded when she asked what can I get y’all to drink, I said gin n juice & her & the waitress bursted out in laughter. Great article dude

  • james

    If you meet your soulmate will it be immediate that you becone a relation ship or is it possible for her to not be sure and take a while to come around

  • M

    That’s when the nice guy needs to turn into the a**hole and tell such girl to her face she needs to break up with douche, such guy is a douche, he will never change and he is completely wrong for her. Women need to listen and take men’s advice more!!

  • M

    Hopefully you also mean they are “just” fussy when it comes to men’s height and it’s more BS talk then they claim that they wait and wait and wait cause they have some delusional little girl fantasy that never comes true. Reality vs Fantasy!!

  • Biggie

    Lol really?max attraction at 6″4?Personnaly im 5″9 and im doing pretty good,i know ppl at 5’7 who make tall niggas jealous cause they get all the girls…the secret?Confidence and being able to handle a conversation till the end.nothing more

  • Anna

    I’m a girl and reading these made me feel numb…..
    I myself couldn’t say what I want better than that!

  • KK

    Well I measure up in 70 – 80% of it, so far.
    What does that make me?

    Well..its flattering list. Hope there is indeed a girl who can compliment all that the guy with all of these can offer.

  • crystal simpson

    so many people get attracted by alot of people mainly women. This is a women’s wish “list” and just that a wish/fantasy!! He’s not going to have ALL this… He might have SOME… Yeah yeah yeah we know the word SOME to a lot of women is irritating but that’s what you women that actually get reality vs fantasy will get is SOME of the “list”. The great conversationalist is also a wish… Yeah we might be good but there is no “perfect” conversationalist and it comes over time to be able to talk to each other. So many women want this “instant perfection” and that will never ever ever happen. Women that constantly are on the hunt for the Mr. “perfection” are going to bitter, bitter, bitter until they realize there is no “perfection”!!

  • M

    Ha ha a list like this “Yeah…Be a confident, secure, intelligent, well dressed accomplished individual with good sense and good manners and a sense of humor, good conversationalist able to rise to any occassion willing and able to sincerely give a woman respect and consideration. Nothing gets my attention than a man treating me like I need to be cared for and protected, like I’m valuable.”

    This is a women’s wish “list” and just that a wish/fantasy!! He’s not going to have ALL this… He might have SOME… Yeah yeah yeah we know the word SOME to a lot of women is irritating but that’s what you women that actually get reality vs fantasy will get is SOME of the “list”. The great conversationalist is also a wish… Yeah we might be good but there is no “perfect” conversationalist and it comes over time to be able to talk to each other. So many women want this “instant perfection” and that will never ever ever happen. Women that constantly are on the hunt for the Mr. “perfection” are going to bitter, bitter, bitter until they realize there is no “perfection”!!

  • Sandra

    definitely being dominant! 🙂

  • seedy

    I was wondering that too,

    a good number of things on this list are a big part of yoga:
    health, confidence, energy, playfulness, positive attitude, discipline, being genuine….and yea i could keep going, but..point made. imo.

  • Gloria

    Your answer is typical of a person that does not get women and has nothing at all going for them.
    and you last coment. proves you have nothing to offer a woman in bed either. you will most liekly spend your life beating your little sausage wishing you had a mate.

  • Isidoros

    look i don’t have almost any of these qualities. the only things i can offer to a woman is my good personality and behaviour. love, careness thoughtfullness and my quite good physical appearence, that’s it. not coolliness, not much humour, not athleticism, not money, not big plans or social status or good job, not “certainity” for the future (because of course i am fuc..ng uncertain for my future) not…not…not… (at least i’m thin and tall, that’s sth :). i won’t go to gym, i won’t deepen further my voice or act in a way, won’t watch any bond movies :), won’t buy shoes etc. if there is a woman who likes me for who i am, and i would feel the same for her, it’s ok, or else….i prefer not having a woman at all. actually i am not the kind of guy that would fell for just any women and if i like one i like serious things not selfish cock-thinking toyplaying approaches but ones with long term perspectives (people’s hearts are not sth to play with, mine included – i just want love from a mate that i would love too)….

  • erik

    How about, just be a good person and wait until you meet another good person? You’ll treat each other well and if there’s physical attraction and you’re both single, you’ll probably end up dating.

    And yeah, dittos for the person who said she waited to have sex until marriage, there’s no better foundation for a relationship than being friends for a while first and stopping focusing on getting in each other’s pants.

  • jason

    whats wrong with a guy doing yoga?

  • Michael

    Great post, but not every girl likes the bad boy. Bad boys usually abuses their girl. I mean lots of girls don’t like to get hit! Anyway, great post man, keep it up!

  • CK

    All of this makes sense. A lot has worked for me in the past and I have now calmed down. I was SUPER excited to see this, just about everything on here is common sense and works! I have a lot of these excluding the heigh. Only 5’10”

    Looks good man!

  • flkdsjf

    while to a certain extent I would agree with you, as I start reading down the list more closely im finding that your list would only appeal to the stereotypical female. While this is ok because media reinforces ideas such as these to maintain a dominant male and dependant eye candy female, human behaviour is more complex than following a set of rules. What if she rejects the stereotypical views of men as outlined above?

    Be fit, smart, creative, funny, charming…but most importantly ADAPTABLE becuase not every chick is the same.

    i feel obligated to write this b/cuz im write a sociology paper right now lol

  • yourdreamgirl

    You are who you attract and visa versa. If you are attractive and considerate, you will attract the same kind of person. As Christians, my husband and I waited for marriage to have sex. It was one of the best things we ever did. It created a relationship of trust, uniqueness, patience, and openness.
    My husband is about an inch shorter than me but he makes up with his sense of humor. Oh my goodness!! I would rather a funny guy than a thousand compliments. To me compliments always feel forced but humor is almost always spontaneous. I can’t stay upset at him when he’s funny.

  • Saku

    This list is like a bunch of ingredients that typical girls like in a soup called man. I’m sure each girl will want more of a specific ingredient more than others. Like I rather have a loyal guy with no ripped abs instead of an athletic guy with no loyalty to me. And the dominance thing… I rather have a guy trying to please me that a guy pushing me to his will. Guys trying to dominate me turn me off. Just my 2 cents.

  • dreamboat

    I like the post,its great but I kinda agree with paul. In todays society all girls want is to hoe around with a lot of guys.Im not saying all girls are like this but most are. They go out with one guy,last with him for 2+ years, has countless sex with that guy and moves on to the next one. By the time she finds the right guy and gets married with him, she has slept with more than 2 different guys already of which were serious relationships or one night stands. To me that is gross and the girl that has slept with more than one guy shouldn’t be wearing a white dress at the wedding since white means pureness. Idk but its hard to find a girl these days that is pretty or beautiful and that is still a virgin. There really ain’t no more of those girls that are pure and not hoes. Girls these days just dont stay loyal to most of their guys. All in all, girls should be treated the way they treat themselves. If a girl is a hoe, why give her respect and treat her good when she doesn’t respect herself? Vice versa…

  • Invader ZIM

    And by the way, i completely dissagree with Paul’s above comment.

  • Invader ZIM

    I really hope this is true, because if i try these things and fail, I’m going to be very unhappy…

  • Chris Calo

    Hello Paul,

    I respectfully disagree. This list does no such thing. Instead, this list serves as a reference tool to guys that want to improve themselves to be better with women. For example: if you have long, dirty nails and you suddenly see that at #42, most women will notice this. A light bulb might go off and prompt you to clean/trim your nails. Awareness is the purpose of this list.

    There is no degrading of women here, in fact, quite the opposite, we love them and think they are great.

    Finally, these are generalizations (although very accurate in most cases).

    Is it fair to say that you would like it if people cooked for you? I think it is… most people would enjoy that.
    The same concept applies to women.. is it fair to say that most women appreciate a confident guy? I’d say yes.

  • Paul

    The problem with this list is, is that it paints all women as vapid, mindless, impulsive, superficial drones that will drop their panties at the sight of a dominant d!#khead. If you think all women are like this, then you won’t find a great female partner.

    Cheers, Paul

  • somo

    you should not follow someone’s thinking. act as what you are basically. you will get your prefect friend or….

  • corey1

    I love you guys!
    Thanks Dr.calo
    I love you

  • Ry

    contradiction after contradiction
    im sorry but i do agree with these traits being attractive but it depends on the girl and what she likes/notices
    you say guys are attractive if their confident(in one situation)
    then you say their attractive because their subtle(in another)
    seems like ALOT of hard work
    in my opinion just be yourself if a girl likes you.. great, if she dosnt oh well
    their only people.

  • meat

    unfortunately, if you have social anxiety like myself, you are destined to be lonely and unhappy

  • Beth

    to all the guys who think that most of these work-

    THEY DON’T! i’m a girl and some of these i find attractive, but some of them i don’t!

  • Alizarin

    There’s nothing wrong with doing yoga guys. Lebron James, Shaq and Jerry Rice all do yoga and these guys are super studs. If you consider Yoga to just be just some “girls activity” than you’re cutting yourself short on a lot of benefits. And if the majority of you want to avoid these yoga classes thats fine by me too. I don’t mind being the only guy in a class surrounded by beautiful girls putting their legs behind their heads.

  • Josh

    I thought it was all too revealing that “Be yourself” is the absolute LAST thing that girls REALLY care about…

  • Chantelle

    Sorry a little bit of a long rant here, but Im sure some of you can agree with me.

    Im a girl, and Ive been seeing a lot of complaints about this. All I have to say is you guys all need to cool it. Ok yes, I can agree with some comments but honestly this list harmlessly just is advising guys to get more on girls good books. This isnt some instructional thing about how you need to completely match up to these standards. Note the title of this article is Top 100 things that attract women to men, not something like: “Top 100 things that you MUST do in order to win a girls heart” These things listed are all attractive, so enough with the complaints and fusses! I’m just a regular girl, and I know for sure that ALL of my friends would agree with me on this; but this list is definately on the right track.

    Personally if I met a guy up to all these standards and I felt a connection, I’d go out with him. Everybody whos complaining about how “Girls need to be treated equally as boys.” ok yeah, enough with acting like we’re sissys but get real everybody. K, my short-term memory isnt as sharp as possible but from what I do remember of this list as far as they went with the whole sexist thing was saying girls like brave, muscular boys so they feel safe and protected. How can you all disagree to that?

    Maybe you feel it runs this way but the author of the list clearly wasnt implying we are weaklings, the procted feeling, genuinely is just a good feeling. This list is simply suggestive, and if you guys cannot handle some suggestions then i suggest redirecting yourself onto a different website since you seem to not be able to handle what this page has to offer. Why would you even read this if you hate these ‘bullsh*t lists’? Those Girls, I can see where your’e coming from but I gotta say you are overall nuts if you dont think this list is true, yeah ok were not all tooth fairys critiquing everything but im sure that all the author meant was that we dont want grungy gross yellow teeth on a guy, cuz yeah that is a turn off when a guys got teeth of a hobo. Were not asking for a boy straight out of the dentist but decent, white teeth shows you care about how you look, which IS for a matter of fact, impressive. ^_^

    Boys, if you’re reading my little rant here, please disregard the complaints, seriously girls are just being fussy. Dont go over the top on these things, yeah, but I think you’re all smart enough to understand the limits. I say follow the list, most girls find these things amazingly attractive and the author of this knows their facts well. 🙂

    I am sorry this is soo long but I just went through over half the comments and I had to share my opinion. Good luck to all you boys out there, every girl has a different prefence, but overall this list is totally right so don’t have second thoughts on whether to actually follow this list or not. Its totally spot on, so have fun now that your knowledgable on how to win that girls heart. 😉

  • Sean

    Not all women are submissive and not all men are attracted to submissive women.

  • Artemis

    Hey, I’m a girl reading this and what a great list! Yes yes yes. So many sites telling men how to approach women and what women want are just appalling. I mean really, those sites that have ‘best pickup lines’, some of which I have heard and left me confused and offended, are just amazingly bad. I have been reading them to figure out how to help guys chat me up…did you realize we are usually rooting for you, but so often the guy just says something so unbelievably whacked that you can’t help but see him as a liability. I can’t count the times guys have ruined their own chances. Newsflash, we want sex too! Just not with insulting sexist creeps.This list here though, this is generally good advice. How to be a good guy, how to benefit her life, and subsequently get laid. A lot. Bravo.

  • Weymouth

    Thanks again! Nice tips. Make notes and will apply!

    God bless!

  • TheJan

    If you don’t specify which ones are contradictory and nonsense, then how should we come to believe that? Bring some arguments, and i might think about it. Generalization is always an easy way out. And if you didn’t know already, the easy way out is not always the best.

  • Jane

    erm aren’t many of these contradictory? and in general absolute nonsense!?

  • TheJan

    The cool thing on this list is that you can pick out the ones that you’d like to change / improve and then work on that.

    I don’t think it is needed to have all those qualities. I see this list more as a list where you can choose the menu that you’d like to deliver to a woman. And let’s face it, if every guy was the same and did the same things, the world would become pretty boring. No, we don’t want to be seen as boring, we want to be seen as original, and being able to stand up for our originality / for how we are. So, pick out your choices and improve them. The mix is important and determines how you come off to a woman – how you are, who you are, in essence. Be creative with who you are!

    You don’t need to be perfect. You need to be comfortable with being yourself.

  • Al

    ive been wondering something for a while should i use my athleticism so sort of show off on a way?

  • Jeff

    I wouldnt literally try to work on everything on this list cause it will take forever and by the time you’re done you will prolly be a totally different person.After reading the list I figured I would go back through it and pickout about 10-15 things I would like to change about myself(change things about yourself for yourself and not everybody else) and really go about improving but dont obsess over it,that will only hurt.Like no.3 says height is important,ok well.im 25 yrs. old 5’5” and 135 lbs. yea pretty short..I go for girls around my size so its not an issue,I mean some girls will tease me about being short but its all fun and they usually end up in my bed anyways..remember,dont try to be “perfect” cause anybody who wants someone whos perfect prolly has mental problems.

  • pyfk

    Good lord,
    If you plan to spend such a great deal time to attract a woman, you cease to be a man instantly.
    it is tragic and comic for a man to go through all these designs and plans.

  • charles lwanga

    you have made real research, i have know more and confirmed some things i knew before but i was taking for granted. how ever, how do you compare being strong in bed i mean in being an expert in love making and being powerful both in fame and wealth? which of the two is more important to women if all the two have been experienced by a woman in the two men she would love be with for the rest of her life pliz help and write back i need to know this

    thanks for this information dear am charles peace

  • Zed

    Funny advice. I have been through this stuff too many times. Unfortunately, what works in a great majority of cases is in order:
    – good looks ( face most important )
    – wealth ( houses, cars, boats, ability to deliver what a woman needs )
    The other personality traits mentioned in the article are next to irrelevant. So if you do not have any of the above, no amount of attractive character traits will help you. Unless you get lucky, it happens from time to time to almost everyone.

  • Elizabeth

    Stop telling guys this crap! I do not care about muscles or socioeconomic status or being wealthy or playful or touchy. The guy depicted by this thing sounds like a jerk whom I would never go out with. For me, wearing expensive clothes is a huge turnoff. How shallow and perfectionist do you think we are?!

    Intelligence is preferable, yes, but you sure as hell don’t need it if you’re attracting the kind of girl that Chris is. For the love of god, don’t follow this.

  • Daniel

    Also one more thing, Why do you think nice guys are always the friend? And the women tell the nice guy how horrible they’re asshole boyfriend is, yes she’s still with them. HAHA, stop being nice, be an asshole. This will get you laid.

  • imyours.co.uk

    Being direct it’s where I am good at, it works very well. But, some times being direct it can be a pain, not everyone it appreciate you being so direct.

  • billusproximus

    YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!! Although I don’t fit some of the requirements of attracting all women, maybe some other guys didn’t fit the requirements that i maintain. but the good things now is that i now have a reference guide to focus on the things that i need to improve on. there’s alot of intelligent yet gorgeous women at my college and i really want them to get to recognize me. with this guide and a moment of reflection upon myself, i can build a new me physically, mentally, and more original than ever before. Thanks, Bro.

  • MarcE

    Women are naturally submissive?

    Citation needed. 🙂

  • Gisele Manhatton

    this is like the perfect man on earth, i definatlely lovvvve the not carringness its soo hot i hate it when guys care about the way they look so much its not attractive, because thats a girl thing anyways yah thats just my opinion 🙂

  • thedude

    I would like to add cooking as well

    though not much of an accomplishment but i never thought that knowing how to cook various delicacies can beef up the “being attractive” quotient.(helped me 🙂

    PS. im not a great cook but i knw how to make several dishes

  • Paulina

    Being a female- I agree with some of the points you listed. But also because I have experience, I want to say that the best way to attract a woman (the RIGHT woman) is basically by being how you would be around men. Except, of course, minus the obnoxious commentary whenever an attractive woman walks by, scratching various parts of your body, etc. Be chivalrous, though. MOST women will really enjoy that. Watch some old Hollywood movies and learn how to inject some of that old-fashioned sexiness into your personality and I’m sure that females will appreciate it.
    Good article, nonetheless.

  • brandon

    Ok what the hell. What is with all of the contradictions here, should I listen to my fellow brother, or listen to what im trying to get… hard decision..

  • manzy

    Quite good stuff. Guys be smart & take care of yourself & believe in yourself. Good points!

  • Becca

    Kimya, I agree totally.. NICE WAY BEING SEXIST!
    Also, making a Girl feel thats shes not a girl… 10000% true!
    Talk to her, make her feel apart of your group! I hang with my BFs buddies all the time, and they accept me as a girl, yet they still treat me as a guy, which I am completely fine with. We go paintballing at least every other month, and the guys don’t worry about me being hurt… or crying. Make a girl feel tough as well as yourself. Be protective of her, but give her some leg room to let her try some new things, that you think are ‘dangerous’ but is actually a thriller for her. Girls hate it when you make them feel ‘weak.’

    My BF is my bestfriend! Thats key by the way! BE BEST FRIENDS!

  • Toro

    those with something negative to say have something negative to hide.

  • RoDerick

    I like this article but it’s missing something. Women are also attracted to the interesting men. If you are going after a girl maybe you should draw up some interesting points about yourself to get an even better shot at dating.

  • leah

    As long as they brush their teeth, trim there nails wear cologne and are respectful and romantic. Without that its just gross!

  • Brittany

    This is possibly one of the most appalling, stereotypical, and degrading things I have ever seen. I am sick and tired of these gender roles being reinforced so blatantly. “Women are naturally submissive?” Come on, this is the 21st century! I couldn’t care less about someone’s wealth and I think it is a huge turn off if a guy acts dominating.

  • Lalit

    Excellent !

    these tips help to improve your personality & attract people especially girls.

  • Roscoe

    Great stuff!

  • abc

    Great Post. Thanks!!!

  • J

    This is all rather good,
    But does the same still apply if I don’t want to get them into bed’?

  • Yes Steve,

    Life is contradicting, and not caring can be great DHV… yet caring can also be attractive on a certain level.

    When dealing with women and relationships, contradictions arise everywhere. You might “not care” one second when she’s being bratty, but you can be caring when it counts.

    If you think of car racing as an example, in the same way that when you’re racing around a track, braking won’t make you go faster… but you still need to apply the brakes if you want to go around the track! With women, sometimes you have to be compassionate, and sometimes you just have to ignore her crazy tempers!

  • Steve

    #18 Not caring. A care free attitude is liberating and very attractive.


    #75 Caring. Compassion and caring show that you will be a good father and is therefore very attractive.


  • Johnny j

    I’m an average looking guy with a great personality and what do i do when i’m only attracted to the hottest girls who are out of my league? Why should i feel i have to get with a girl for the sake of getting with a girl! I want real tips to score the hotties that those arrogant guys are with.

  • Jorge Ruiz

    This is what i have been looking for. the way that everything is express. the confidence that it builts in you as you read. this is really good

  • Christina

    Coming from a woman, your list is spot on. You just described the perfect man. Good luck guys measuring up!

  • Richie

    Awesome article!

  • Tom

    there are things in there that I definitely need to do.

    My question would be , what if you have trouble with every one of those things discussed ? What if you are a man who meets women but after the first couple of months women seem to avoid you ?

  • Jim


  • Shane

    Whoa, this stuff is off the hook. There’s so much that i need to start doing, thanks a mil guys:-)

  • meme

    dude the 100 things are awesome

  • alex

    well dang…they must just want a perfect man….

  • seducir

    I admire the time and effort you put into your blog. I wish I had the same drive 🙂

  • austin

    wow this was a nice bit of information…perhaps ill try some things and change the things that i usually do.hmm maybe i might get that one girl to perhaps love me…..which we’ve known each other for about two years with on/off attraction.i shall figure out what is messing me up…..

  • P-COOL

    Thats really a great one, its really useful to me. Everything that is written is true and it can help one in his relationship.Thats perfect…

  • khaled

    very nice tips and also a great ending
    JUST BE YOURSELF but not too much

  • Comrade

    Great tips…very helpful. I shall do my best to improve this gentleness and work around to embrace certain features.

  • alyssa

    This is very true. 🙂

  • alan clarke

    p.s. dont spend your best years chasing them,
    there a species who wants what they perceive they cant have.
    ignore them…give them an old fashioned wink…talk mans talk..football,boxing,your favourite ruby murray etc
    they see your havin fun with your mates…and over they come, to get away from some soopy git romeo wannabee.
    you,ll have them eating out of your hand.
    as a man be prepared to stand your ground…always
    thats all they want in a man

  • alan clarke

    chris…this really is basic…kinds in high school know the vast majority of this.
    height in a man is in no way,shape or form a measure of his physical capabilities either.
    yes,women feel it is,but as we all know,a mans all round fitness is what keeps him strong anyway…most man in excess of 6,0, tend to be big awkward goofs who lack balance and can be easily knocked off balance,despite body mass.
    look, at the end of the day,we screw them,then they screw us,one way or another
    all you wannabe romeo,s get a life.
    be you,you and nobody else but you…if shes a real woman she,ll see that your a real man that way.
    give her a quick sausage and go watch the match with your mates

  • the creator

    This list is hilarious. Theres like a million things on it. Reminds me of a joke.

    a woman was invited to a new store which allowed women to buy the ideal men,

    On the first floor was average looking men with no money, no looks or charisma. She skipped this floor.

    On the second floor was ok looking men with some money and a little charisma. Again she skipped this floor.

    On the third floor was good looking men, with a good deal of money and good charisma. The woman again skipped the floor.

    On the fourth floor was great looking men, lots of money, great charsima and the ability to look after children. The woman skipped this floor.

    On the fifth floor was beautiful god like men, who owned huge amounts of land, were incredibly wealthy, were great with children and had great leadership and social skills. The woman skipped this floor.

    On the sixth floor the woman found there was no men. The woman asked the store owner ‘where are the men on this floor’. The store owner replied ‘lady there is just no men out there to satisfy all your demands’

  • Crash

    Don’t worry about much of this stuff. dress nice. only concentrate on what you CAN change and what you WILL change. workout talk to girls flirt ~ no 100 things needed, but great effort. Oh and the don’t care thing dismisses the rest of the list btw!!

    i would say thought clip nails etc.. hair clothes etc… but when it comes to girls, this is a 100 ways to improve yourself ~which may or may not~ help you with women. check it out~ 2maro, everyone reading this, approach 5 women. just 5 – it don’t matter what you say etc.. just say it be honest and come back and tell me about it and don’t read another post till you do ~ peace ____crash

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for the list Chris Calo. A lot of the stuff is fairly common sense. For the most part though it is nice to have such an extensive list of things to think about.

    Alessandro, I don’t think they’re in any particular order but 58 would serve fine for a nice face. It’s not all about any one particular feature or portion of your personality.. It’s kind of the point of the whole list. For instance, if you have a pretty face but have a crappy personality or don’t mean what you say then you won’t get anywhere.

  • Claychea

    wow…i don know wat else to say..think yo said it all

  • Alessandro

    At number 58 a nice face, shouldn’t this be in the top three? If height is third why isn’t good looks close, was this written by taller “plain joes” or something… or has it been covered by the nice eyes bit?

  • Gaudence M

    Yeah, that is what have dream to read. Real good staff, please keep it more coming up.

  • gloria

    Yeah…Be a confident, secure, intelligent, well dressed accomplished individual with good sense and good manners and a sense of humor, good conversationalist able to rise to any occassion willing and able to sincerely give a woman respect and consideration. Nothing gets my attention than a man treating me like I need to be cared for and protected, like I’m valuable.

  • dt5000

    Some excellent points in there, but what a crappy ending! Cop-out.

    Guys, be MEN, that is what is attractive. Take charge of your life. Do NOT believe in destiny – that’s just lazy, and encourages guys to think that their 10/10 woman will fall into their lap. “You’ll be attracted to the one you were meant to be with”? That’s called settling for less than you deserve. Go out and grab life by the balls. Embrace risk. Make mistakes. And never, ever, settle for less than YOU deserve.

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    why women i date jump to conclusion that i will marry them and stay with me only till they think they would marry me I never show off that im financially well off but still this goes onb through out my life. Even after my marriage they have hopes that i shall marry them whereas im anly interested to have sex with them

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    ….100 stuffs u hv mentioned is just mindblowing…great job keep it up n keep going……

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    its a great help to the guys who are true lovers..
    once again man many thanks who made this beautiful words and sentences…
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    Being direct is my specialty, it works very well. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been direct with a girl, only to have her completely turn on in a blink of a second.

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