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YouTube Special: A look at SxEPhil

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I think we all associate, on one level or another, with the people that we watch on television, movies and YouTube. Since YouTube personalities are very accessible, we’re going to analyze them in a way that breaks down what makes them (or not) attractive. Then, we’re going to go a step further and suggest steps they could take to make themselves more attractive.

First, I’d like to pay a little respect to the YouTubers because they put their heart and souls on the line every day. It takes a lot of guts be in front of a camera of millions on a daily basis and they should know that this article is not meant to bash them in any way possible, but rather to use them as models for people who are in a similar place in their life. It is also important to note that all observations are based solely on the videos that they produce and this may or may not reflect their “real life” personality.

Let’s begin…


First, we have Philip Defranco aka SxEPhil who is one of the most popular comedians on YouTube. He’s funny, ambitious and part of his success is that he really figured out how to capture people’s attention. Through the use of 3-4 minute clips discussing his thoughts on popular news.

So what makes SxEphil attractive?

The Good:

Well, first and foremost… he’s now famous because of his YouTube videos. I really can’t imagine him going anywhere without having people recognize him. Fame is massive social proof, and if everyone knows your name, then you must be important. But what if he didn’t have any fame or social proof. What if YouTube didn’t exist and you had never heard of him before, then what?

Without any fame

That’s ok, because he’d still be fine.

Through his videos, you can tell that Philip is both funny and witty. His sense of humor and quick mind is a very attractive trait and women are sure to have a fun time around him. Who doesn’t want to be around a guy that makes them laugh all the time?

Even without the humor, his witty comments demonstrate that he’s both smart and relatively cultured. His point of views on world events are sane and he proves that he has a backbone to take a stance on controversial events. He’s even smart enough not to talk about things that he claims not to know much about. Good job!

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YouTube Special: A look at SxEPhil
Examining how attractive Youtube celebrities portray themselves online.
How To Attract Women Without Acting Fake, Without Following A Complicated System and Without Being Weird

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    Chris what happened to the email newsletters that used to be sent pls bring those back I enjoyed reading them

  • Frank

    hah I watch sxephil every day and I think you’re spot on with that. gj

    I wonder if he’ll see this..

  • GIJoe

    Funny you put this up when i was just the other day wonderin wat ol the kerfuffle is abt SxEPhil…i don;t he’s got anythin on me other than fame…life’s unfair!!