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How to have a great handshake step 1

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said with a smile. And then, I shook his hand. Eeew!

It felt like squeezing a damp washrag. And I don’t mean the nice ones you’ve just soaked in hot water on a bright winter morning. I mean one of those cold, oily, slippery ones you find in industrial basements.

“Yeah, hello,” he mumbled while his glance trailed off somewhere into space. I wondered if he was contemplating the emotional trauma I was going to suffer from the experience of shaking his cold damp oily slippery washrag hand.

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What a man wants in a woman step 1

“So,” Chris Calo told me when we brainstormed about cool article ideas for “Way Too Social”. “Why don’t you write about what a man wants in a woman?”

At first, I laughed. “What a volatile subject,” I said. “I mean, isn’t that completely subjective? Anything I’d write could be completely different for the next…”

And then, I paused for a moment. “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy….” I thought. “We’re on to something here!”

Sure: I’d be a presumptuous cock to assume I can speak for all men. But speak as a (read: a) man? Yeah, I can do that.

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How to ask a Girl Over for a Movie step 1

Hello, fellow lovers and romantics, and welcome back to “Get Da Girl with Way Too Social”! Today’s topic: how to get her to come over for a movie.

Did you get a 42″ LCD TV for Christmas? Install a new 5.1 sound system? Buy a comfy couch that extends into a bed at the press of a button, wink wink? Do you have the hottest, newest Blu Rays? Do you want a girl to, mmmm… join you for a movie? Nudge nudge?

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Accessories to Sucess

You know, I would love to tell you that back when I was a high school kid, my fashion sense sucked.

But that wouldn’t be true. The truth is, I simply had no fashion sense. In the morning, when I decided what clothes to wear, I ran through the following checklist:

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Christmas Gift To Your Girlfriend

You know what I admire about Christmas? It’s so punctual! Every year, it comes on the same day. It never misses, it’s never late, it never comes early. You tell yourself, “I wonder if Christmas will be on time this year”? And boom, December 25th, there it is. Like clockwork. It’s almost like it’s German or something.

And you think, “aw man, I wish I’d bought my presents in, like, May.” I know because that person is me (I’m also German, so I know a thing or two about punctuality!). Every year, I plan to be really efficient with my Christmas shopping and start it early, and then I don’t, and then I end up rushed for time. (I shouldn’t have mentioned I’m German. I’m such a bad example).

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Honesty Step 1

One evening, a sinister phone call proved me right about the way I run my relationships.

I was doing a year of social service in a hospital. A girl did an internship with us: she stayed for a couple of weeks and we got along pretty well.

When she left, I asked her for her phone number. We had some common interests and I thought it would be nice to stay in touch. I actually called her a couple of days later, too, to shoot the breeze.

While this was going on, I had no idea another phone call was happening behind my back.

It was placed to my girlfriend.

“You’re dating Matt, right?” a female voice asked.

“Yeah,” my girlfriend said.

“You may want to know that your boyfriend is flirting up another girl,” the voice said and hung up.

When I went to hang out with my girlfriend that night, I found her furious.

But not for the reasons you’d expect.

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Giving yourself the gift of travel allows you to experience new environments, new cultures... and supercharges your social skills! Here's how to meet people while traveling!


I must admit, it felt a bit strange. There I was, in my good old Frankfurt – right where I grew up, but this time, I was a traveler in my homeland.

Expatriate Matt went back home for two weeks this summer to celebrate my brother’s and my best friend’s weddings. The trip was everything you’d expect your best vacation to be:

Gorgeous unseen locations.

Unusual experiences.

A whole new mindset.

Beautiful women.

Oh yes, you best believe that last one. You see, we went to a place far out in the countryside – a small village amid nature, by a big lake. And I found myself thrown into a crowd with more than 100 strangers.

If you’ve ever taken a trip that was anything less than your token 100% pre-planned beach vacation, you’ll know that it can overthrow all the routine and structure you think you know. It’s a fresh, cool dive into untouched waters.

Are you using this to your advantage? Let’s look at ways you can spark love on your vacation.

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Knowning Yourself Is Attractive

You want to learn how to be attractive to women – but how is a woman going to be attracted to you before you even know who you are yourself? Your first major step is to get your “inner game” sorted out: your confidence, steadiness, backbone and self-reliance need to be in place.

We’ve brought up this issue before, but it is so important that it deserves an article of its own: know yourself and become attractive. Do you know your core values, interests, what drives you emotionally, what defines you as a unique character? There are several areas in your life you can explore, and in a clichéd psychiatrist manner, my first piece of advice is: explore your past.

Find your reality by looking in your past

Obviously, you underwent your deepest and most fundamental transformations during your childhood and puberty, which plunged you into emotional turmoil and distress. We all remember those school days when we suffered through first love, tried all the outrageous things, when we often felt alone and misunderstood, and our friends meant the world. Once you grow beyond your teens, chances are you’ll settle into a more stable, uneventful life that flows evenly in its routines. This is when you should revisit your turbulent years and get back in touch with what made you tick, what drove your passion, which obstacles you overcame and which realizations you had.


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With all the chatter of theories out there, it’s sometimes hard to keep a clear idea about what women would like from men. But then again, it’s not rocket science. Allow me to remind you of some things you already know: yes, women want men to make them laugh, feel special, appreciated and all warm and fuzzy inside. They want confidence, strength, and a great, winning smile. But most of all, women want men.

No seriously, if I were to summarize the whole thing in one line, I couldn’t think of a better one than that. Women want men.

The Dance of Love

Think of it as a dance. Ever take dancing lessons? I’m sure you had some in school, at least. If you never did, take it from me, my friend, fix that. Salsa, Swing, Ballroom, Tango – whatever floats your boat, cough up the money and take the lessons. Costs you the price of a couple of DVDs.

what women want

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Do you get disappointed in dates because “it didn’t lead anywhere”, you “didn’t get laid”, or “she only wants you as a friend”? Frustrated about your night out because you “didn’t get a single number“? Well, I have good news and bad news for you. First, the bad: you’re not alone. That’s bad because countless men out there are just as bitchy and jaded as you with their wretched self-pity. The good news: you can make a change. It’s time to declare yourself free from your outcome!

Did you have fun?

What’s outcome-dependence? Well, if you do something only hoping for a certain result, then you are an outcome dependent person. You value the end more than the process, of which you may just be completely oblivious. Your mind isn’t in the here and now, but focused on the benefit you hope to reap from an activity.