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Knowning Yourself Is Attractive

You want to learn how to be attractive to women – but how is a woman going to be attracted to you before you even know who you are yourself? Your first major step is to get your “inner game” sorted out: your confidence, steadiness, backbone and self-reliance need to be in place.

We’ve brought up this issue before, but it is so important that it deserves an article of its own: know yourself and become attractive. Do you know your core values, interests, what drives you emotionally, what defines you as a unique character? There are several areas in your life you can explore, and in a clichéd psychiatrist manner, my first piece of advice is: explore your past.

Find your reality by looking in your past

Obviously, you underwent your deepest and most fundamental transformations during your childhood and puberty, which plunged you into emotional turmoil and distress. We all remember those school days when we suffered through first love, tried all the outrageous things, when we often felt alone and misunderstood, and our friends meant the world. Once you grow beyond your teens, chances are you’ll settle into a more stable, uneventful life that flows evenly in its routines. This is when you should revisit your turbulent years and get back in touch with what made you tick, what drove your passion, which obstacles you overcame and which realizations you had.


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When I was younger, one thing had me simply stupefied: why was it that some guys seemed to have an endless stream of women pouring into their lives? I looked at my social circle and thought: “Where the heck does this fella get them?” It took many years for me to understand one thing: the real question is not where to meet women. There are ways to meet girls anywhere you please! Let me give you some examples.

Look outside your house

No, I’m serious here. Let’s talk about the basics. Open your window and look outside. Do you see a street? Yes? Good. I can tell you, women walk around in that street. Right there, in plain daylight!

You need to get over the idea that you need to have a special time and place to meet women. It should become an integral part of your daily routines. Now here’s the catch: you don’t just start doing that from one moment to the next. You need to practice. Start here:

meet women

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I knew a guy in school who had trouble slowing down or behaving calmly about girls. He would sneak up behind them and poke them in the sides, gesticulate wildly when talking to them, or walk about at parties tickling every girl. The last time I saw him, he was 28 years old and a virgin. In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s a connection.  His whole demeanor around girls was, tragically, rather weird and repelling – and it all started with his body language. The way you communicate with your body language is a major part of attraction, to the extent that it can make or break the deal: if you practice the right body language, the entire image you project will undergo a major shift. And you can practice anytime and anywhere. Let’s look at some main features to be aware of.

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I was out with my friend the other day and as we chatted, the question came up: “What do women find attractive in men?” He was curious about my take, so I said without hesitation: “Humor and confidence.” Then, I hesitated. I wanted to name a third quality, but couldn’t make up my mind: brains? Posture? Charisma? Wit? Audacity? So we stopped and asked two girls sitting by the wayside. “Smile”, one said, and the other added: “A man’s eyes.” And I say: all of it is spot-on, and the good news is, a man can develop every attractive feature women desire. Even the eyes and the smile.

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It seems so unfair. Look at any animal species on this planet: males rarely ever have any trouble finding females to mate with. They just do it on instinct! And here you are, human with all your superior brain power, sitting home late at night, alone after a house party where you talked to three measly girls before giving up because all the conversations fizzled out. How come some seem to know all the ways to attract women, and others just get stuck and blown out right at the beginning?


News flash: there is no way to attract all the women in the world. There is not even a way to attract all the women you want. No matter how awesome you become, there will always be one completely resistant to you. There can be any number of reasons why that is, and yet, a lot of my students ascribe every failed attraction attempt to their own lack of skills. This is a vicious circle, because the next woman will feel the pressure they put on themselves, and be uneasy when they talk to her.

Before you can find ways to attract women, you need the right attitude: treat every interaction as a little adventure with many chances, and any possible outcome. Of course, the better your seduction skills get, the more bad outcomes you can eliminate. But even the most experienced seducers don’t expect any outcome from an interaction, let alone try to force one.

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Hey, I’m sure you’ve read my friend Chris Calo’s latest newsletters about making an entrance and sweeping a woman off her feet. (In case you haven’t, you should sign up. His advice is free and solid, and I’ve seen him pull it off more often than I care to remember!) So! One of my favourite bits was the one about keeping your interaction with the girl positive. And it inspired me to give you a little nudge… Something we tend to forget, and that is so easy to do. Here’s how you can attract a woman in 6 steps!

1. Go to Google.
2. Type in “waytoosocial.com” (If you’re reading this, already 2 steps down!)
3. Find 4-5 articles and read them. Take NOTES!
4. Go to bar
5. Find girl
6. Pick up

You know, we wonder so often how to be funny, intriguing, charismatic, magnetic to women. We think “but I’m not a funny guy!”, and “I don’t have a great charisma, and it’ll be hard work to build it”. But in reality, it’s so easy. How many times have you joked around with your friends?

If I ask your right now to remember your favourite moments, I’m sure you’ll come up with them fairly quickly. And if you keep digging, I’m sure you’ll remember 3-4 more in just some minutes, PLUS the cool situations you first heard them in. There! A story to tell along with it. If you’re shy and you want to be social, then prepare your stories in advance!

I mean, can you believe it? You can attract a woman in 6 steps, and the first 2 you’ve already done. The magic of preparing yourself is that they kick all the logical, constrained, rational “whatcha-do-where-ya-from” BS out of your mind and let the FUN in. Enjoy!

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Accessories to Sucess

You know, I would love to tell you that back when I was a high school kid, my fashion sense sucked.

But that wouldn’t be true. The truth is, I simply had no fashion sense. In the morning, when I decided what clothes to wear, I ran through the following checklist:

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How to ask a Girl Over for a Movie step 1

Hello, fellow lovers and romantics, and welcome back to “Get Da Girl with Way Too Social”! Today’s topic: how to get her to come over for a movie.

Did you get a 42″ LCD TV for Christmas? Install a new 5.1 sound system? Buy a comfy couch that extends into a bed at the press of a button, wink wink? Do you have the hottest, newest Blu Rays? Do you want a girl to, mmmm… join you for a movie? Nudge nudge?

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What a man wants in a woman step 1

“So,” Chris Calo told me when we brainstormed about cool article ideas for “Way Too Social”. “Why don’t you write about what a man wants in a woman?”

At first, I laughed. “What a volatile subject,” I said. “I mean, isn’t that completely subjective? Anything I’d write could be completely different for the next…”

And then, I paused for a moment. “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy….” I thought. “We’re on to something here!”

Sure: I’d be a presumptuous cock to assume I can speak for all men. But speak as a (read: a) man? Yeah, I can do that.

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How to have a great handshake step 1

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said with a smile. And then, I shook his hand. Eeew!

It felt like squeezing a damp washrag. And I don’t mean the nice ones you’ve just soaked in hot water on a bright winter morning. I mean one of those cold, oily, slippery ones you find in industrial basements.

“Yeah, hello,” he mumbled while his glance trailed off somewhere into space. I wondered if he was contemplating the emotional trauma I was going to suffer from the experience of shaking his cold damp oily slippery washrag hand.