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How To Get Your Comment Approved on Art of Seduction

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I love feedback, and thanks to you guys, we’re getting a good 20-50 comments per day!

As you might have noticed, every comment is held for moderation until it is approved.
( That means I read them all ! )

So how do you get your comment approved?
- Add value to the conversation (This can be questions, comments, suggestions, etc)
- Be positive and supportive of other people

What are the main reasons I reject comments?
- Too many spelling mistakes
- Too many acronyms
- You mention your age
- Not in English
- Vulgar language
- Too long (I’ve had comments in the 600 word range!)

Other than that, you’re free to write anything you’d like! Everyone is entitled to their point of view!

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  • Alex

    Alright, whenever I approach a woman, no matter who it is, I become extremely stressed and my eyes uconciously begin to squint in a way that looks just plain wierd when I look in the mirror.
    One part of my brain says ‘man up and make that eye contact!’, but the other part says ‘don’t do it, it’s freakin scary.’
    I can carry on a conversation just fine, but my body language leaves alot to be desired. I work out regularly but I just can’t look someone in the eye!
    Do you have any techniques that can help me become comfortable with my appearance and, inevitably, be able to look someone in the eye without panicking?

  • Victor

    Hie im a young guy and i’d want to get some advise. See i met this girl by coincidence on my last year of high school thats been 3years and then we become friends we had a smooth go for about six months then we lost contact because we were far away from each other i love this girl then and just recently we got to meet again now that thing is on me now i wanna tell her how i feel and how i would want her to be my girlfriend when all this time i have given her a thought of being friends only. The other thing is she is from a higher class than me even the neighbourhood she is staying i far from the one i live right here in zimbabwe we are from two different worlds, but hear this funny thing i just happen to ask her today “Do you think you can ever love me” you know what she said “what do you think” was her answer and another thing about her she have this thing when she talks she is like she dont wanna talk i ask her something she jus answer one word answer. Can you give me some advise b’cz im scared if i tell her she will even end up denieng the friendship. Anyway cut’n the above do you have an instant messaging service coz i think its easier to get answers instantly anyway what country are you from im in Zimbabwe. GOD BLESS!

  • Deill

    Heyman i actualy think that you can help me be a more secure and confident guy. you explain the metods perfectly the sleeve opener is great ill try ass soon as i meet a girl. i read a book called “make her chase me” from herbal and it didnt help me at all even though i read it twice. i think you can help me more . p.s do you call yourself a pickup artist?

  • Alex

    Victor, outright telling a girl your feelings like that is destructive. Don’t do it! Girls prefer the subtleness of flirting over direct proclamations of love. I understand that the most logical thing in all of our minds is to get those feelings out there when you see a woman you like, but girls will flat-out reject you for it.
    It doesn’t make much sense, I know, but as much as it may hurt, you need to work on establishing a solid friendship before you can tell her how you feel. I really hope this helps you.

  • duke chase

    Alex I differ with you on that, it’s never always black and white, sometimes there’s grey and some girls I’ve been with actually like guys who go str8 without beating by the bush. I guess it depends on the girl…