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Going Out: A Major Step Towards Success With Women

Today’s article is about a simple, yet immensely effective practice for boosting your success with women and people in general: I lovingly call it “get the bleep out of your house”. It may sound like I’m stating the bleeding obvious here, but from my own experience, I cannot stress enough that going out on a regular basis is a crucial component towards your success with women. In this article, I would like to address some ideas that keep us from actually doing it: the misconceptions are that it needs to be set up properly, you need to set enough time aside for it, and it’s a special event.

Going outside needs no prior planning

I’ll tell you something about me. I’m a guy that likes to plan and organize a lot. I’m German and a Virgo, so there you go: predisposed for obsessive tidiness. As such, I used to think that a proper “going-out” had to be planned in advance, and at least two hours had to be set aside for it to have any effect or sense. I had to have people to go out with, and a place to go to, and something meaningful to do, otherwise I felt it wouldn’t be worthwhile. It took me quite a while to realize what a load of bull this is, and how many opportunities I was missing that way. Now, I go to the theater or cinema on my own, and on a spur, and I always find people to practice my social skills on while I’m out there. I open them up by the entrance door or chat with them while standing in line.


Sometimes I meet people to watch the movie with me right there and then, sometimes I simply run into ones I already know. And guess what, the more you chat people up, the more likely you will be to bump into them by just leaving your house. I have a friend who stayed in my city for only a couple of months, and by the time he left, he could barely go outside without running into people that recognized him. And they all loved him!

You always have enough time to go out

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What men need to know about women
If you go out 100 nights in a row, you'll discover some fundamental things that will improve your life with women. For example, you'll discover that women are just normal people that have their ups and their downs. There is no such things as a perfect approach!
How To Attract Women Without Acting Fake, Without Following A Complicated System and Without Being Weird

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    What if you’re the introvert kind of guys, laid-back and totally introvert…? Can this work for such guys (I’m one of them…)