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Learn How To Meet Girls Today Without Going Crazy

Hey, you’ve read the title, right? I’m not gonna give you a long intro here, just enough to give you a hint of what you should expect. If you’ve read our other articles, you already know how to meet girls! Now you just need to surround yourself by them and put yourself in environments where you can talk to hundreds of women per day if needed. So let’s get right to it, this article is about meeting girls, plain and simple. Here’s the meat:

Put yourself into their trajectory

If you’re stuck working in a cubicle during your normal day job, then slowly start exploring more social environments after work. For instance, go to a popular grocery store, take up yoga classes, go to the gym, meet up with friends for drinks in the evening or even coffee during the day. Look for opportunities to be surrounded by people, and seize those opportunities when they occur!

Bars, clubs or any kinds of social places are chick nests, my friend. They hatch there on a regular basis. Heck, you could even hang out in a book store, or a drugstore! Who cares if you’re just the guy who’s been there for half an hour! Know a yoga place in your area? Sign up for anything that you enjoy. You’ll get some interesting new experiences to boot. But remember, whatever you choose to do, do it for yourself first rather than to meet girls. Live your life for yourself, and women will be a bonus rather than the other way around.


Volunteer for social events

Yeah that one’s a no-brainer. I mean, imagine selling beer at your city’s biggest festival. You’ll get nonstop chickage! Your co-workers are likely gonna be young and fun (and may include some hot girls to begin with), and the more you joke around with them, just having a good time, the more social proof you’re going to have in front of customers.

You can volunteer at festivals, parties, music gigs, community events, whatever comes up. Check out newspapers or look for flyers at your local venues, colleges, universities. Ask bar staff about what kinds of events they’ve heard of lately. Once you volunteer, you’ll make friends, they will become your social circle (or add to it) and hey, that’s going to make it easy for you to organize parties to which you can then, you guessed it, invite cute girls. “You like cooking? Hey, me and my friends are throwing a potluck on Sunday, you should come.”

Go to places girls go

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Learn How To Meet Girls Today Without Going Crazy
Learning how to meet girls either comes naturally or it doesn't. If it doesn't, then it can be one of the most challenging things a guy goes through in his life. We'll tell you how to make that journey a little easier by introducing you to concepts that will help you meet, talk and attract girls.
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    Guys, always be prepared, you don’t have to be in suit n tie Mom-Mon but those first impressions can never be changed, they last long and cost more whether good or bad! I want to forward this to my friend, he’s always complaining and I think this is it! >>Sweetgal