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What Women Want From Men That They Meet

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With all the chatter of theories out there, it’s sometimes hard to keep a clear idea about what women would like from men. But then again, it’s not rocket science. Allow me to remind you of some things you already know: yes, women want men to make them laugh, feel special, appreciated and all warm and fuzzy inside. They want confidence, strength, and a great, winning smile. But most of all, women want men.

No seriously, if I were to summarize the whole thing in one line, I couldn’t think of a better one than that. Women want men.

The Dance of Love

Think of it as a dance. Ever take dancing lessons? I’m sure you had some in school, at least. If you never did, take it from me, my friend, fix that. Salsa, Swing, Ballroom, Tango – whatever floats your boat, cough up the money and take the lessons. Costs you the price of a couple of DVDs.

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Anyway! Let’s see. You know how art imitates life? Well, dance imitates human nature. The roles the partners take reflect a lot of our biological programming: here’s the woman, following, responding, and there’s the man, the impetus, the catalyst, the leader.

There’s a reason why dancing has such an emotional impact on women (and it should on men, too): it signalizes, without any words, that the man can take control, lead, head in any direction he wants to. A woman will perceive a good dancer as a good lover because he exhibits leadership qualities.

Freedom: Nothing Left to Lose

The ideal man is completely unfazed by conventions, rules, conditioning. Outer influences don’t concern him. He is a sufficient standard to himself.

One Eckhart Tolle long went through deep pits of depression and self-loathing, with envy, hate and negativity building up inside him until he got to the edge of suicide. Only then, when the pain had become unbearable, it all collapsed on him, broke down and he emerged in a purer form. All that was left at that point was him, stripped down to his bare essence. He later wrote the best-selling book “The Power of Now”, sharing his new spiritual path.

“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”, goes a popular song. There’s a lot to be said for that. Only when a man has nothing left, there will be nothing left to lose. Then, he achieves the full liberty to fulfill his passions, love and desires. Realize this: there is never a time where you have anything left to lose. All your possessions, experiences, achievements you have accumulated, when push comes to shove, they’re worth squat.

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What Women Want From Men That They Meet
What women want from men in life, in love and in relationships. It's simple, it's complicated and it's exactly what girls are talking about.
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    Thank goodness for the people who finally understood women and are helping those of us who are much slower :@ I enjoyed this#