How I Got My Ex Back… After Almost Throwing It All Away

When we broke up, she made her intentions very clear:

“I never want to see you again. Don’t call me.As she slammed her apartment door shut.


This was going to be harder than I thought… and quite honestly, I had no idea how I was going to get my ex back. All I knew is I couldn’t afford NOT to get my ex back. (And as I write this, we’ve been back together for 7 years…)

However, at the time…

The thought of her ending up with another guy caused a sharp stabbing pain throughout my chest.

There are few things as painful as thinking about your significant other with someone else.

“What if she moves on? What if she meets someone new? I need to do something NOW.”

I don’t want to die alone.

This thought made me do irrational things that quite frankly, I’m not very proud of.

I wouldn’t say I begged, but I certainly didn’t appear cool and composed.

I may (or may not…) have written her a long email stating all the ways I’d change if she took me back, all while trying to remind her of the good times we had together… and how we were destined to be together.

It seemed like a good idea, but little did I know, it was only pushing her away more and confirming her decision to leave me. (I only found this out later)

In fact pretty much everything I did after the breakup pushed her further away.

Every time I tried to ‘play it cool’ or figure out a way to get her to like me again, it just seemed to make things worse. I even went as far as apologizing to one of her best friends because I was an ass to her a long time ago. (It was cringe worthy)

The truth is, I didn’t even really know WHY we broke up in the first place (rather, why she broke up with me).

I thought I did…

But, I was wrong.

So how did I turn things around?

I did what I do best… and I obsessively went searching for answers.

I started by asking friends (comforting but clueless), I watched Youtube videos (generic advice), I searched on Google (found the same generic advice) and I even went to seduction forums. (they told me I should move on and see other people).

It was actually someone on my LoL team that recommended that lead me to Brad and the Ex-factor. Some guy had gone through the program and it had worked for him… so I figured I’d check it out.

Going through the program, I realized that… “Holy, she broke up with me for an entirely DIFFERENT reason that I had originally though

I finally had clarity (We were at a cross-road where we wanted different things in life). And for the first time since the breakup happened, I had HOPE.

I was skeptical at first but what Brad outlined in his program made sense. Plus, it was pretty much the OPPOSITE of what I was doing at the time.

So I plucked down money for his help and got his Ex-Factor program for men.

It’s a 220 page PDF “Ex Factor Guide” that reads like a book… except to me, it was like going through a tunnel with a light at the end.

it was like going through a tunnel with a light at the end.

He also included a 3 hour video program, 5 hours of audio (didn’t bother to listen to it but I’m sure it’s good). He also had another bonus that focused on the image I projected (honestly this was probably worth it alone… I’ve used this a LOT) and another bonus specifically for texting called: “Text the love back book”. (I might or might not have copy/pasted some of his texts. They work.)

Anyways, getting back to my story, I followed the Ex-Factor’s advice and started behaving differently. I did subtle things that I didn’t think my girlfriend would notice (but she did).

For example, I posted a picture of me on Instagram that had suitcases in the background. I didn’t say I was going anywhere in the post and the post wasn’t about travelling… I didn’t think she’d even notice because she unfollowed me BUT SHE NOTICED.

It was the most subtle thing in the world but it showed me she still cared and that Brad Ex-Factor was RIGHT.

Of course, that was just the beginning as I used Brad’s techniques to move past all the negative feelings and memories that were associated with the ‘old’ relationship.

He answered questions like how to heal from heartbreak and how to contact your ex the first time after a breakup. (Things I didn’t know I needed… but I’m glad he included.)

It was much more than a guide to me, and truly a life-changing tool.

Plus, she had no idea I was using any techniques inside Brad’s guide.

she had no idea I was using any techniques

I distinctively remember her saying: “I knew that person was inside of you somewhere! I’m glad he finally came out!” when we finally got back together.

That’s why I recommend Brad’s Ex-Factor program for tough breakups (plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee).

A fair warning though, it’s not a program for anyone that just wants to get their ex back to stroke their own ego. In order for the program to work, you have to doing it for the right reasons.

If that’s the case, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 7 years later, I’m happier than ever in my relationship. I wish the same for you too.


– Chris Calo