I, Chris Calo, am currently self employed, writing and running the Way Too Social blog out of passion and profit.

I only recommend products that I truly believe in, and some of them compensate my recommendations in the the form of commissions.

Out of the dozens of companies that contact me every week (That’s over 600 companies & products per year), I hand pick the best ones and recommend them to the readers of Way Too Social.

These companies include Hot Topic Media, Morpheus Productions, RSD, Venusian Arts, PuaTraining and more.

I also run Absolute Attraction, a program for men.

Outside of that, I receive no compensation from companies in order to recommend their products. I do not accept money for any advertisement, nor do I accept gifts.

(I would probably accept some nice gifts, but I haven’t received any)

If I make a recommendation, it is because I have gone through the product and personally endorse it. I believe this serves two purposes: It protects my reputation and helps you, the reader, get what you really want: quality help for succeeding with women.