How to have a great handshake step 1

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The crucial things you need to know in order to have a great handshake that will convey authority, power and charisma.
Tips for speed dating step 1

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As you get older, it is time for you to realize that the perfect woman is not just going to fall right into your...
What a man wants in a woman step 1

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"So," Chris Calo told me when we brainstormed about cool article ideas for "Way Too Social". "Why don't you write about what a man...
How to ask a Girl Over for a Movie step 1

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Hello, fellow lovers and romantics, and welcome back to "Get Da Girl with Way Too Social"! Today's topic: how to get her to come...
What women are really doing when they go out on a bar step 1

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When men go to a bar or nightclub, they are often hoping to meet women. It may seem reasonable to assume that women attend...
Accessories to Sucess

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You know, I would love to tell you that back when I was a high school kid, my fashion sense sucked. But that wouldn't be...
How to break up with someone step 1

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Breaking up with someone is not an easy or enjoyable experience. Whether your relationship lasted just a few months or several years, you dedicated...
guide to texting a girl

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Texting. One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It allows you to contact your crush, whenever you want. You no longer have...
Christmas Gift To Your Girlfriend

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You know what I admire about Christmas? It's so punctual! Every year, it comes on the same day. It never misses, it's never late,...
When to add someone on facebook

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Today, dating is more complicated than it has been in the past. Previous generations had to get to know someone by spending time with...