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Accessories to Sucess
Succesfully Spicing Up Your Look With Accessories (With Pictures For Guys)
You know, I would love to tell you that back when I was a high school kid, my fashion sense sucked. But that wouldn't be...
What women are really doing when they go out on a bar step 1
The Types of Women that You Will Experience at a Bar
When men go to a bar or nightclub, they are often hoping to meet women. It may seem reasonable to assume that women attend...
How to have a great handshake step 1
How To Have A Great Handshake
The crucial things you need to know in order to have a great handshake that will convey authority, power and charisma.
Surviving the real world
Guide To Surviving In The Real World
Generation Y is the one faced with a unique set of challenges upon entering the real world. A college degree (or, two) doesn’t carry...
Honesty Step 1
Honesty: The Basis For A Good Relationship
One evening, a sinister phone call proved me right about the way I run my relationships. I was doing a year of social service in...
Create An Abundance Mentality: Illustrated Guide To Escaping Scarcity
Abundance mentality in dating is the belief that there are heaps of women to go around. The world is a veritable smorgasbord for your...
Things I would have told myself
4 Things I Wish I Could Have Told My 20 Year Old Self
On Wanting To Be In A Relationship Why do you want a relationship so badly? Trust me: you don’t. (At least not yet). You might think that you...
better life
Guide To A Better life – Because You Only Get One
As you can imagine, I receive hundreds of emails per week from fans, students and curious people that are looking to improve their lives...
Woman that listens
Just Listen Dude. You’ll Be More Successful That way!
You talk too much; far too much. Women say they want a man who listens right? What does that mean? Society teaches us to,...
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Chris Calo has spent over 7 years teaching AFCs in the art of pickup. His journey began out of necessity, when he was forced...

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