Privacy Policy

Information we collect about you:
We care about your privacy and do our best to keep you anonymous as we collect statistical information from your visit. When you visit our site,, we collect your ip, time of visit, and hopefully, email address (if you sign up for our newsletter!). We also promise not to sell your information to anyone.

What else is collected?

Well, through the use of Google Analytics, we analyze computer statistics from our readers such as preferred browser, screen resolutions and so on. This data helps us optimize the website for our readers.

When we link to other websites, we are not endorsing, nor recommending that you visit them (well, sometimes we are). Each website has their own privacy policy and we will not be held responsible for any of the content on other websites.

More questions?
In the end, we collect as much information as possible from as many users as possible. However, because we collect so much data, it provides anonymity to you, the user. We simply have too much data to pin-point one specific person… and we wouldn’t want to do that anyways.

If you have any additional questions, contact me at