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Founded in April 2007, this web blog was created as a resource for men who feel overwhelmed by the subject women, dating and relationships. It’s purpose is to provide professional dating and relationship advice through articles and column written by the Way Too Social.

The goal of this site is to become the best resource for new and original dating tips on the Internet. We know it can sometimes be daunting to talk to women that you have never met and we’re here to help.

This website is supported by advertisement of David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating. We sincerely believe that these products can help our readers and recommend them as a way to improve their experience on our site. The revenue from these products help support our web costs.

Business Contact Information:
Way Too Social http://www.waytoosocial.com
Attn: Chris Calo, chriscalo123@gmail.com

17534 Blv Gouin O.
Pierrefonds, Quebec
Canada H9J 1A8

Administrator and Author: Chris Calo
Author: Razzputin

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