You know it’s funny that a lot of guys who aren’t even dating on a regular basis are trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend when instead they should be learning how to get a girl’s number. If you’re clever, you already spotted step 1 to getting a girlfriend: go on dates.

More Dates Lead To More Potential Girlfriends

Dates can be thought of as a trial period for couples to see if you want to get to know another person or not. The first date being the most important of them all as it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship, no pressure!GirlfriendIt doesn’t matter where you get the date, personals, through friends or even randomly meeting someone during the day using some crafty pick up lines, it’s the first date that counts the most.

Relationship Progression

When dating, each subsequent date must progress more and more. If the first date as great and the second is a flop, then you can kiss (or not) that potential girlfriend goodbye. Ideally, you would want to become closer with your date every time you go out together. In other words, the third date should be more physically intense than the first one! If you aren’t growing, then you’re dying. See how to increase physical contact with girls.


Set The Girlfriend and Boyfriend Tone Immediately

In order to grow together, you want to set the tone right away that you are a potential mate and not ‘just a friend’. The closer of a friend that you become, the harder it will be to change that into a relationship. This applies to girls and guys alike. You’d be amazed if you knew how many girls had crushes on their ‘best guy friend’ and he just isn’t interested.

A loving relationship takes time to build

If you’re looking to turn that woman into your girlfriend, then you’ll need to be interesting enough to want her to get to know you more. If you lead an interesting life, then show her a piece at a time, keeping her intrigued. If you show her absolutely everything on the first date, then there won’t be much to go on later on. If you already read the book, then watching the movie version won’t be as compelling because you’ll already know exactly what happens. It’s more fun to be surprised. That’s one of the keys on how to get a girlfriend.

Spark love so you aren’t just a guy friend

The part that most men lack is to create massive attraction while you are dating. It’s a shame because they really have all the pieces except for that one last little piece. Fortunately, it can be solved by simply reading a few good books on the topic. The man I recommend the most on the topic is David DeAngelo. He shows you exactly what it takes to create massive attraction and get that girl you’ve been wanting.

Usually I find that most guys have all the other aspects of their life covered, but remain clueless when it comes to really building massive attraction. Well let me tell you, you might have everything going for you in terms of looks, money and fame, but if you can’t spark attraction you’re not going to get a girlfriend. So what’s the best way to do that? Well you have to be a man that isn’t afraid of showing his desires. Read how to be the man that women desire.

More Tips on Getting That Girl

Now I’m not saying you need to go out and tell a girl you’re attracted to her (although that does work when said in the right tone), but instead don’t play it safe. One huge mistake guys do that kills all attraction is to approach women in an overly safe manner. So that even if she rejects you, you don’t feel rejected because ‘you weren’t really trying’. How do you know if you’re doing this or not? Well if you make up an excuse to hang out with her on a continuous basis, such as to study together, for work or any other reason then you’re playing it too safe.

Girlfriends Require Constant Attraction

Instead, the real way to build attraction is to make sure she knows that you’re attracted to her in the first place. Then from there, tease her and use the techniques described in David Deangelo’s book, I know I said it before, and I’ll say it again, he’s really the man when it comes to building attraction. Best of all, it doesn’t require learning how to get a flat stomach or a six pack!

The last and most overlooked part on how to get a girlfriend is that you must look for someone who is compatible with you. If you’re a geek that enjoys playing video games, then go for a hot geeky girl that enjoys playing video games as well. If you’re into going outdoors, then find a girl that enjoys the same things as you. If you find the right girlfriend, then it can be a very rewarding experience. It will enhance the quality of your life in ways you never thought possible, who knows, she might end up being your fiance one day!

  • Michael Plemmons

    From what I’ve noticed my whole life (I’m 35), there is no secret to getting a girlfriend. It’s fate and luck. There’s billions of people out there and only a few that match up. When I try to get a girlfriend, i stay single. When I stop trying, girls approach me and makes it easier. I’ve only been in 3 relationships, 2 of them for 4 years and one for 8 years. Been single now for 2 years because i’m lonely and i think it shows. I don’t know how to start a relationship anymore, but i do know how to keep a relationship.

  • Some good advice on how to date is very useful!

  • ramond

    im 22 year going i want a girlfriend too . i have 3 ex girlfriend.i would be happyer if i had one

  • nandu

    i have no idea how 2 make girl friend….i tried dating……but of no use…….dating, having fun wit girls is only keeping friendship zone…………..hw 2 make relationship……?

  • roger

    Hello, I am 64 years old , been married 7 years, had several girlfriends, never kept any of them for very long. I was a super duper nice guy!!! How dumb, right!!! I am looking to find a woman to spend the rest of my life with , whether it is the next couple months, (never know when the grim reaper will pounce on you, right) or 20 years. I have always put women on a pedestal, and I didnt know that was wrong until now!! Geez, talk about not knowing doodly squat about women, thats me!! Seems every lady I have been out with got the royal treatment, rolling out the red carpet for them.I bet they had a lot of laughs at my expense, but of course it was my fault for being to dumb!! I dated them, told them how nice they look and smell, which is good I suppose. But there is where it ended. No kisses on the first date. I actually thought they would be offended, as well as no touching. I acted like they were the Queen of England!! Am I too far gone because of my age????????

  • john

    dude if she knows just do it you have nothing more to hide

  • Coty

    I like a girl that met awhile ago but i asked her out a couple times and she said that shes been hurt alot by other guys but i just want her to know i love her and id do anything for her i just want her to be happy. Please help me.

  • so very true

    if women were not so dam nasty and have an attitude problem, many of us straight men would be able to meet a decent woman for us now. many of the women out there today, are just LOW LIFE LOSERS. they have must have been very abused by men in the past, that is why they are so messed up today. so meeting a good woman, if there are any left of course will be hard now.

  • Paul

    I’ll be very blunt but VERY realistic. Girls who say “I don’t want our friendship to be ruined” are saying BULLSHIT !!!!! Becoming best friends is easier than your think. If the girl’s friendship with you ends, she’ll find a new replacing friendship, EASILY. This either means that she is testing you and wants you to try harder, or she plainly doesn’t like you. In the first case, you should try to find a time to talk with her alone, but very delicately. Things must be very natural, try to create a moment where both of you can have fun (movies, theme park etc)In the second, forget about her; there are many beautiful and lovely girls out there.

    In any case, love is a different thing. You may start as two flirts. You may start as best friends. It doesn’t matter. The guideline here is saying “love is a game where a certain method or equation gives way to a positive result”. My answer is NO. Love can be very unexpecting, and also very blunt. It can start from getting a girl drunk and having a night with her (physical intimacy is INCREDIBLY influential), or getting to know the girl well, and having more and more time together ALONE.

    Believe me or not, what a girl looks for in a guy is “security”. He may present this to her with skillful confidence in his character trait, or he may prove this with what his has done so far (job, earnings, wealth). What a girl wants is a guy who expresses loyalty, warmth, and capability. That’s what will lead to a long and significant relationship, which may even end up as marriage. In other words, if you are rich (or on your way to being rich), and have the means to remain it, then you got your girl. If none of the above, you must use your acting skills to perform a very clever and skillful way of expressing and infusing confidence in her without being repulsive. This is the essence. Keep these in mind. The more practical but less essential details must be developped by you only. But the essential advices above will help. Keep them in your conscience. Good luck.

  • freshmen

    I`m a freshmen and i met this girl i really like and i want to ask her out but she already has a boy friend what should i do?

  • mairo

    I need a girl, but the thing is that i feel unconfortable with myself when ever i try to take a step. Most of the girls i consider to be beautiful rejected me. I dont know what to do, cause i need a girl. please help

  • Mike

    Ok I gotta problem I like this girl she the most beatiful girl I have ever seen .Thing is she likes me as a friend it’s possible because we only see each other every two years when I visit family in pa.i’am only in pa for 4 days because usally I have football can’t stay that long .Upon meeting her and seeing her since we met in 2008 we have slot in common but still I don’t think she knows me that well I meAn 4 days is hard to get slot bout someone i’am from ct she’s from fl I talk to her on facebook and she gave me her number cause she wanted me to hit her up somtime idk how to talk to her to get the seeds planted to change her view of me from friend to a possible boyfriend I know long distance relationships don’t usally work but i’am planning to move down there next year so how do I plant the seed to change her mind

  • H.T

    I have like a year that i felt in love with one gorgeous girl and she have a nice body, everytime i see her my heart starts to pump of happiness and i really want to get her but she’s still in High school and I’m 22 yrs i think in love there’s no age limit. Can someone help me ASAP with good advices? I want to win her heart or if im late i’ll lose her:(

  • jacob

    jessica i value your imput most of all because a girl would know better than anyone else. i am 18 years old and graduated but the 1 girlfriend i had in my life used me and my confidence crashed down when i found out i was also tricked by a girl who really only wanted closer to my better looking brother. That is why i am trying to look up advice to help me again. I am not that pig of a guy looking for a hot girlfriend just for sexual needs. I really want to find a girl who will love me the same way i want to be able to love her. If there is anything at all you think you could tell me please do. Thank you in advance if you do have a moment to respond to this

  • Paul big dick

    someone help me. i need my crush have a crush on me heeeeelllllppppp and what should i do to get her be my gf

  • mikes

    i like a girl in my office. she is very smart as well as well qualified girl. well i m not sure she also likes me also, she has a boy friend also. how to say her that i want a long term relationship with her.

  • adam

    I smoke alot of weed and dont have any confidence, i never socialze and dont have any freinds. im not funny im a serious boring person with no personality, how would someone like me get a girl ? do i even have a chance ?

  • christian

    well i have no problem getting a girlfriend my problem is finding a girl i like


    ok i once had a girl-friend and now she’s not interested in me now cause she has a new boy-friend i would do anything for her to be in my arms again and now there’s this girl on facebook who i like and well now i love her but don’t know the way to go about it cause i really want a girl-friend very badly just don’t really don’t know the way to go about it pleaze help someone. any one

  • mystery guy

    i need help u c there is this girl i really like and want to ask her out but i have 2 problems 1:i can not drive so i feel weird that my mom would drive us because i am to young to drive 2:i use to be able to talk to her but now that she is moved out of the class she is a different class i am in but the teacher doesn’t allow us to talk most of the time.

    anyways i can carry on a conversation with her and can make her laugh she is also really sweet it is just the fact of asking her out that o suddenly freeze up. not only that but she is hot and smart i just can not think of any thing to do to ask her out i reall desperately honestly need help

  • sunny

    i really like a girl and i kno she likes me too. i asked for a date but she could say no still said i cant .one of her friend is my close friend she came and told me her other friends manipulated her views about me . so can u plz help me get my respect back and make her say yes because i really like her and she likes me too

  • Corey

    ok so heres my delima, I go to church with this girl. she is everything a guy could ever want shes smart,beautiful,athletic,loves kids,enjoys life, and is wild at times, and i like her ALOT!!. my problem is even though we are good friends she wont give me the chance to date her and show her how good i am, i dont know if she is playing hard to get or if shes jst not that interested..but she flirts w me everytime we hang out. help please?

  • Benji

    I met this girl in one of my classes in college and hit it off with her instantly. We went on dates for about a month a couple times a week and got really close. then after spending the weekend together, she doesnt respond to a couple text messages i sent her and didnt text me for a couple days (and she usually did text me). then she wanted me to go out to get wings with her where i work, but i was working already. she showed up with two other guys, then texted me that she didnt want anything more than to be my friend after i told her “it was nice talking to you” on the way out. i know the attraction is there, but i need to know how i can fan the flame somehow. i know this could be pivotal if things work out, or if they dont between us.

  • Zach

    No girls like me I need help 🙁

  • Jessica

    Hey guys,

    Here is some advice from a girl. first of all don’t follow the advice of this article. The last thing we want is to feel pressured into physical acts like letting you touch us in certain places. Kissing is about as far as we want to take it for the first few dates. Most of us understand that boys tend to have more physical desires and girls more emotional ones. Thats ok, but just know that girls arn’t into the physical stuff so much. we talk. Tell us about your hobbies other than electronic gaming systems. Girls really want to have a boyfriend too, so don’t be shy to make the first move. =)

  • Pimp

    yo wolf man all you got to is for a day repetitively say that you are going to talk to her and go for it. and rejection is something that your going to have to build up enough confidence for yourself. like me i could like every girl on the planet and i could talk to her to like she was just another person i have to see everyday but my problem comes in when it comes to asking girls out. now this is going to sound a bit odd but when i dont ask the girl out and we just start dating those are my longest relationships the longest being 4 years but when one of us asked the other out the relationship lasts about 3-5 days. now if this girl has something or alot in common with you just go start talking to her about that but be more gentleman like and introduce your self and ask her name and all that good stuff first then talk about things you have in common by just asking something like “Have you heard of that band cold play (or something like that) ” then just build on top of things you both like and then find out other talents about the person and tell her about your talents. but all you have to do is say to yourself one day im goin to talk to this girl and if i get rejected thats ok she wasnt good enough for me anyway and there are about 80 million + more girls in the sea and try again or move on but rejection is something everyone has to get over and your not the only one cause everyone in the world has been rejected before they met that one person that was right for them.

    so i help this helped you boost that confidence a little and remember dont change yourself to impress anyone but yourself!!! that is a really important rule to remember about dating because if she doesnt like you for you she dont like you at all!!!!!

  • Ricardo

    hi im having problems with talking to a girl i really like, i think she is the one but everytime i talk to her i feel i am there only as a friend so how do i show her that i want to be more than friends but not freak her out?

  • wolf

    hey can somebody help me out?? theres this girl in my school that i cant stop thinking about. when shes around me i start to avoid/ignore her and i think she knows that i like her. i want to talk to her but ive been rejected once and i dont wanna feel that experience again. plz any suggestions?????

  • twan

    If you don’t know her, just go for it. Dance with her (if you are in a party or a bar) without saying anything, just let her notice you’re dancing with HER and interested in her. (worked for me. :p) But I got nervous and messed it up after she asked my phone number :(:(:(

    Also, just be yourself (Don’t be someone else, you not are.) cuz you’ll have to be that way for the rest of your relationship!

    And don’t feel bad when you entered the “just friends relationship” cuz you know what you have to do better next time and who knows, might give that girl some nice tips, so you can do better on your next try.

    What do you have to lose exept that single 1 fish from the huge ocean.

    I never had a girlfriend myself, but these are the best tips I can give at the moment.


  • Danny

    I went to a party earlier on i was standing at the bar with my friends. I was looking around the room and a noticed a girl looking at me i didnt really think nothing of it. Then a few minutes later i went outside for a quick smoke. I came back into the room and i noticed she was looking at me again so i looked at her and she turned the other way really quick. I am not confident enough to go up to the girl and speak to her

    Need Help!

  • Aditya

    I wan’t to have a girlfriend, girlfriend who can be loyal to me,i don’t look good, neither i have a good height,i am not humorous neither i am intelligent. often i have enquired tat the moment i try to pay interest over a girl, she tends to run away form me,and stops talking to me,or they make me their brother or just say that we r simply friends. now i feel that their might be a problem with me, or my fate. will i be able to have a girlfriend even, i am deeply frustrated over this issue and i want your wise help. i will do whatever you say,plz advice me the perfect way of getting a girlfriend,will i try out dating websites to find out the girl who can love me.
    plz help..

  • Derek

    A girl asked for my number and asked me out. I had no idea she was attracted to me…because I’d label myself as the “cute” type and she’s the “impossibly beautiful” type. Thing is, is we have so much chemistry that I’m falling…falling pretty hard for her. I’m trying to keep my cool and avoid the whole “being needy” thing but it’s getting harder to do on a daily basis. Thoughts?

  • Pat

    Should you date a girl you work with?

  • Marcus

    I’m about to give up on the whole relationship thing. I’m willing to give it one last try, but No one seems to be interested in me. Am I too boring serious of depressing, because I’ve been called all 3. Can you help me?

  • clemente

    hey, im a kind of head on sensitive kind of guy i like videogames my apperance barely passable but im very sweet and not very athletic i just cant get a girlfriend most hurt me if i try to ask almost every body hates me what should i do please respond ;(

  • Anthony

    I met this girl. Just on Friday. We’ve been connecting fine. But she wants me to be more myself around her, but i’m afraid she’ll think i’m wierd. She says she’s wierd too, though. and We both held hands just today. She also said that the speed is up to me and she’ll stop me if she feels uncomfortable.
    Should I just suddenly be completely myself around her? Or should i gradually start showing her more and more? I already act who i am infront of her, but not in like the sense how i would infront of my best friends, if you get what im saying.

  • Dude

    ok, my best friend is going out with the girl I like. there are at least 3 other girls that like me. what should I do? get one of the 3 girls or wait for the one i like?

  • Oscar

    I had a girlfriend but she said that I wasn’t the right guy.
    The reason why she said that I THINK was that i was just acting like a friend and never really did much. We are still friends but i want her to see me one more time and let her see what she didn’t before.

  • Liverpool Daniel

    Ok people I’m here because i feel extremely upset.
    i am here for some kind of advice for my huge problem i feel like a lonely loser but as someone said earlier nothing to loose.

    Ok here is my problem, I’m currently doing nothing with my life I’m 18. I left college last year and hope to go back soon but because i have a huge problem with my
    looks (I think my face is fine its my teeth that’s the problem) I’m confident apart from my teeth i have a gap and they tend to get food stuck in them after i eat.
    So I’m paranoid about even talking to a girl not only that but my only friend is in college and i don’t see him often and at the moment i have no social life so i cant even talk to any girls my last college had no girls in it a sausage fest also when i was at school i used to talk to girls all the time and used to have a huge ego and i used to think that every girl was in love with me

    Only recently i have been lonely and wanted a relationship I keep having fantasies of the perfect girl my type of girl but it makes me feel worse after having it because its not real and i feel crap after it 🙁

    so how would i approach a girl? what do i say? be myself?

  • Christian

    I have two problems: First, I use to be really good with girls, but then I settled down with one for the past 3 and a half years. And during that time I didnt really socialize with a lot of people, esp girls. Now I’m single and I cant really talk to wemen at all, and everytime I do, I feel like a dirty old man. Girls really like me though and I’m actually a young guy with lots going for me. How do I get over that problem?

    Second: My best freind is a really hot Turkish girl. We have slept together a few times and we still sleep in the same bed together (even though she has a boyfriend), we flirt, and she always dresses up to see me. But, she wont sleep with me anymore. I think I have lost my approch to sex from being with my girlfriend. I danm near ask for permssion to touch her, which of course leads to a no. Do you have any suggestions?

    thank you.

  • doctor

    i know a girl from the last one and half years. i like her a lot . we chat on phone but whenever i ask her to come out and meet she is always ready with a excuse. we have met for just 4 times in these one and half years. many times i do think that she doesnt want me but whenever we chat evrythng is great. and whenever i have asked why she avoids coming out, sometimes not attending phone for 2- 3 days, she always say she is also unhappy over her this neglecting attitude. even her friends complain that whenever she goes home she never calls or text. she dont have a boyfriend neither she was in any relation earlier. i sometimes feel her nerd. she knows that i like her.i have not proposed her.i really love this girl. what should i do?

  • michael.G

    what if you have bad reputation with girls and you didn’t try to do anything wrong what do you do about that.

  • Michael

    I do not have a problem talking to women, and I do not have to do anything to get a woman to like me. If a man is interested in a woman he likes. All he has to do is use his common sense. In other words, treat women the way they want to be treated. Ask any woman, and she will tell you: I like a man who is a gentleman. Finally, a good sense a humor is also important 2) having confidence in yourself while engaging in conversation with a woman 3) do not act like a jerk to prove your manhood. Women will tell you they dislike a man who is a jerk. Life is not that difficult. Just go out and start socializing!

  • Gurl lova

    Hey im kinda struggling with this whole dating thing. Im not shy around girls or anything but i just cant find a good way to express to a girl that i really like her. I can ofc flirt n stuff in school but that often leads nowhere. Maybe im just scared but asking a girl out to the movies or even to eat just seems kinda too aggressive or serious for me. I was wondering would there be any other ways of asking a girl out on date but in a way not making it such a big deal. Cuz i feel that if i asked a girl out it would give me more pressure to make some sort of impression on her and it might also make me more vulnerable to rejection. This really bothers me cuz theres a bunch of girls out there i like but i just cant seem to find a good way to approach them. I could really use some help, thanks 🙂

  • Alex

    One thing in particular that every guy should learn is how to take rejection. Yeah, I said it. You will be rejected. But the it’s only a true failure if you let bring you down. There are billions upon billions of women in the world. You WILL find somebody whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. The only crime here is not trying, not putting yourself out there. So stop reading right now, and go out chasing girls!

  • pete

    ooooo yeah the most important thing!!!!! dont brag about the girls youve had/ have and dont say other girls look cute because thats an automatic fail lol. make her think shes the only girl you talk to, i mean like dont actually say that, just dont talk about other girls that often. it sends mix messages

  • pete

    you do not want to seem desperate in anyway. most of the time you want a girl to come to youuu but if the appritounity presents itself, take advantage of it. getting someones number is not overwelming if you dont make it that way, atleast make her think that. you also have to care about properly grooming yourself. you dont have to be the best looking, but do the essentials (shave, shower, fix your hair, get close that flatter you). if you do have her number or aim or whatever, do not be a creep. do not text/message her more then once a day unless she responds. you actually dont really want to keep texting her everyday starting a convo. try waiting a while and let her text you first a couple of times. thats all i got brooos sorry. o and if you have a problem with a girl, but ask random people (me) ask someone you trust for help (a sister, a friend, anyone (just not your mom..)). peaceeee

  • pete

    talking to a girl is not hard at all. trust me it is pretty simple. first of all dont think of her as a god, look at her ad just any other person. you wanna have a sense of humor because girls dont like guys that cant take a joke. make jokes of things that are funny and try to make fun of here tooooo. pretty soon your gonna be pretty good at flirting. you have to make her sure that you actually care about her though, this is were you get the girl. your trying to be a little bit of a jerk, but nice (it sounds confusing but its not). for example my bestfriend always calls me an ass/jerk (only as a joke) but i make sure she knows i love her by telling her. be confident, if you think she likes you, ask her out if you feel the same way. once you go out with her treat her right and youll be gooood

  • Matt

    You know, looking at this, there are alot of hopeless guys seeking help, but, i think thats the first step to getting help, lol, now i havent had many girlfriends, one or two, i can talk with girls easily, but thats after about 7-8 years of being a loner in the corner, i finally got some friends, but couldnt get a girlfriend, if i could suggest one thing would be not to stress out too much about it, but to pay attention to her gaze, if u know what i mean. if it is often directed at you when shes not busy with school work, or even talking with friends, well then there is about a 90% possibilty that she likes you with about 10% chance that she is just thinking about something to do with you, but not about you at all. If she looks at you alot, well try talking to her, letting her into the door before you, if she needs something ur using let her use it first. Be polite, most girls arent a fan of thoose huge swears we guys can come out with, if ur tongue doesnt want to work, make an excuse then go splash ur face with water, then go out and talk to her, talk about stuff that is going on around in UR school, ur class (if you share one or more with her), but DONT get onto topics like politics, can result in arguements – which means no girlfriend for you – There is one rule about looking for a girl DO NOT TRY THE SAME THING ON EACH GIRL THERE IS NO DEFINABLE SPEECH TO MAKE A GIRL LOVE YOU IT IS ABOUT BEING URSELF!!!! trust me, it works, if u sit in a corner alone, loosen up abit make some friends, friendly/short conversations with her and her friends, help her with something in class, even ask for her help if u dare :D, but do not get desperate, if after a while she gets on really good terms on you, (try not to hit good friends stage, maximum of just plain friends, its hard to move from that to the girlfriend/boyfriend stage) try asking her out to a movie a party, or something even a picknic (worked for me lol) but make sure u actually like her, it isnt essential for a relationship, just for happiness. That is about all ive got, try to flirt after a while of talking to her that sort of thing, and good luck.


  • Devon11

    Hey I’ve got a crush on 3 girls at the same time. I don’t know who to choose. Got advice?

  • Wesley

    The problem is, I am a college student and I like a girl that she is, I think, a secretary in the college, she is very nice but I don’t know her name, I don’t know nothing about her, when I asked something about the college, like I asked her where is the blablabla office?
    And she always give me a smile and the answer.

  • Tom

    I like this girl and we have “clicked” many times. But now suddenly everytime I try to ask her out her friend is right next to her and says no. I think this girl likes me but everytime I try to connect with her her friend is there and she influences the girls decision. I need help because I can’t ask her out bcause her friend is always there. also if I ask her out and she says yes then she gets in trouble with her friends what do I do?

  • Daniel

    I am so frustrated! I can not find a girlfriend! I get to know a girl and then its like i become more like a brother instead of a lover. I feel so aggravated because I can not find a girl to give me the time of day.

  • brenden

    i like this girl and she likes me too but she has a boyfriend already. his friends spread bad rumurs about me so im afraid ill lose her forever. what do i do

  • zane

    lol! i found out today that yet another girl likes me!

  • zane

    OMG! 2 more girls like me. i found out today at a swim meet. plz help! i dont know what to do with all these girls!

  • Zack

    Can I have help I like this girl but I get to nervous and i cant talk to her face to face. I don’t even think any girls like me except for my ex that doesn’t trust me.

  • zane

    Omg… Like 5 girls like me, one thinks I like her, another insults me, and the rest r very nice to me. I’m smart, athletic, and funny. only thing is, I’m really shy. what should i do?

  • kiknchikn

    I’ve tried so hard to find someone. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends in my life as a high school student. But now as an adult, nothing has come my way. I’ve done everything, tried everything. Still no result. I just don’t get it. Am I meant to not have a companion in life? 6 years I have been single with no luck. I begging anyone to help me out here.

  • shailendra

    Hi, I need an advice on how to get a girlfriend.
    I really like a girl who is about the same age

  • jake

    hey guys. i was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips. imma freshman in highschool who just wants this girl to be his girlfriend. ive met this girl twice now at my cousins rock concert. im totally into her, i even gave her my number and she has mine, and weve talked a couple times, but im not to sure how i can sweep her off her feet next time we meet. can anyone help me?!

  • emo fitzgerald

    god bless you! you changed my life!

  • Jon

    There’s this girl i like right I talk to her already i tease with her but I only see her once a day and I’m always competing for her and never get alone time and its driving me insane!

  • dontdiefromdesire

    Hello i am having trouble actually starting conversations with females i feel like a loser by coming here but hey what have i got to lose.
    I always seem to fall in love with the wrong girl, The unavailable girl, maybe i should see a psych or maybe not, i have ruined friendships because of it.
    I even fall in love with my mates girlfriends i don’t know why but it has destroyed me socially… HELP

  • Jed

    Hey i seriously need help i suck at talking to girls im a loser and i like this girl and she occasionally gives me a nice smile but im not sure if she likes me or if shes trying to be nice i really like her but i have never had a girlfriend and i really don’t know how to get her i need serious help!!!

  • kody compton

    Look I know I’m still young and have plenty of time for a relationship. But I’ve never dated or even kissed a girl. I’ve always been good at helping girls and guys out with relationship problems mostly because I’m the middle man or rather third party. However much I enjoy helping these people, I really feel the need to get a girl-friend. Knowing this information I take it you can assume that I know rather a lot about how to handle a girl and what to do and what not to. Although, this hasn’t helped me in the endeavor to getting a significant other so I’m in desperate need of help. I know confidence is key but physically speaking I’m undesired. Thank you for your time and please email me with any tips you may think of that will help or all out solve my problem.

  • Eduardo

    Damn, i cant get it right!!!

    … 2 years ago i was riding my bus home , then i suddently saw this girl, and in that instant i just felt this intense warm sensation all over my body,then she looked back at me so i keep looking and she did the same thing; then we exchanged gazes all the way home.

    from that moment on, i cant stop tinking of her, in the first weeks i looked for her at school then y saw her, i stared out by finding out in which class she was , then i reallized i had some friends in her class , so i asked them her name , Adriana , simply beautiful … so anyways i tried to aproach her and i couldnt , then i asked a friend to introduce us , he did , but in the moment she came close , i couldnt say ANYTHING , she looked at me and gigled , then she leaved .

    some time later y tried again and something similar happened, and all the times i tried to tell her or ask her anything my friking tongue wouldnt move, then the classes ended taking all my hopes away, then all of the sudden at the start of the nex year’s classes she whent to were i was playing soccer and ask me my class’s number…

    in the next recess i found out that the school had organised a love mail, a then , when i got back to class i recived a letter , im sure it was from her cause none of her friend had shown interest in me and no one had asked me my class’s number, but it didn’t said it was from her … it said someone else’s name ,

    this confused me a bit, but i then a strated to not seeing her that often and she seems to have lost all interrest in me ,

    pleas help me , what should i do , get some courage and ask her out or just try to find someone else?
    ps: i think her friends dont like me.

  • Steve

    Hey i need help,
    i really like this girl and we get along get but i dont know if she thinks we’re just friends or what… we go to the same school and i see her almost ever day and we text everyday and have been for about a year now. when we text we just talk about our days and other stuff i try to be flirty to her and she flirts back. we always say i love u at nite and she asks me how much i love her but we have never really said anything about us. i dont know if she is just saying that as to be a flirt or wat… please help

  • John

    Hi, I need an advice on how to get a girlfriend.

    In the past years many girls had approached me but whenever I see a girl approaching me it’s like a turn off to me, like if my inner thoughts telled me “that was easy, you just looked at her a few times” and next Im ignoring this girl, even if she is hot. I might act like that because I might think I will be rejected, how can I become the fear of being rejected ?

    By the way, when Im drinking a little, this fear just goes away, but I’m afraid that I will be looked with pity (or people will laugh at me) just because I can just approach a girl when I’m drinking a litte. I don’t wanna approach girls with this too-safe manner, plus I don’t even am 100% the way I really am when I’m drinking, I am a serious guy. When I’m drinking I don’t like to be laughing all the time (but you can’t stop that), I rather enjoy deep conversations, etc.

    I enjoy what I do, I am a computer programmer (not by profession, though Im working on that) and often a mobile dj. I know what kind of girl I want; a charming one, she has not to be a model nor to have a perfect body.

    It just takes a little time or what ?.

    I think I have been depressed for the last 8 years, it started when I was 15, because I moved to another city, far away from my friends, life, and feelings. There was this girl I have just erased from my mind by the wounds and scars of time.

    Before I moved, I was just about to approach her. Now she is married to another guy ( I knew by searching her [myspace] )and I have completely erased the idea of being with this girl from my mind, albeit it HURTS.(You guys who are or were in a similar position know what I mean by putting this in capital letters).

    I’m not economically too well positioned, I work on a weekly basis and I earn not too much money, just enough to eat, paying basic billings, etc. Im my place, my mother always tries to fight with me, she wants me to give her money to buy alcohol and cigars, but sincerely I cannot afford that, so this always leads to a fight. I hate this, cause last night I was feeling very comfortable and happy, and she just ruined it all. As for my late dad, who died in 2000, he only played ONCE with me football when I was a child; he made fun of me and preferred my sisters.

    I am writing all these things about me to give you a better picture.

    To finish, I’m just asking for an advice to work on guys, so I can find the girl of my life, not being too lonely and have a reason to live for. Please help me, any comment will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • shaun

    @ desparate, walk up to her and start talking, if not try a cheesy chat up line, but nothing sexist

  • shaun

    curses, i like this girl, and she likes me, but we became good friends, damn i hate that, does everyone get that girl line “i dont date really good male friends because when we split up the friendship will be ruined”?

  • Zack

    I had an experience where I worked hard off trying to get her and all I do is become her best friend. Now we’re not even friends because she’s promiscuous now. How can I prevent this from happening.

  • desparate

    I need a girlfriend, but when ever i see a girl i never know what to say. i need help

  • marvin

    when you go to the mall you will face a lots of pretty girl just stand inside the mall and act like you are looking for some shop inside the mall you can start like that( sorry can you help me please ? im looking ETc ) with a smile and look at her eyes tenderly like you are in passion moment i believe the eyes has a magical power to send a message without a words she will notice you doing this in order to get too close if she react gently open a conversion really you are so kind these words will open the Alert in her Emotions for a second as the brains giving orders than keep on talkin forget the shop iam sure she will be pleased with your nice words i succeed with that , ciao

  • marvin

    once i met a girl at mega store shes was put her head phone i stand beside her also i did the same and i look at her cds i said that i like so much that singer and i said i like this song and that song she was so happy because she loves him too much i was so surprised when she was more interested in me i said i got a good luck from subject to another subject we walked together and we exchanged phone numbers remember don’t send any sms in the same day she will feel you are Sticker or boring take 2 days and than send her sms or call her be polite with your words because they keep thinking you might following her.

  • marvin

    hey usually the girls loves the smiley face and you have to be more confident and forget all the negatives thoughts show your interest and your respect at the same time , when you approach the girl say hi i did that several times and its works !you can start with nice words you look familiar do i know ? i have seen that face before be sure she already knew you doing this in order to meet her :)at this moment introduce your self and start to open a conversion like you know her from a very long time don’t feel panic keep smiling and listen to her conversation with interest and they would love that prove that you care and you are sensitive and courage they adore this type of guys , don’t ever show up !! just be your self also if you use a nice perfume dolce & gabbana for example will leave so much effects , i met so much girls i consider my self so lucky beautiful even from KSA beautiful life gd luck

  • Sumit

    I really like a girl who is about the same age. I have indirectly said that i like her. One day her brother also asked me if i like her but that was long back. I think she a boyfriend now. she used to live in India but now she has shifted to US. I tried to reach her through mail but she never responses to my email. I don’t know what to do. one thing i know is that i like that girl very much and can do anything for her. I just want her to be mine. could u plz help me. I met this girl at a sports club. she is not in my school.

  • Haikal

    Hi. I have never had a relationship before. Not that it is important but every day when i look at the other couples i start to get jealous because all the girls i fell for never shared the same feelings as i did for them . I try to talk to them but i get pushed away . When i meet them my mind goes blank thinking what i should say? Whats next? Just thinking that i would do something wrong just keeps me quiet So what should I do? What do the girls want?

  • Jack

    It s a girl in my school I like her so much and probably she likes me but i m not sure she likes me to be her friend or she see me as a potential boyfriend, when I talk with her and I see her my mind stop working and I don`t know what to say. Also her bestfriend might like me. p.s. girls find me attractive but i need some help in communication.

  • Neal

    hey, what do you do if you are naturally funny, but get rejected by girls before you can even start to get to know them? Does it mean I’m just hopeless? Or that I am completely non-attractive?

  • bob

    I need help getting a girlfriend. anyone?

  • jack

    There’s a girl at club i go to, I’ve spoken to her quite a bit and i really like her, i was thinking of asking her on a date, however is it too early (I’ve known her for about 1 month and a half) and also what type of date should i do (i was thinking of cinema, is that too cliche though.)

  • Ryan

    There’s this girl I really like but I’m not quite sure about how to get her to talk to me or get to know her or anything and I kinda shy so what should I do?

  • chad

    hey i don’t drive and don’t have a car, is that gonna keep me from being able to get a girl? Its kinda hard to go on any real “dates” if you don’t drive. I don’t know, any advice?

  • christian albertson

    ok, i found a girl that i like, and apparently she likes me back. the problem is that she doesn’t believe in dating at our age! that is when i got stuck and no where to go

  • andy

    i like this girl and she knows i like her. I found out the other day that my friend is going out with her. I have strong feelings for her and don’t know what to do. I really like her but he is my friend. What do i do?

  • the one who is lost

    Hi i just wanted some help. I have a friend and i know her, but a strange thing that i have started liking her. I have never talked to girls and now i am in college, i just talk with her and she already has a boyfriend. When i heard this my heart broken and I started crying. The only girl i liked, please help me!

  • some guy

    theres this girl i have a BIG crush on at school and i always say the wrong things to her please any help

  • greg

    amyas lee,

    I’m pretty much in the same situation you are…

    Don’t dwell on it dude, we’ll get through this

  • dan

    Yeah, a bit of advice for all of you. Don’t come on too hard. Find a girl who you think is hot, and talk to her. Make sure you relax, crack a few jokes, and be in control.

    If it doesn’t turn out too well, or she doesn’t like you, then you’ve got the wrong girl guys. If you don’t click, then find someone else. It won’t work .

    One of the biggest mistakes is for people to concentrate on this ONE chick, and forget about the 3 billion others in the world.

    My advice for you guys who REALLY want to get a girlfriend.

    Talk to some girls. Be relaxed, but don’t get stuck in the ‘friend zone’. Know that you want to get with this girl, and make sure that you are in control of the situation.

    Also, don’t retreat into your ‘personal shell’. This is something that holds back a HEAP of guys. Whenever you feel it kicking in, do the opposite of whatever it tells you to do. Trust me on this one…

    Thanks guys, and good luck getting with that perfect girl!

  • Mike

    I have tried so many things and i still cant get a girlfriend and i think i might be getting desperate. I don’t know if that’s good or not.

  • zak

    yes I’ve read all the books and read other peoples responses about getting girls but i have all i need to get a girl friend but every time i go ask out a girl she says something that changes the way i was going to ask her so now I’m standing there looking a dummy in front of her friends and I’m faced with just walking away do you have any good ideas to help me from getting stumped in front of beautiful girls

  • Dan

    i asked this girl out, and she said no. i was completely down for months, and i think she knows. should i ask her again?

  • Jamie

    There’s this girl i cant take my mind off, we have known each other not for the best part of a year. I have told her i really like her and asked her if she would be me girlfriend, she told me that she thinks I’m a really sweet boy but she is still in love with her old boyfriend. I felt so depressed but i told her that she deserves to be happy and to do what she feels is the right thing to do. she has been single now for about 3-4months, I still really like this girl and i don’t want to give up but i also don’t know what to do. can you help me

  • Lester

    There is this girl on my street that i really like, I think she is my age group. I don’t think she knows me,i have only talk to her like once, when i asked her of somebody. I see her with guys with cars. I don’t have a car, and don’t think my finance weigh up to those guys. This makes me scared to approach her. How do i go about this. Please i need advice from anyone.

  • trey

    i read David’s book and it has some interesting content that will help with any relationship, read this book for the best results with girls girls you really want to date

  • Nick

    also kevin if shes in one of your classes then see if she glances at you then you look at her and she looks away really quickly and blushes then she most likly likes you (or shes a good actress and is just playing with you)

  • Nick

    hey Kevin, you say that chick you like is avoiding you, well maybe she is shy and she likes you, who knows. try asking her a question like if she’s seen a certin movie and ask what its like because you were interested in it, and pick a movie you think she might of watched. Then go on from there.

  • me

    There’s this girl who asked me out but my best friend fancied her so i said no. Now my best friend doesn’t fancy her and i want to go out with her but i don’t know what to say. Should i tell her why i didn’t go out with her in the first place or should i just asked her out??? Please help me!!

  • Kevin

    There’s this chick i like in school and she kind doesn’t seems to talk to me much. I say hi to her but what ever i do she seems just to ignore me or avoid me i don’t do anything weird I’m just normal and i really need help. Oh and there this other chick we like each other but she already has a boyfriend please help!

  • martin red

    kyle, I’m afraid to say and i don’t mean it offensively but it sounds like you’re a lady-boy. You don’t seem to give the impression that u want to be with these girls. You may have become a ‘safe boy’ for the girls to hang around with. this is a bad position to be in!!!!

  • Kyle

    About half of my friends are chicks and I’ve never even made out, it feels horrible always( often ) hanging out with hot chicks and know that more than half of them are like sleeping all around. The thing is their close friends and even if i could i wouldn’t date them. I just don’t have the same idea of what dating or being in a relationship is meant to be like I’ve had lots of opportunities and i party every single weekend.

  • chris

    to amyas leigh: what it comes down 2 is that you have one girl that u cant stop thinking about in your heart. “deeply loving someone gives you courage where being deeply loved gives you strength” a little quote. guys have a natural sense to women, like i got my green-haired goddess cause i was attuned to her emotions.

  • Amyas Leigh

    I’m that kind of guy who enjoys literature and very little socializing, mostly because of how nervous I can get in a social situation. I embarass easily because of this and it shows in weired ways sometimes. Like say, a girl comes up to me and speaks to me but I can’t even answer… I mean I can, I just immediatly go into a negative state of mind where I am so self consious of everything I say and do that I just go silent. There are more than a few girls I know that like me (I think anyway, otherwise they wouldn’t try to be around me so often or maybe there is just something wrong with me) but in my negative mind set I think; No she could never like a guy like me, heck I’m not all that handsome or athletic or intelligent, what could she possibly see in me? I’m still in school and I vowed that I would’nt graduate high school without having had a girlfreind at least once… but now I see that slipping away with each day that passes and it makes me wonder: how the heck would I go about doing that in the real world without the experience that most guys get in middle school? does anyone have any suggestions for a guy like me

  • Guauvi

    a lot of girls reckon im hot, but it seems to me that girls dont actually like guys who are shy and sensitive but prefer guys who are complete jerks. the bad thing is, that im shy so i cant even talk back to them. this makes it a lot harder to tell a girl i like her, what should i say to a girl? im juz asking ccos i dont wannna make a fool of myself

  • Robbie

    she knows i like her and i think she is a little embarrassed should i ask her out now or wait until she has come to term about my feelings for her?

  • Driver

    You shared a lot of great information in a short and to-the-point article. I really agree with finding a girl you’re compatible with, because most inexperienced guys settle for just any girl that isn’t bad looking. And they end up unhappy in an unhealthy relationship. Putting up with a lot of BS because you’re afraid of being alone isn’t right! There are millions of girls in this world and there’s no reason to stay with one that makes your life miserable. So don’t be shy or afraid to dismiss the girls that don’t really make you happy!

  • mohammad

    there is this girl i like and she is a year younger than me. I really like her and want to ask her out. But i am plain old scared u know. Plus the girl knows i like her.

  • roberto

    i never had a personal life. and never ever dated or never had a girlfriend. i mean i had problems. now i work and there are like 100 nice girls and im only boy with 50 of them. the problem is i like a couple of them and this one i realy like.but i dont feal eny atraction. i think she likes me but i dont know for do you do it ? it seams very bad. im 25 and im doomed to live alone all me life.

  • Alex

    Hasil! first of all do you like a girl? yes? then first get to know her well, be her friend but attention!! if you become a really close friend it´s going to be damn hard to make her your girlfriend (i know by experience…) well show her your best qualities but don´t brag about them all the time let her see them by herself, don´t worry if you´re not really hot but you can use some style (you need to learn on your own), never and i mean ever be rude to her or curse really bad (she isn’t a guy, and that’s a common mistake), take her to dinners and party. (note:ask her first if she wants to go out alone with you if she does you almost nailed her if not…work it a little more but still take her out heaven with her friends. and by the way if her friends like you, not love you, they will talk with her and tell things like “he´s cute…” or “he´s funny…” and crap like that)
    if you got a first date congratulations, you´re few steps of having a girlfriend, note:do not kiss her in the first date unless you´re 100% sure she wants and you´re 100% sure you can handle it. Did it already? then go waste some time having fun with your girlfriend if you know what i mean….

  • Hasil

    i want a beautiful girl friend can u help me get one