Experiential Gifts Create a Can-Do Spirit

It can be climbing Machu Picchu or an “I owe you” for an adventure to the zoo, “activity gifts” that one does instead of throws back into a closet are quickly becoming a favourite of buyers. Americans are now spending more than $250 million dollars per year on experiential gifts, according to Jupiter Research Labs, and the appeal is crystal clear: Memories last way longer than a powerful or digital frame.

The last 6 years have seen a shift from goods to experiential gifts, claims Chris Carbone of Social Technologies, a Washington D.C. firm that examines consumer trends. “We’ve had enough misleading information in politics and reality TV shows”, he explains. “In our personal lives, we’re looking for something that’s more real and genuine. We want experiences that are real”

They say it’s all about creating the connection!

Here is the full original article that appeared in the Washington Post on Dec 14 2007.