Step by Step: How To Be The Man That Women Desire


We’ve all seen the movies with The Man in it. I’m talking about the James Bonds, the Clint Eastwoods and the Indiana Jones. The hero of the story always seems to be the person we want to be – suave, confident and always having that witty response to get the woman. It is not that difficult to become The Man yourself. For those of you who have wondered about how to be the man that women desire, these are the qualities that every desirable man possesses.

Being A Real Man

What separates the men from the rest of the pack is just how big your balls are. Not literally of course but just how much pressure you can stand from outside forces without buckling. A real man is unapologetic about his desires. He wants women and he isn’t afraid of them knowing that.

How many times have you pretended not to be interested in a woman when really you were, for fear of “changing the relationship the two of you have” or for some other absurd reason? Never be afraid that the dynamic will be changed by your open desire for women. Your desire for women should not be something you are ashamed of and try to hide or cover up. You’re a man and you are inherently attracted to women. What a life changing revelation, eh?

desirable man to women

Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

In the same vein, a real man always takes responsibility for his actions. Everything that happens, happens as a result of your actions. If you don’t like your current situation, well, you created it and it’s your task to change it. Think this – Everything is your fault. I don’t tell you this to try and make you depressed or to try and shift blame on you. Quite the contrary – once you accept this fact, you will find yourself totally in control of your life and fully liberated. If everything is your fault, then you have the ability to change any situation you find yourself in. Now that’s empowering.

Be a leader

Women aren’t looking for someone who’s constantly looking to them as to what to do. Know what you want and where you want to go and take your woman along for the ride. As a man, it is your duty to lead women. Don’t simply turn up for a date or a meeting, hoping to figure things out on the fly – actually spend some time deciding what it is you want to do to have fun and then allow women to accompany you on your adventure to enhance it for both of you. Women aren’t going to do something they don’t want to do, and they will tell you if the direction you are leading them is not one they want to go. If they don’t argue against your plans, assume that they are as into it as you are. Don’t be afraid that they’re not going to like it – if they like you, they will want to learn about what you like. This is how you get a girl to like you.

Be strong for your woman.

You must be the dependable constant in their life, the rock around which the chaotic storm travels. If a woman knows that you are dependable and strong enough to trust, they will surrender themselves to you. However, before that can happen, they must know that you are strong enough to trust and will test you. Women aren’t actively being bitches when they try and put you on the spot or try and freeze you out. They need to know that if they are your partner, you can protect them from the big bad world. If one cold woman can turn you into a stuttering, nervous wreck, how can she trust you to protect her from everything else out there? A rock is unaffected by its environment and in this same way, you cannot allow your environment to affect you. Regardless of what goes on around you, you will always be the same person and act the same way.

Be Proud

By design of fate that gave you that extra Y-chromosome, you are a man. Physically you have the equipment, the voice and perhaps even the body. Well, now it’s time you started to act like one.

Make your way through this world with purpose and without apology. You have direction and desires and those that attach themselves to your life are there to enhance it while experiencing the great adventure that is your life. You are a man – be proud of your masculinity. That’s the man that women desire.