I originally wrote this in 2010 and it turns out that it has become one of the most copied pieces on first date tips on the Internet. Striving to be original, I decided to re-write and update some of the tips… so they are even better than before. First date tips The first thing when going on a date is: Don’t worry about it too much, if you screw up a date, there are always more girls. By definition, if it’s the first date, then you don’t have that much invested! So make it light, easy and fun.

Stack the odds on your side

You can easily place the odds in your favor by making sure that you’re in a comfortable environment and doing an activity that you’re good at. (Read how to make a girl feel comfortable)

For instance, If you’ve never tried surfing before, it might not the best idea to try it on a first date. It is however, perfectly acceptable to have your date try something new for the first time. This has two benefits, first it naturally demonstrates that you are a leader and subsequently, you can be a little more relaxed which is another attractive quality.

Make it unique to the girl

A great date will be personalized to her. During the pre-date contact you have had with the girl, you usually can piece a little information about her. Use the little bits that you know about her and apply it to the date. If the date feels generic, then it won’t be special. (In other words, don’t go to the movies!)

Even in Dates, Practice Makes Perfect

If you are single and going on many ‘first dates’, then it can be a good idea to establish a ‘favorite date’ routine. For example, if there’s a zoo nearby and you’ve been on 2 dates at the zoo in the past week, then you’ll pretty much know exactly what to do, what to say, where to go. Practice makes perfect, even in dates! It might be repetitive for you, but unless you tell her (and don’t!), she won’t know you’ve been on that same date ‘route’ 2-3 times before. That’s why tour guides seem to fun and charismatic, they’ve done it a million times!

Demonstrate Leader-like Qualities

During the date, make sure to lead the way. In nature, the male tends to be dominant and lead (For most species at least!). You can either think of it as a burden or as a privilege, but it’s much more enjoyable to think of it as a privilege. So suggest activities, lead the way towards things that you want to do. If she doesn’t want to, she’ll object and from there, you can both agree on something.

The last cliche of Being Yourself On The Date

When they say be yourself… they actually mean be your best self. If you’re going to show a side of yourself on a date, then mind as well show her the good side of you! Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to show her the lesser sides of you later on. While you’re on the date, she wants to see your dominant playful side! Go in with a smile and have fun. If the fun is hiding in there somewhere, bring it out.

Keep these first date tips in mind and you’ll be better prepared to have a great time. As usual, if you’re looking for ways to spark massive attraction during the date, I would recommend reading the book Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo.

He presents ways to turn any normal date (and that’s how most guys date) into a hot adventure you’ll never forget.


    first date try to go to her house at night. if you want to get laid. flirt with her a little kiss her and play around with her. then after messing around a couple ask her if she wants to have sex. if she says no ask her why not? she will then give you an answer when shes done talking tell her i have condoms she will then say ok. most of the time like 9/10 it works like. you dont need to do all kinds of good guy things just be a man and ask for what you want and you will get it trust me

  • Nicolice

    Hey mathew so true but dont be 2 open aboutt everytin and chris calo ur number four can come across as sexist 1 big thing is let her choose u just make sure u truly love her and at the end to make her feel special just drive 2 a park (only if its gettin dark out and u can see the stars) lay in the grass next to her and compare her beauty to the nite sky look over at her (if she doesnt look at u try another compliment) move a strand of hair from her face and say “ur more beautifull than any star in the sky”lean in slowly and kiss her (no tongue though its only the first date)

    hope it helped ur friend

  • matthew

    David, if you think she loves somebody else then ask her. remember truth is important and you need to find out otherise it will trouble you. And the relationship cant go anywhere without trust.

  • David

    What if my Girlfriend is loving someone else, what should i do

  • khalil

    i read this and follow rules i feel best Date in My life & off couese her also thanks

  • Jamal Brooklyn

    All my first dates are the best. the first date must be speacial, something they will remember. i usually take my date to a concert, a nba game, a festival or Amusement park . somewhere we can spend a lot of time talking and having fun.