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If you’re one of those guys that wants to know how to make a girl happy because you want her to like you in return, then stop right here. Making a girl happy will not make her like you, but once she likes you, making her happy is a great way to keep your relationship going strong. So this article is dedicated to those already in a relationship, not to those trying to pick up girls, that’s another read.

You Must Be Happy With Yourself First

Happiness is contagious, and if you have a good life, your energy will affect people around you in a positive way. To understand, let’s look at the opposite. Have you ever been around someone who was really depressed? This person might have started to talk to you in a low tone, telling you about how bad their life was, and then you suddenly start to sympathize and tell them how bad your life is in return. Soon enough, you’re BOTH depressed! Well, the same applies to happiness, if you’re excited about a project you’re working on, or even about something as simple as a sunny day, it will be contagious. People LOVE being around people who are happy. Its addictive and attractive. Read how to make a girl fall in love with you for more on this.

It’s all about the little things

The second principle is that is that its all about the little things. A small surprise note, a random short email, anything unexpected and SMALL will go a long way to making a girl very happy. Its the little things that matter the most in life. Big things on the other hand rarely have the same effect. Buying someone a car will make them feel like they owe you, or like you’re trying to buy them something. On the other hand, leaving them a small note that simply says “hi I’m thinking of you” ( don’t actually write that ) will make them feel special. Again, its important to keep the first concept in mind, when you do small things, make sure it makes YOU happy as well. If you *hate* a DVD, don’t rent it because she likes it and then be miserable as you both watch it. On the other hand, if you wouldn’t mind watching it, and she really wants to, then you can surprise her with it. Now don’t go overboard with this, just in case, you should check out our take on what women want from men.

The small things make us happy

To wrap it up, be happy first and others will follow. Afterwards, keep in mind its the small things in life that affect us, not the big things. One of the small things you could do today in order to learn how to make a girl happy is to read up on what really attracts women. Think about it, what women really want is to be massively attracted to the guy of their dream. Wouldn’t you be happy if you were really attracted to the woman of your dreams? I know I am. If you’re looking on how to become that person, how you can create massive attraction and truly be happy in life, then I strongly recommend you read Double Your Dating by David Deangelo.

He knows exactly what triggers happiness in girls and can teach you much more in depth in his book than I ever could in a few paragraphs, which explains why its currently the #1 ranked dating book.


    it’s really comfortable, so we thank you much for our lesson

  • zack woodall

    After i snuck out to go to a girls house we did somethinks and i told her i would not tell but i told my bestfriend bc i thought he would not tell anyone but he did and now she hates me and will not ever talk to me and she even blocked me for facebook so wat do I do

  • zack woodall

    It happened to me to it suck.Even when u say that u love them every much

  • orseborne

    u broke her heart boy so pliz stop doing that tho if u cry for her she ll neva forgive you just look to another girls there many in the world

  • John

    how do i handle my girl friend to maintain my relationship with her ?

  • Jeb

    Hmm… i hope i can get more idea in this site 😀
    cuz i want my girlfriend happy!!! and more more happy!!!

    but in our relationship wee both happy…
    but my big problem is here family i don’t know if they like me what i am….
    Do you have some idea how the parents of my girlfriend accept me?

  • dan

    haha. this has happened to me, but never again

  • shaunat

    my girl broke up with me about 6 months back and she says she loves other guy but i need her desperately.she started talking to me recently but her approach is totally negative towards me and don’t even want to listen what i want to say?i want her back in any way and i just have 4 months time with me.please help me friends?

  • venkat

    my gf loves me bt she refused to love me now bcoz it may create problems in future , we both r of different caste .idont want to lose her wat i have todo give me some tips

  • Alen

    Nick I had a similar situation, but She just hurt me too much I ended up leaving her in the end because I realised I don’t want to spend my life feeling miserable with a girl who is so selfish all the time and well quite frankly doesn’t cut it.

  • Nick

    Making my girl happy is the easy part. I tend to all her needs and wants. Basically I give most of my time and life to her, but i question myself if I’m happy. Seeing her smile and just making her happy makes me feel good. But doing it to where im not being happy anymore starts to wear me down. She asks and wants too much (material things,go places,do things for her, etc) and i mostly give in to it. I do tell her when shes going to far, but then she makes me feel a guilt or she becomes sad and plays the “im a bad girlfriend, you should leave me, etc” role. I hide away most of my feelings from her and just show her that i love her. I dont want to tell her my wants or needs because I dont want to depend on her. Although when i do, she most of the time fails and start to resent herself. She gives me the “love” that i need, but i want to be happy also. To tell you the truth, she tries to treat me right, but most of the time she treats me horribly. I dont tell her much because i love her too much. Im just in pain and dont want to give her up. Someone please set me straight.

  • Emily

    Okay, so I don’t know how much this guy liked the girl who was putting the makeup on him but I happen to have put monster makeup on nearly every boyfriend I’ve ever had for Halloween and never thought less of any of them for it. It gave me a way to express my creativity and it made them happy because I made them look really cool.

    Obviously, the video is a different situation. But I think you ought to give both the guy and the makeup “artist” a break. It looks like they were both having fun. He wasn’t as wussy and she wasn’t as overbearing as some are making them out to be. But I would agree with the other tips on this site. Small things like little surprises and notes are what make me feel like my boyfriend cares about me. Also, good conversation is a must. I like a guy who can listen and talk equally well.

  • Anonymous

    Well it ain’t bad. The tips are great I’m sure it’ll help me.

  • don.clindy

    I am very grateful with all the tips of keeping a woman or a lover happy all the time but one thing is that some women whatever you do they don’t actually appreciate, as you are trying to keep them happy they go to the extent of referring you to what had happen earlier in the relationship which have already apologize so in this case what are suppose to do?

  • usman

    ok guys, i see your having problems, the best thing to do is, go to your girl friend, tell your really sorry, you’ve been a jerk, and you want to start again.

    If that doesn’t help, then, tough luck guys.

  • thedude

    i think one of the best ways to make her happy is to enjoy time spent together…maybe she might be thinking if you’re a bit uptight during dates and didnt enjoy…thats a sign of breaking up….

  • michael

    My girlfriend is losing interest in me but i love her to death and we are going good but like she doesn’t want to act like one I don’t know if shes just losing interest or just like getting whatever with me. I don’t want to lose her i love her and i just need to have some tips on how to just get her interested like we use to can u help me ;[?

  • Chibuike

    I’ve been having problems with my girlfriend lately. After i have make love with her, I get the feeling that something is wrong. I asked her why and she told me she isn’t supposed to do these things because she is a Christian. I have promise her to join her but she is still behaving weirdly with me somehow. Please i love her and i don’t wont to lose her tell me what to do.

  • unathi

    u no what….. women want a man to be everything and to expect very little in return, hence they need to feel that they come first especially in their mans life

  • weilei

    Hello, my gf broke up with me on monday. And now i want to win her back. But i stop her from going to night club and stuffs because i hate my gf to visit such places. And now, no matter how much i do. she still dont know what she really want. Between me and her life. Can you tell me what to do? I took care of her when shes sick. Afterall, i did what i suppose to do. Please, tell me what to do.

  • harold

    all of u sudden my gf of 2yrs seems to lose all her love to me. and also she starts scolding and screaming at me..i ask if she have a new man..i denied.. what shall i do???????

  • kudo

    I am going home for the first time from college, before I left I broke up with my girlfriend and want to go home and want to win her over, whit out seeming needy or available. I don’t know what to do about initiating hanging out with her and I want to be with her without her rejecting me since we broke up. Most important I do not want to fall in to the friend zone.

  • Lester Koh

    how can i make my ex-Gf Happy…?
    and i’m very sorry to her..
    i even apolagize..
    but all this no use at all…
    i even say a thousand sorry..
    but she not even forgive me..

  • Hami

    Well said , and i definately agree with the NOT TO which is shown in video. Dont let anyone insult you if she is the one u love and it thats makes her happy re-evaluate the situation. Maybe you will go on saying if thats make her happy its ok for me coz i love her soo much … Reality check it does makes her happy on cost of ur self respect.