Top Girl Tips That Will Save You From A Lot Of Pain


Over the years I have stumbled upon a lot of girl tips with a lot of fluff and no substance. Often the same rehashed few pieces of advice are borderline useless, if not completely wrong.

Here I promise to cut the fat and present you the tips you’ll appreciate when interacting with women.

Be genuine in what you say, they’ll always know.

This is probably the hardest thing for people in our society to do. Everyone’s worried about image that they forget about being themselves and speaking their mind. In our fake plastic world, women CRAVE something real to hold on to.

Girl advice

Happiness is contagious, be happy.

Want your woman to be happy? Be happy yourself.
Don’t gloat about your happiness, or even talk about.. just BE IT. Like yawning, happyness is contagious and will make people happy to be around you.

Always grow, but grow in the same direction as your partner.

People change, and that’s good! You should evolve and constantly be improving yourself as well. It’s these small improvements that make us proud of who we are which is a very attractive trait to posses. If you already have a girlfriend (or if you want one, read how to get a girlfriend), or a wife, make sure you grow together in the same direction for a long lasting, happy relationship.

Girls like to play

In every sense of the word, girls like to play. Sitting down on a chair for a 2 hour dinner is NOT fun. It’s much more fun to wrestle each other playfully. Try to get into the habit of playing more often and have less ‘boring life moments’.

Have a social life!

Girls are by nature very social creatures and social circles are very important to them. I once heard of a girl that stayed with her boyfriend for 2 years just because she liked his friends. Breaking up with him meant that she wouldn’t get to hang out with them anymore, so she stayed with him mainly because of the friends.

A man that has a good social circle will always be more successful than one who is lonely. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Now one of the final and the most important of all girl tips is a trick that allows you to know EXACTLY when a girl is ready to be kissed. Using this trick, you’ll always move in at the right moment for the kiss. I found this tip in one of the most influential books of my life, Double Your Dating, which is a highly recommend read for anyone that really wants to know how to attract women and have them fall in love with you.

Knowing what I know now, if I had to start all over, then that’s where I would start.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are your best girl game tips?

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Status: Married, 5 years

1) Recognize early that which is changeable vs. what is not and likewise what is important and what is not. You know those house hunters who say things like, "I love the place! It's got great lines, the neighborhood is perfect and the price is just right. But the wall color- UGH!" That is how girls who say, "He's so funny and cute but he wore CARGO SHORTS!!" sound to me. Changing a young, straight man's style is easy. Changing his religion, plans for kids or ideas of where he wants to make a home is not.

2) Make his life better. He should feel more confident around you and after hanging out with you. He should feel funny and smart. He should feel attractive. What are you doing to make him think, "My life is better than before we started hanging out..."

3) Never critique him in front of other people and don't talk badly about him to others when he's not there. You two will make up and you'll feel warm fuzzies about him shortly, other people will not and they will remind you of it.

4) Okay so you NEED to vent? Pick a confidante. This is the only person you are allowed to vent to and just because you can doesn't mean you should. Mine is my mom. She would never bash my husband to me. She would never take my side and call him names. She will listen and give me advice on how I can move forward if I request it. Don't have someone like that? Get a therapist.

5) TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTANT THINGS BEFORE YOU FALL IN LOVE!!! Once you fall in love, you'll think things that you've always wanted/wanted to avoid aren't important. THEY ARE. Do you both want kids? Will those kids be raised in a church? Do you want to live in a big city now or forever? Do you have an ailing parent you need to care for in the next 2 years? Does he? Does he have a very young foster brother with special needs and 75 year parents? Guess what you need to be cool with? Oh it's uncomfortable? SHUT UP AND TALK ABOUT IT, YOU IDIOT!!

Best tips for guys learning how to approach girls?

Me 10 years ago: neg this, charm that, dress this way, bring her here, bring her there.

Me now: Before you even attempt. Look yourself In the mirror and ask yourself if you truly deserve her.

Do you have chemistry? Does she respond to you with her body language? Does she honestly have a good time with you?

If the answers are all yes then:

Be polite. Be honest with your intentions and up front with your motives. Ask her out. Don’t try too hard to have a good time. Laugh. Smile. Give her space. Make it about her. Attune yourself to her moods and vibe so you can assess when to take the next steps.

What are your tips for asking a girl out?

Use the word DATE unless you want to always wonder if she thinks its a date or just a hang out. End the confusion before it begins.
Have a specific time and date in mind. Don't just leave it out there. "Hey, I'd like to take you on a date to {place} this Friday. It'll be fun!"

Tips on how to seduce a guy when you're a girl?

I am warning everyone to act civil and don't be a snarky idiot. Please keep your responses directly related valid PUA-related principles and practices.