When men try to list what attracts women to men, they usually mention looks, money and power. Those things help, but as we will see, there exists many more powerful traits that will attract women. The same thing applies to men, who in general will be attracted to a seductive smile, good body language (posture) and signs of healthy genes.

Women Are Perceptive

In general, women are much more perceptive and search out for personality more than just good looks. This is fortunate for most men because, let’s face it, we’re kind of rough looking. However, rough is good, it alludes to strength and reliability… it shows that you care more important things than looks. So if you look rough, that’s fine. Just don’t look like a pansy.

Attraction Chart

Attractive Body Language

According to studies, upwards of 90% of communication is non-verbal and is done through body language. This is why you must have good body language if you are to attract women. So how do you get good body language?

Well, you could fake it for a little while… sit up straight. No… not THAT straight, you don’t want to look like a stick. Shoulders back as if a 90km/h wind was pushing you. Head up! Make sure your head is UP ! If you’re doing all this right now, chances are you are as tense as a pole. The key to attractive body language is to be relaxed all while having good posture.

Stop faking attractive traits

Now does this seem difficult ? Well it is… and its really not supposed to be. The reason its difficult for many people is because you are faking it! So the solution? Don’t fake it ! Our bodies are naturally prone to take this position when are muscles are exercised properly. Go bench press weights for an hour, workout your shoulders by doing rows and do 20 minutes of abs. Your body will naturally take a very attractive posture and you won’t have to think about it. Humans were never intended to think about body language and I strongly recommend you don’t. Work out once a day and that will solve itself. Here’s an exhaustive list of the top 100 things that attract women to men.

Social Status

The second thing that attracts women is the social status of the man. How valuable is he to society, to his friends, to his family, to the human population in general? Its no surprise that someone who is valuable will be attractive to others. That’s almost the definition of the word! But how do we define value?

That depends on the individual. For some women, a powerful man who overlooks others is attractive. Others prefer a man that is loved by all his friends. Some women, actually… a LOT of women are attracted to rock stars because they are seen as valuable by tons of other competing women. What attracts women might vary a little, but the fundamentals of value still apply.

The concept of value is all relative

An nomad tribe will have an individual seen as more valuable than others, and he will be more desirable. In our modern culture, the boss, or CEO of a company is seen as valuable. Presidents are also seen as valuable, as Clinton clearly illustrated. The big problem that guys run into is that they try to fake value. They try to impress women by TELLING them they have value, “Look at my car”, “I do this and this”, “I’m important because”, etc. This is counter-productive. Trying to prove that you have value just makes you less valuable.

Gaining Value

In order to gain value and ultimately attract women, you must do so naturally. Accomplish something! Be occupied with your life. Set goals and achieve them. When you look back on your life, think: “Would I want to date myself?”. If you’re proud of yourself, then you are valuable. People who are valuable don’t need to tell others that they are, it shows. Being valuable can go from getting the highest grade in the class (yes, women like smart men) to taking pride in having the nicest garden. I’m taking a really wild example here… but if you are really passionate about gardens and you spend all day perfecting your garden, then at the end of the day you will glow of pride and confidence. This makes you valuable, to yourself. Feeling valuable leads to others finding you valuable and consequently attractive as well.

Women Love Good Energy

Lastly, women respond to energy, laughter and honesty. Energy is contagious, and it sparks (literally) interest. If you are genuinely happy with life, and are excited to live it with her, then that in itself will be attractive. People want to be where the action is, they want to live their life to the fullest. This might be spontaneity one night, and a passionate night the next. If you’re where the party is at, then people will want to join you.

If you are a funny man, then you are definitely one step closer to being successful at attracting all kinds of women. Who doesn’t to laugh ? Hell, there are some guys I would want to date just because they are fun to be around, just as long as I get to be the big spoon. Laughter comes from not taking things too seriously, from teasing, from saying inappropriate things or exaggerating scenarios and stories. A funny man is considered to be ‘quick’, and strangely enough, cardiovascular activity increases the ‘sharpness’ of the mind. So does reading novels. So pick up a book, go for a jog, watch some funny videos and you’ll be set.

Honesty Attracts Women

The last, and most difficult thing to find in a human being is honesty. Women are extremely attracted to genuine men. What attracts women more to one guy over another is the fact that she can trust him to be authentic and real with her. If you don’t fake your life, and tell it how it is, then this is the most attractive asset you can have. The reason is that people who are genuine are comfortable to be around with. Being genuine shows that you have fully accepted yourself and that you are proud to be who you are. If you dislike something, then say it! Chances are the other person is feeling the same thing as well. One of the most attractive things is seeing someone genuinely excited about something, its contagious and people will want to be with you to share your level of enthusiasm. Be genuinely excited about your life, its the only one you have.

  • Frost

    I think that these ideas are very helpful to some but not as much to others. I do believe the Honesty one though.
    But for me based off of my experiences most of these don’t work. I am a pretty energetic person and my friends enjoy being around me because I am energetic, funny and outgoing. Some of my friends and I actually formed a Band and we’ve played in a few small music clubs and festivals but it seems that my buddies are luckier with the ladies than I am. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong but perhaps this information doesn’t also work well for everybody. But Obviously based on the comments it has helped people a lot and I think that’s great! It’s nice to know that some other guys got something out of it!

  • The Absolute Truth

    with much more women that are gay today, it is much harder for us straight guys that are seriously looking to meet a good one nowadays.

  • Dave

    Great post, some real gems in here I hadnt thought about. Thankyou.

  • kalyan chettri

    Sounds pretty good. I have known guys who were not that quite interesting types, neither cool, nor good in academics or sports, just dumb and good as asses. But one thing they had which I lacked. Whenever they would meet girls, their postures and what you say body language used to lean towards girls, while we used to give a damn.
    Thanks. The site’s pretty cool. Explains a lot in few words, instead of always beating about the bush.

  • Smith

    Dre, just continue to be yourself. The old methods of ‘picking up women’ almost never results in a relationship of lasting quality. They right girl DOES come around, someone who will accept you for who you are, rather than some forced method of attraction. Not every woman desires a man with wealth, social prominence, or the like. That is what society and the media has us to believe. It is far more simple. Don’t change who you ARE, just work on being a better YOU.

  • dre

    Soo I have everything looks posture personality authority friends EVERYTHING but I suffer from extreme paranoia so the one part I have a problem with is honesty I make up things I do on the weekends nothing crazy or fun I just try to make my days seem busier then they are and I do it because realy their lame and for the most part I’m by myself I’ve always been a person who needs and wants quiet a bit of alone time but now I’m getting in my mid twenties and want a serious relationship what do you guys think I should do remember I almost need to be alone all day and I don’t like it but I just get extremely paranoid when theirs to many people around for along period of time and I dont know how to tell the girl that I want a relationship not just partying sex see ya tomorrow night but her to stay and not feal akward or think I’m a liar when she sticks around for a whole day and finds out all I realy do is jog by myself fish by myself just perty much do everything by my self so how should I let her know with out creeping her out or thinking I lie about everything

  • kan

    off course

  • Ivan Dyn

    Good advice. Men should start understanding women. It’s not about the looks and money. What is described above is a vey good representation of what is really attractive. However, for some men it is very hard to work on some of the above traits. The reason is that there are deeply rooted limiting beliefs that prevent us from feeling confident with women as described above.

  • brian

    this is B.S.

    if u ever TRY to make conversation or TRY to make eye contact or TRY to get a grls attention it will never work

    here is how u get a get a grl to like u if u think she is pretty. dont plan anything out just walk up to her and tell her exactly what u think


    thats it!!!!! its that easy!!!!!!!

  • Nadir Mir

    🙂 well a great help to people who might think of love but it mostly depends on “her” mood,, anything & anyone can get her away from you at any time,, simply a U.K. student visa costed me my gf who was just to be my wife,, 🙁

  • Pryce

    I thought I was the only out with problems but I’m not, it gives inspiration to countinue the fight, I just want to thank you guys, I don’t fell alone anymore. Thank you.

  • George

    This article beats around the bush of what women want. Women want someone loud and arrogant who will not take no for an answer. They want someone who is stuck up loud and has no manners. They want someone who will make lame snarky observations that do not make any sense upon a moments thought.

  • abhilash

    well good stuff i am in love and this site is of great help

  • kaysar

    hi guys. In my short life experience i have learnt that love has no rules and if there are any it violates them. sometimes a simple smile makes you fly over the high clouds, sometimes a simple act of neglect pushes you into fire. i still believe that something more powerful than value and body language is behind the whole story…

  • spike

    Like i said, I’ve been all that plus good looks… it didn’t amount to much

  • Vikram

    Good show.. this will definitely work..

  • kakani

    Can be useful to a very few but keep going all the best

  • mark calza

    dude we only live once so why hesitate to do it?

  • paul

    “Now the second thing that attracts women is the social status of the man” – this is a bunch of crap. Riding on a bicycle (even on an expensive one) or having a steady job as a programmer is totally unatractive to most women as they think you’re some kind of nerd or a curiosity of nature only to laugh about it. You also forgot to mention in this article about women who play attractive and are practically asking for a date (in my country we call them PITZIPOANCE, even in your country, you see them on television) or don-juan-men playing attractive with their looks and automobiles (we call them COCALARI) .. those kind of bipeds actually make me sick.
    I’ve met women attracted to so-called “safe guys” based on religious beliefs and common sense. Your book is not about humanity, it is about the “art” of becoming a sexual animal.
    In fact these materiels are the major problem we don’t have a normal social life, as everyone embrace those “teachings”. Along with television stupid propaganda about human relashionships.

  • Benjamin

    when i am sitting next to her i dont have nothing to say and she dont have nothing to say so we both just sit. so what should i do

  • Benjamin

    what should i talk about when i am sitting next to her?

  • Schant

    Yes, I find David’s products really above average. Very insightful. And this blog has nicely been worked on. Great post. Concords with the reality.

  • karthick

    hi todd i totally agree with your opinion mate.
    Women were just another kind of creatures in this planet came in due to evolution. What i feel is if men were alone then it would be awkward and boring so nature had planned in such a way and created women vice versa for women.
    We human beings due to the change is the harmones at the peak of adoloscence create a hype for the opposite sex.

  • Todd

    I’m one of those guys who has never been good at picking up women. I come across as awkward and sloppy about it and never been able to improve upon it.

    When I was younger, it was the women who were aggressive that approached me and picked me up and so forth but I never was a player and it shows in my actions.

    No since in trying to be a player when women can see right through it. So where does this leave me? Not sure.

    Women say I’m a nice guy but we all know women don’t want a nice guy. And to be honest I just gave up years ago on meeting a woman and just hang with friends now.

    I think it has to be said that some guys are never going to meet and keep a women. Some guys have to learn to accept this.

    I know I did……..

  • J.C.

    Dude…I’ve read a lot of things about seduction. However, unlike the others, this one makes sense. Most sites just put up random stuff that don’t make sense…but not this site. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the most helpful and 1 being the least…I’d give this info an 11.

  • mcrd

    first time i have heard someone say go out and make real positve changes in your life before you can expect to be successful with women. its true! women today feel that their sucsess in life is more important than attractiong a male. why would a girl get with a guy who is not going to help them acheive there goals. sounds bad but girls of substance today dont need men were just a plus. and if we are not working as hard in our lifes to get some where as them why do they want us around to hold them down

  • Brendon

    Thanks a lot! That was the most real information that i have read on this topic on the entire internet. It is exactly how it is and will definitely help me!

  • Damon

    The honesty and pride thing doesn’t work, I’ve been at it for years and have gotten no where. Why haven’t I changed my technique? Because I’m too proud to let ANYONE tell me I’m not their cup of tea. No, it doesn’t win me dates, but I am comfortable with who I am, whether that be with a nice lady or not.

  • Michael

    Have been a PUA in Uk for some time now. Most of what is said here is true, BUT it is not a science to all women. Most woman like the banter (cocky funny AS DD calls it) – being unavailable yet available can work, but some women and I say women NOT girls may not want to hear the crap and want someone genuine, it is all about guaging the situation, and guys you have to think on your feet and NOT be a robot that is majorly important – women see through this and dismiss you in seconds even though they may be politely talking to you, check the eyes, body language, touching, hair etc etc the list is endless, always know women are a bit ruthless in their selection, you must be too especially for the hotties. PUA like mystery cover pickup for girls in my opinion upto say 24 approx, womens mental process is far more been there done that now I want this, girls are exploring and testing far more!!!

  • nathaniel m.

    this actually works!

  • Mark K.

    You are such a genius. I have been trying your tips for the last 3 months and am realy doing well with women than before.thanks they realy work.

  • ayush

    ya, whatever has been said above makes lots of sense…. i think some instances have really taken place in my life..
    being more joyful and energitic is the most important thing..

  • dude

    thats the spirit Daniel

    just be yourself… i dont even know why girls like me.. im the type of person you call a “responsible a-$&ole”. i know when to be a badass and i know when to be good… balance

  • Daniel

    i think this is stupid, if you want to pick up a girl just wait for the eye connection, and then be yourself talk to her as if she was anyone, make her laugh, talk to her (conversationally), intrigue her, and your in
    if you cant do this, GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL

  • Alex =)

    dude i have a question, like i have this thing where the chick comes to me and i hate that, but i never find the “inspiration” to go hit on girls ha ha, am i turning gay?!??!?!?! naww just kidding, but damn how do i get back to caring about it ?

  • DSR

    wat u say is true, but these things have to come naturally, you cannot sit and read and try to apply in your life. what i mean to say is those who have girls have these qualities, and not vice versa.

  • kev c

    these are so true but yeah i am proof that the double your dating works it helped me pull a good amount of numbers and girls and a girlfriend. trust me it works.

  • Frank

    makes sense! I pinpointed a time in my life where all of this appllied! but I havent thought about it this way, thanks

  • normalgirl

    I agree with all your points. You have to be totally real and natural in order to attract the person you would like to be with. People should never settle for less and people should also try to become better themselves instead of just waiting for someone else (ask the question “would I date myself”… I like that one).

  • Noel

    Nice presentation. It’s funny how I was lead to this page after watching a David DeAngelo promotion for his body language techniques. If you’re right about the honesty thing, at least I have that in the bag.

  • mike

    I’m a write this stuff down cuz its 100 percent true

  • naveen

    nothing special or informative i received from this article. let me put according to my experience one can’t be never sure what exactly it takes to attracts women. it depends on time, situation,age factor and various other reasons.

  • K.KS.Dheepak Raj

    I am really amazed by the facts……..awesome

  • Chris

    Josh, do you have a cell phone? I think it’s pretty common for people to exchange numbers that way nowadays. If I didn’t have a mobile phone I’d carry around a pen and write it on top of my arm or hand. To me the paper might make your approach look planned.

  • Josh

    should i carry a piece of paper and pen so i can get her phone number and should i put my phone number down ? thank you

  • Bob

    Good post!