Solutions For How To Make Her Desire You


Know how they say that the path to a man’s heart leads through his stomach? Apart from that being true (I’m hungry again), you may still wonder what on Earth could be the path to a woman’s heart. It’s crucial! You just met this gorgeous woman, and you had the first date, and there’s a vibe, but where is the passion? The burning desire? That look she gets in her eyes when she feels it for you? You guessed it, it’s hiding within her, waiting for you to ignite it. Now think about this: when a woman cooks you your favorite meal, how does it appeal to your heart? It triggers your emotions. You feel all desired, loved and cared for inside. This is what you should do so she’ll desire you, too: appeal to her emotions, not – as men tend to do – to her brain.

Making yourself desirable

Before a woman can desire you, you have to be desirable. I’ll remind you of an old piece of wisdom here: people do not desire what’s readily available to them. You were never interested in that clingy chick with the low self-esteem in seventh grade, were you? The really amazing women flirt with you, give you coy smiles, but make themselves a hard catch at the same time. You can do the same: there’s nothing wrong with showing a woman you’re interested in her, but she’ll have to put in some effort to get closer to you. How do you establish that? Three suggestions:

desire in women

Validate your compliments

What’s a compliment worth if it’s all you give? You lavish her with them, and she’ll feel bored, possibly annoyed. That’s why David DeAngelo, among others, advocates mixing compliments with slightly negative feedback. Instead of only complimenting her on the color of her eyes, you may well tell her “I love your eyes… it’s too bad your your blouse doesn’t match!” with a challenging smile.

Exhibit social proof

Make male – and female! – friends that you can spend time with, and let others know that you have these amazing friends. If people enjoy being around you, you must be a cool person. This is also why it’s certainly not bad to have women around you: it will actually help you attract more. This is usually the easiest way to get girls to desire you.

Enjoy yourself

Positive vibes are attractive. A man who enjoys himself, who is happy about who and where he is, is naturally attractive. Don’t pretend to enjoy yourself for the sake of “becoming attractive”, but find genuine fun and passion in all your activities. When you are with or around a woman, and you feel comfortable and happy, it will show and rub off on her.

Desire breeds desire

They say “you reap what you’ve sown”, and it’s true: women like to be desired. The catch is: we’re talking about being desired by a strong, confident, charming, charismatic man. That’s why I taught you all the hoo-haa above. Now let’s get to the meat: once you’ve teased her and established your booty, show her your desire hers.

a) Eye contact: establish those little pauses where you just look into her eyes without saying anything. When you have some intimate thoughts while you do that, they will show, and you will trigger the same in her, especially after you establish some familiarity.

b) Glances: look at her eyes, then her lips, neck, and back. She will notice your glances wandering.

d) Give her the gift of missing you: another idea that David DeAngelo advocates. Never interact too long, don’t wear out your welcome. Quick dates during which you establish a great vibe before you “unfortunately have to go” will show that you have a life and leave her wanting more.

c) Simply say it: “I think you’re hot and I’m attracted to you.” Calling it as you feel it shows that you are in touch with your emotions, will make no excuses for them, and have the balls to voice them.

These are some indicators. They are far from exhaustive: the general idea, though, of how to make her desire you, is to be attractive on an emotional level. Get in touch with your emotions and live them, then communicate on that level with others. Think of emotionally or sexually charged stories to tell or quips to weave into a conversation and then spread them throughout your interaction with her. The key to getting women emotionally charged or sexually aroused, hence, getting her to desire you, is to steer her mind in that direction.