Solved: How To Read A Woman’s Mind (Sub-Conscious)


The greatest question. The eternal enigma. Men have asked this question throughout the ages but never have they managed to find an answer that pleases them. What do girls think about? It is a secret guarded jealously by the best players and ladies men, one that scientists have tried to crack for years. Now, I will give you all the tools that you will need to stun her and make her believe that you are so in tune with her that you are capable of almost reading her mind. Read closely gentlemen, because I am about to teach you how to read a woman’s mind.

The Easiest Way To Know What She’s Thinking

The simplest way to gain insight into someone’s mind is to ASK THEM. This might sound almost counter-intuitive to you – how will you ever read a woman’s mind if you simply ask her what she’s thinking? The secret to this is that women will forget that they ever told you these facts. It is human nature to forget what what we tell people and to retell important stories in our lives. After all, how many times have you noticed yourself saying the same things to the same people? If you wait a while before presenting it to the women you desire, they will be stunned as to how you ever managed to discover these facts about them.


Be a Little Sneaky…

Another great way to make her believe you’re reading her mind is to ask her friends. A girl’s friends are her closest confidantes and hold a vast store of knowledge on the girl you are after. Does it not make sense to tap into this valuable source of knowledge to help you in your endeavors to get a girlfriend? You might be wondering, how can you get a girl to spill the details on her friends? It’s very simple. Befriend her friends and prove to them that you’re not some creep who’s gonna hurt their friend, then simply point to the girl you want to know more about and ask “It’s great that we have such a strong connection, but your friend over there… I don’t get her. What’s her story?” Girls love to tell stories and will willingly share all kinds of details about their friend’s life, details that you can easily use to establish a strong connection with the girl you desire.

Tap Into Her Sub-Conscious Without Her Knowing

Learn to read body language. It is one of the most valuable skills anyone can ever acquire, since the body is simply a conduit that displays what the mind is thinking. For example, a tapping foot signals impatience and crossed arms tell you that she feels like she needs to protect herself, whereas a girl who leans in to speak to you clearly holds you in some value. There are hundreds of books out there that will teach you the different physical cues that you can read, as well as what each cue signifies but once you learn this skill, you will be able to shock and astound women as to just how much you know about how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

Cold Readings Will Make A Girl Crazy

An easy way to read a woman’s mind is cold reads. Cold reads are truisms, generalized statements that seem deeply personal and unique but in fact can be applied to anyone. A simple example would be “You seem to connect so well with many people, but I think that deep inside, sometimes you feel insecure about your friendships”. This is a statement that seems unique and catered almost exactly to you, but in reality can be applied to almost anyone. After all, who doesn’t feel insecure about their friendships sometimes? Simply remember that which is most personal is also most universal, and if wielded with care, cold reads can be a deadly weapon in your arsenal.

Now, you may be scoffing and saying “you aren’t REALLY reading a woman’s mind with these techniques!” but let me tell you this – these small additions to your game will put you drastically ahead of all the other men you’re competing with. How many women meet and connect with a man who seems to know what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling and simply seems so in tune with them? If you can present yourself to be that man, the women you want will inevitably be attracted to you and will feel a strong connection to you – after all, in their minds, they think you know how to read a woman’s mind!