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Discover How Make a Girl Fall in Love the Minute you Start Talking to Her

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was few words you could whisper to make a girl fall in love with you within seconds of you approaching her? “Your beauty reminds me of autumn leaves falling ….” Well forget it! No poetic (feel free to laugh at my failed poetic attempt), cheesy line or even smart line will ever trigger love in a woman.

As a matter of fact, why would you want to do that in the first place?!

Okay, okay. Yeah, I hear you. We’ve all been there, right? There’s this amazingly beautiful girl at work or school. You watch her in amazement every day: her movements are so graceful, her hair is full auburn, she has dark beady eyes and a smile that could brighten up the effing sun. This is love at first sight. She’s the one! You must not screw this up, like the last time you mustered up your courage and confessed your undying love to a girl out of the blue! How can you go over and rock her world the minute you start talking to her?


Well you can’t. And you shouldn’t. You should approach her with calm and confidence to check out if she has the character to back up her looks. Parable time: imagine you’re an ornithologist, and there’s this incredibly beautiful and exotic bird you’ve been watching in sheer amazement for weeks on end. Then one day, you get close to it: it’s a breathtaking moment. You’re all shaking and sweaty because it’s such a heavenly creature and BAM! It bites you right in the face and craps on your jacket. How’s that for a downer?

The Advantage A Woman Has Over A Bird

There’s one advantage that a woman has over a bird: with the bird, you can’t go over and chat it up. The woman, though, will appreciate if a dashing, fun, outgoing young gentleman shows a casual interest in her. So go over and make some easy conversation to check her out.

To do this, you will need to change your attitude, young Padawan. Your good old “love at first sight” is what I like to call “infatuation”. Beyond that might lie the bitter realization that your “angel” is actually the crappy-bitey type of woman, and that’s something you want to find out before her auburn hair is clogging up your drain and she’s hogging your goods and chattels.

Right before you approach her, take a long, deep breath to flush the anxiety out of your system, then turn around and observe something about her: “Hey, I haven’t seen you in your Ninja Turtles sweater in a while. What happened? Grow out of it?” Be tongue-in-cheek if you can (and if it comes naturally). There, you’ve started a conversation.

Many, many men will act extra-nice, appreciative and submissive when they interact with a very beautiful woman. For some reason, they seem to think that catering to her every need is best way to get a girl to like you. Get this: if there’s one need of hers that you should cater to, it’s the need of being treated like a regular person. What she says or does is not some form of eternal, paramount truth: call her on it! Show that you have your own standards, and while you’re interested in her, she still has to live up to what you want in a great person.

Avoid Scripted Conversations!

Another big steaming pile that guys will step into is “scripted conversations”. I’m sure you’ve prepared conversations hundreds of times in the past, planning all the best things to say, only to screw it up big time. Scripting’s a surefire way to get that outcome. So stop doing it! Once a conversation is on, all you – and the girl! – can do is be in the present. If your mind is busy focusing on some BS “I love you” stuff you made up beforehand, it’s certainly not invested in the situation at hand. Trust me, the girl can tell that you have some sort of agenda running in the background such as trying to impress her, and as you get nervous and detached, she will get bored and annoyed. Relinquish your “control”, just listen and react – it’s the same courtesy she’s giving you.

If you shift your perspective that way, you’ll automatically become more relaxed and present. This is a regular everyday interaction between two human beings. Your goal is no longer to get love from girls: it’s to get to know them because they look interesting. There’s nothing left for you to lose now, but everything to gain. So what’s the worst that could happen? Ending up with all you had before? Well great! This is your new vantage point. Now go out and step forward from it.

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Discover How Make a Girl Fall in Love the Minute you Start Talking to Her
Wouldn't it be amazing if there was few words you could whisper to make a girl fall in love with you within seconds of you approaching her? "Your beauty reminds me of autumn leaves falling ...." Well forget it! No poetic (feel free to laugh at my failed poetic attempt), cheesy line or even smart line will ever trigger love in a woman.
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  1. that certainly is very impossible, especially that there are so many women that play hard to get these days. it was without a doubt much easier meeting women years ago than now, and there are just too many women that have a very bad attitude problem. i know that when i approached one woman that i really wanted to meet, she cursed at me and i didn’t do anything wrong to cause her to curse at me. i must have reminded her of an old boyfriend that had been very abusive to her at one time, and took it out on me. but that still wasn’t right to act like that in the first place, and i have noticed that many women are very unfriendly to talk too today. then again, there are much more women that are gay adding to the problem.

  2. there is this beautiful angel , her anuty introduced me to her , am in nigeria while she is in america , as time goes on i found out that am in love with her, and she is not intrested in me. She will always tell her mother that she is not out for a relationship now that what she needs now is to get a job(because her mother knows me and she know about my intrest in her). She has removed me from her friends list on facebook and i dont knw what she did to her phone line that i cant get her on phone again. I dont know what to do , and am madly in love now. Plz help me and tell me what to do ..

  3. I am an organist and visited a church.I meet this girl and fell in love the first day.i gave my line to her and i call her everyday.but she doest want to accept being ma girlfriend.What can i do to win her love and accept me as boyfriend.

  4. What you do is, talk to her, make her laugh, but don’t show that you like her, and don’t let her know to much about yourself, she will find you a mystery and want to get to know you better, she will start thinking about you as time goes by, she mustnt know what’s it like to date you before you start dating, but find out what she likes, women likes guys who is similar to them, so mention that you like something that she likes in a conversation, not out of the blue, she will smile because she feels more comfy, but don’t show her that you are too interested, she will then want to chase after you, wanting to know more, keep it a mystery, she will fall in love with you without you trying hard to get her, you will notice all this when she starts trying to impress you because she feels she is not good enoughfor you because you don’t show your interest in her,it takes time but it will work, some women may react differently, but check out their star sign, it will help you to know whether this method will work, she got to miss you for her to realise she is in love

  5. hii, actually i am feeling responsible,love,intrest in a girls in my school , i talk to her a times she too( face 2 face or on facebook) she talk’s frankly ,sweetly etc . my friend says that she love’s me i can feel that 2 but i don’t know if i should ask here if she is intrested in hving a relationship with me so what do u think should i do and how? ty :)

  6. Well, I sort of fell madly (dare I say it, obsessively) in love with this girl in my class. Problem is, she’s waaayy higher than me in the popularity pole. I have no clue if she feels the same way about me. Any tips on getting her to fall for me?

  7. I like this girl in class, ive talked to her and asked her stuff. I don’t know if she likes me but the way i see it, i really dont know if she is hiding anything. Please Reply To Me. :)

  8. super advice, will be dropping by for more!! nawang…get serious man, it’s all about your game, not chris calo’s or his teaching, all about what you can take from him and manifest in your life…

  9. hey dude if you promise me dat one day megan fox will be ready to marry me than m ready to take your coaching classes at any cost.

  10. I met this girl through friends and I kinda liked her. I talked to her and everything but she considered me as a friend. Recently she has gone on holiday and I feel very depressed.

  11. i am in love with my classmate… but she has never had a thing called love with any of the boys …she regards theem as just friends….. the worst thing is that her mother passed away when she was young …so she is very attached to her father ….. can you help me to make her love me

  12. It’s hard for me to approach a girl. I feel a tension whenever i am talking to my special girl and this made it difficult for me to get a girl-friend. What should i do i?

  13. I have this problem of finding it hard to aproach a girl. I feel this tension whenever i am talking to a woman and this has made it difficult for me to get a girl friend. What should i do i really need to get a girlfriend

  14. i dont have girlfriend and feeling alone i am a good looking boy and when i am going out for shopping or something girls looking at me but i can’t talk to her well you please tell me how to talk to her and after some days impress her.

  15. i like a girl. I don’t that is this love but i know that she is also interested in me a little bit.

  16. i want a girl fall in love with me in my block i also know about her and she also so please.. tell me how i can

  17. I am having a crush on my friend and even she knows about it. I told her everything about my ex-girlfriend as she was my best friend. So she knows everything about me and my earlier girlfriend what should i do so that she likes me ? We both stay away from each other. I just meet her when i have my college holidays and i go my hometown as she resides there only.

  18. i fall in love at first sight. i normally talk with her & she also with me 1 or 2 days in a week.i am her rented neighbor. she lives in first floor & i’m in ground floor. how can i make her fall in my love? please suggest me.

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