Spice Up Your Looks In 5 Easy Steps


It’s startling how many people believe they’re bad-looking or unattractive: I’ve known some really hot guys and girls who were deeply unhappy about features of their bodies or faces. There’s no reason for that! The fact is, whatever you tell yourself about your appearance will work either as a limiting or empowering belief, and that’s what will either block your or pave your way to success. No matter what your bodily or facial features are, you can always spice up your looks in just a few easy steps: invest some time and effort into your appearance, and you’ll not only gain a new kind of confidence, but also realize that those few extra pounds or your prominent nose are no obstacle at all when it comes to attracting women.

This article concerns some of the basics you need to have down if you want to attract women: while they ultimately respond to a person’s character, looks and appearance still play an important role – in fact, they can make or break your chances of getting to know a girl. Here are five steps you can take to appear at your very best:

Stay Clean and Smell Good

This might sound ludicrous, but I know some people who really smell bad, and I know enough appalled girls that are disgusted by them. Obviously, sometimes you cannot help but have some bodily odour, e.g. when you’re doing sports. But in general everyday life, make sure you are clean, your hair is fresh and well-groomed, and you wear deodorant and some cologne (just one tiny dash). It’s basic, but it really goes a long way.


Get a Great Haircut

See a couple of hairdressers and get some advice on which haircut would look good on you and suit your type. Short, middle, long, dyed, thorny, stylishly disheveled or combed back straight: these are just a few ways your hair could look. Be creative and find a style you like!

Get Sexy and Comfy Apparel (Clothes)

You’ll need to save up some money for this one, but it’ll be worth it. I’m sure you have a couple of friends, ideally girls, with great taste and fashion sense: take them out on a shopping trip and look for the kind of attractive clothes you like most. Bear in mind that when you’re perfectly comfortable in your clothes, you will also appear sexier: so are you a sportive type? Elegant? A rocker? Find what suits you. General rules of thumb: no nerdy stuff, no stiff grey clothes, no clothes that are way too big or small.

You are young and dynamic – show it.

All this goes for shoes, glasses and even underwear: in German, ugly underwear is called “love killers” (“Liebestöter”), and there’s a reason. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to get something extraordinary if it suits your character: a hat or a long trench coat can be nice conversation starters – just be careful not to overdo it.

Find The Kind of Facial Hair That Suits You.

Yes! How would you look with a mustache, chin-beard, full beard, long sideburns, any combination thereof, or shaven plainly clean? You can get quite creative with a razor: some people even shave patterns into their facial hair, and it looks great.

Work Out, Regularly

You don’t even need to do that much. Just getting up 10 minutes earlier in the morning will give you time to do two sets of push-ups before and after going to the bathroom. The great thing: within a ridiculously short amount of time, you’ll realize how your endurance grows, and your overall well-being and strength rise. I was amazed when I first started out. The early morning exercise will get your juices flowing and make you shiny and fresh for the day, and people will notice. Soon enough, your muscles will start to look more awesome as well. Just make sure you aren’t getting muscles exclusively impress a girl, do it for the right reasons: health and overall well being should be your long term goals.

So, you see: it’s quite possible and, in most cases, even cheap to spice up your looks in a few easy steps! Now here’s my word of caution: even the best looks won’t make up for a bad personality. The antagonist in “Pan’s Labyrinth” is a good-looking, well-groomed man, but he’s a remorseless, gruesome, murdering psychopath, and that’s certainly not attractive. What I’m saying is that great looks are far from sufficient for attracting women: still, they are a sine qua non – an absolute condition. While you work on improving your character and personality, make sure you establish the looks that go with it. And always remember: you’re only as ugly as you think you are.