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Improve Your Game – 5 Small Changes

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Like many people, when I first started learning about how to get good with women, I had no idea I was making as many mistakes as I was. These mistakes weren’t huge, blatant things about me that needed an entire overhaul – no, it was the small, subtle things that simply added up to make me the socially inept geek that I was. If I had known how to change theses small things back then, it would have completely transformed the vast majority of my interactions.

That’s why today, I’m going to give you five small changes you can make that will drastically improve your game.

Improve Your Game

Eye Contact

One of the sexiest things that very few guys can do is meet a woman’s eyes. There is a saying that they eyes are the window to the soul yet so few men feel capable of revealing their souls to build a better connection with a woman. When you can look deep into a woman’s eyes without feeling embarrassed or ashamed, a powerful tension is built between the two of you. Women will feel it just as strongly as men and strong eye contact can build immense attraction between the two of you. A simple trick to help you maintain eye contact is to practice on strangers with the goal that you will not look away until you can tell what colour eyes a person has, lengthening the gaze each time.


When you get nervous, your voice becomes a higher pitch and starts to crack. Do you really want to sound like a pre-pubescent schoolboy when talking to women? Actively start to practice deepening your voice. Whenever you feel your voice is becoming too high, consciously start to lower it. Also practice having a loud, booming voice. You might feel a natural inclination to mumble in an effect to not be noticed – ignore that feeling! Speak louder than you normally would, and if you ever start to believe that you’re being too loud, let me tell you here and now – you’re not being loud enough!

Body Language

Article Name
How To Improve Your Game With Women
Here are some of the best tweaks that you can do in order to improve your game with women. Every single one of these will help you get that just a little further with girls.
How To Attract Women Without Acting Fake, Without Following A Complicated System and Without Being Weird

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  • Johnson

    Good points! It took me a long time to figure out how to get a good tonality… i kept on forgetting to think about it and my voice would go really high pitch when I got excited.

    After about a month of consciously paying attention to it, my voice is now more powerful, calmer and attractive than before. Although it may sound like a small thing, I have noticed an impact in my interactions with girls.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Crash

    These really are like the MAIN things to take care of. They should & can be taken care of 1st and almost instantly. That + grooming. See, if you get all these things down-very little is left. get these 1st and the rest flows from that and you’ll progress WAY faster. ~good luck!

    1. Eye contact ~ just look kinda deeper into her eyes. You can find great tips bout it online.
    2. Tonality ~ this is sooo key. speak and breath from in your stomach 2/3 and chest 1/3 & project LOUD but not yelling. don’t speak deep by moving throat
    3. Body Language ~ spend some time watching other guys and looking at your self in the mirror. ask your self if you’re looking cool right now.
    4. KINO!!! my favorite: dude, these tips are :key: if you CAN touch the girl on opening with a tap good etc… eventually she will start touching you(but not necessary) touch her maybe while you’re talking or something lead her through the door, bop her forehead squeeze knee etc… soo much more. don’t be creepy, be bold
    5. This is required over time ~ stop seeking validation of WHO you are.

    Good luck

  • dubois

    Small changes that have a great impact, it’s all about quality and not quantity as most men to overdo the right things and not do what they should. Great piece this is!