Bars, parties, clubs, even the streets: they used to be my daily and nightly scenes of disappointment, the places where I would gather up all my courage, talk to beautiful women, fail and get discouraged to even try again. It’s enough to spark that ever-present, debilitating approach anxiety that keeps you from talking to women more and more often. Like for most of us out there, it’s one of the meanest demons you have to defeat before you can become truly good with women: and one day to do it is by taking small, easily manageable steps. Here’s what you’ll learn if you start approaching one woman a day.

Back in my shy days, I fancied myself about as attractive as the fat old scarred prick from next door who ran around drunk in his wifebeater drooling on teenage girls. In case you wonder, he was not attractive. Why did I think of myself like that? Because whenever I got the courage to talk to a girl, I would tremble in fear and have a horribly awkward interaction about 80 per cent of the time. The other 20 per cent, I would simply fail period. Not exactly a confidence boost.

Approaching one woman a day helped change that.

approaching a girl

It’s a simple, easily manageable project, when you think of it. There’s nothing fancy or demanding, or even really challenging, about talking to one woman a day: you come across so many, and all you need to do is say “Hey” and “How’s it going?” – or whatever else comes to your mind. It’s so easy, it’s ridiculous. Here’s what makes this approach so powerful for your development: