Looking For Where To Find Attractive Women? Look No Further!


You really like your friend, and you’re sure he wants your best, but lately, you just wish he’d get off your back with his yoga humbug. Two weeks ago, he started taking classes, and ever since, he uses every opportunity he has to tell you about the hoooooooot chicks he meets there. Seriously, you’d rather have your teeth pulled out with a stinky dead fish than ever do yoga.

You wonder: “Do I really have to take up yoga lessons to meet great girls?” It doesn’t hurt, but: no, you don’t. Today, I want to talk to you about finding attractive girls – those that are attractive to YOU. Here’s my advice on where and how to meet women who align with your interests:

The “right” spots: make it easy for yourself.

Wait a minute. How is “making it easy” going to help you improve? Aren’t we supposed to challenge ourselves to get better with women? Well, you need to recognize where a challenge makes sense, and where you’re just banging your head against a wall. And finding the right place to meet your kind of women can be easy. Let me give you an example.

So you hate yoga, but let’s say you LOVE video games. Now, contrary to popular belief, a lot of girls do, too.

Don’t believe me? I’ve seen some video game companies. Real hotties work there!

Attractive Women Are Everywhere

So the question is not “where do I find attractive women?” Because you know what? Attractive women are everywhere.

The question is: “Where do I find people that love what I love?” That’s what I mean when I say “make it easy for yourself”. You don’t have to go to places you don’t like just because somebody says great girls go there. Instead, focus on meeting women during the day in environments where you naturally feel comfortable. They probably do, and yoga chicks may be great for your friend because he’s into yoga (at least I hope). But what would you do with a yoga chick? How would you connect to her? She’ll get up early to do her morning exercise while you try to sleep! She’ll meditate when you wanna go out, and she’ll bitch about you playing video games all the time!

So make it easy for yourself.

Find places that are right for you

Find places that suit your personality. Every city has a slew of gaming arcades. Walk in and you’ll automatically have a smile on your face: racing games to the left, FPS to the right! Your kinda place! And guess what: your kinda people. How easy is it now to walk in with confidence and your head held high? You’re comfortable right away! You’ll talk to the people there because you actually want to! “I love that game! Did you crack the high score?” There you go, great conversation, new friends. Don’t even hesitate. Chat with guys to warm up, talk to the staff. Hey, no problem now tapping that cutie with the fighting game on the shoulder! She’ll have noticed you by now anyway, she’s probably wondering who that attractive, sociable guy is.

You: What a nice move! You probably kick your brother’s ass on the Xbox back home.
Her (smile): Haha, no… (she’s shy)
You: No? Oh, I see. PS3, right? (turn away) Ugh, PS3 gamers.
Her (laughs): No! It’s an Xbox, I mean I don’t have a brother!
You (turn back): All right, if you insist. Gimme that controller, I’m gonna kick your ass.

What’s your idea of fun? Figure it out, then go enjoy yourself.

Now, you have a blueprint.

And this is where it gets challenging after all. Now, going to your kind of place to meet your kind of women is tangible and doesn’t require the greatest effort. You still need to push yourself a bit to approach, but it’ll be fine because you’re comfortable. This is how you start, and hey, if you’re happy limiting yourself to one scene, good for you – that’s where you can stay. But if you really wanna conquer the world of women, and reach a point where you master any approach in any situation, then now is the time to push your comfort zone. You have a safe venue to fall back on, so think:

What other things am I interested in?

Perhaps you always kinda wanted to try Tango Argentino, but you never really had the guts. Well, you know how to have fun now, you know where to feel good, and HOW it feels. Free secret revelation: no matter what people enjoy – Formula One, dancing or bungee jumping – the emotion of joy is the same. Once you know it, you can learn to replicate it. Plus: you have some great interactions under your belt and got together with quite a bunch of video game chicks. You’ve seen it work! Now: this is your blueprint. My advice: take Tango Argentino lessons next. Try the same things that worked in your arcade. Then, try karaoke. And clubbing. And white-water rafting. And who knows, in the end, you may even find a soft spot for yoga.

Some venues to try:

Music: live music bars, concerts, jazz lounges, music festivals, shows
Dancing: clubs, dance events, dancing schools
Socializing: house parties, facebook events, couchsurfing gatherings, nonprofit organizations (e.g. artist societies), meetups (e.g. meetup.com)
Sports: gym, swimming pool, outdoor sports sites
Outdoor: parks, hiking trails, boat rides, tours (check out your city’s tourist attractions!)

You see, there’s a great variety of options when it comes to meeting women who are attractive to you. Remember that there is no need to start off with things that you don’t like or feel no personal connection to, it only makes things overly complicated. Even during cold winter months, there are plenty of opportunities to meet women in settings that align with your interests. You want to make sure you meet attractive women where you feel great, at ease and in touch with yourself. There will always be a slight challenge, and if you start “easy”, you can move on to more challenging venues when you are ready. The most important thing for you is to have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions
Hi where can i find attractive women just looking to casually message?

Where would you look if you wanted to discreetly exchange pictures with a normal guy?

I don't know, because that's not something I've ever had the desire to do. And I'm assuming the need for discretion is due to the fact that you're in a relationship.

Where is the best place for you to find attractive or interesting women?

Hit on women in places that you would hang out. If you're into books, try a bookstore or coffeeshop. Into fit girls? Hit on women at the gym.

In terms of venues where would i need to go to find attractive black women?

The Nappy Dugout's where you get the bug out.