Using Physical Humor To Attract Women


The audience was in tears that night. No, we weren’t crying – we were laughing, because that woman was on fire. It was an evening at a comedy bar, and this female comedian’s delivery and vibe swept us away with laughter. Now fancy this: her jokes were actually pretty lame – but still, the guy after her couldn’t captivate us at all even though his punch lines were, objectively, much funnier than hers.

What Is Humor

That evening, I witnessed first-hand the power of physical humor. Today, I’d like to introduce you to that concept, and how you can use it when attracting women. This article builds directly on our most recent “Overcome your inhibitions” and I won’t repeat what you learned in that one.

Let me entertain you!

I’m sure you’ve spent some time before flipping through the female personal ads in your favorite paper or on the web. Did you notice that almost every woman wants a “funny” man, one that has a “sense of humor”? That’s because humor signals confidence. If you can look at the bright side of life and take things lightly, it means that you are seated firmly in the saddle and have control over things. Humor makes life look and feel easy, for you and those around you.


Now, don’t you wonder how you can become that funny man, the guy with the sense of humor? I spent so much time in my life wondering what to say to make people laugh and enjoy themselves around me, but then I realized that it’s really not what you say. It’s not about “saying funny things”.

It’s Not About Saying Funny Things

No, it’s about BEING funny.

Be funny.

As I explained in “Overcome your inhibitions”, your “being” originates in your gut, not your brain. Now, in the future, when you want to make an interaction funny, but you are lost for words, then that is actually a great opportunity: because when words fail you, you only have two options.

1. Do something.
2. Do nothing.

Haaa! Get it? Well, you better do something now! Reconnect with the child inside you and get just a bit silly – people will enjoy it. This is where physical humor comes into play (and I really mean “play”).

Watch people that play with dogs or kids. All they use is body language: moves, gestures, noises, facial expressions and postures constitute the fun they engage in. There are no words! A child or dog couldn’t even begin to understand a cleverly crafted punch line – but they’re having a blast just going bonkers.

Going bonkers – your way

Now, there’s a problem here. When you watch other people get silly and have fun, those people are not you, and those movements and routines they’re using, well, they’re not inherently yours. For instance, you may go out at night and see a guy miming while another is speaking, putting gestures to what he says and making his friends giggle with it. His pantomime is so spot-on that it really hits home – but how can you go there? You suck at miming, and it’s stupid anyway. If a guy can pull it off, good for him.

Well, the secret is: don’t imitate funny guys – do it your way. It may take you a while to figure out what really is your own way of being funny, but oftentimes, looking at situations in your past is going to help: situations where you actually were cracking other people up, or just having a blast with your friends, while all your inhibitions were down. You will remember that certain gesture that always worked for you, or that voice or face you used to make.

Some pointers

To close this off, I would like to give you some inspiration: these are things that work nicely for me.

– when you walk towards somebody, bend forward and hold your arms as if you were about to chase and catch them

– when a girl walks by, give her a boyish, mischievous smile. She will probably stop and ask what’s going on, then you can tease her: “Nothing!” – “What?” – “Nothing” – “No really, what is it?” – “Nothing at all!”

– When there is music, move to it.

– Snap your fingers

– Wave your hands in somebody’s face when they’re daydreaming.

– Make funny voices, noises or faces.

– Stick out your tongue at somebody.

I could list many more routines, but this shall be enough inspiration: now you can go and explore your own kind of physical humor. Remember: it’s all in the delivery, and when you learn to use your body to good effect, the words you say won’t be as important to being funny!