You realize that you are attractive

Remember how I perceived myself as Mister Repulsive? I tried everything when it comes to making myself appear more tempting to women. I played all kinds of tricks, pulled all kinds of routines, dressed in all kinds of ways because I thought that my personality alone wasn’t enough to pull it off. But when I just increased the numbers of women I talked to, I realized that I be myself completely and still attract a fair deal of women. Here’s one simple fact of life: not everybody is everybody’s type.

BUT: there are about 3.2 billion women between 20 and 34 years on the planet today.

Start talking to them now. You’ll be surprised at how many you’ll have in your life in no time.

And there’s one last thing you’ll learn:

Trial and error is how you improve

Once you start doing this low-risk, low-input mission of talking to women, you will find that every single interaction is an opportunity for you to improve something. As you talk to the ladies, watch how they react to you. Where do they smile, at which point do they turn and face you, where do they turn away, when exactly do you lose their interest? Then, keep what works and discard what doesn’t.

Just be sure to not get ahead of yourself. Even when as get good enough to get numbers, dates, lovers, don’t stop appreciating every single time you go out there and approach a woman. Don’t forget that no matter what you’ll learn if you start approaching one woman a day, the actual basis of it all is going out there and talking to the girls – regardless how it goes. You have to do it for yourself to believe.

  • Scotty

    It’s all about not biting more than you can chew…

  • Stephan

    That’s so intense, I really want to do this. How long should I approach one woman per day in order to start getting results?

    If anything, it seems like approaching only one girl per day isn’t enough. I’d have to do 4-5 to see any results… or do I?

  • B

    So I talk to more women so I can get more female friends and become even more frustrated? If I needed to be friend-zoned more often, I wouldn’t be reading this website. I’d just keep doing what I’m doing.

  • Sim

    Wow,this is incredibly helpful!! Thanks a lot!

  • creds

    So simple. Additionally, not only do you “dare” to talk to more women, but you actually sees more opportunities to talk to them. For example, lets say you thought that talking to women on the bus is off limits cause its rush hour or whatever (stupid) reason. By taking small yet simple steps as described in the article, you increase the number of possible encounters and therefore more women to talk to. its a enevitable life enhancing circle of seduction!

  • markus

    From now on i am definitely going to try it out.

  • Alex

    Wow! You’re other articles have useful advice, but breaking down the ultimate goal into small, manageable steps? That’s absolute gold in its simplicity! Thank you!