One of the first things that guys want to learn when improving their skills with women is how to get a girl’s number. As if getting her number was a way of measuring how successful you were with a woman, they wonder why these girls don’t answer their phone calls or why they are having a difficult time getting a date afterward.

Getting a woman’s phone number is easy, but by itself doesn’t mean anything. If instead a girl gives you her number because she really wants you to call her, that’s a whole different story. The big difference is whether or not she’s giving you the number simply because you asked, or because she’s attracted to you and wants to see you again.

Getting a number without asking for it

Here’s how to get a number without even asking, and to be sure that she’s giving it to you because she wants to see you again.

First, you’re going to want to look care free, very open and sexual. I know this sounds basic, but every time a girl offers her number without the guy asking, there is some very instinctive physical attraction happening. If you compare a guy dressed in a suit to a guy wearing ripped jeans, the guy with the ripped jeans will be the victor every time.


The trick is to look very approachable while creating desire in the woman. When she gives you her number, she’s putting herself on the line, so if you look too classy, it will be more difficult for her to handle any possible rejection. Contrastingly, if you look a little on the hot/trashy side, she can just write off as a little mistake she did because she was attracted to you.

Build Attraction

The second rule of getting a number without asking for it is to clearly build up attraction without hinting that you’re going to ask for her number at the end of the interaction. If you really want her to chase you, you can’t suggest that you would have fun doing an activity in common in the near future. I hear a lot of guys doing future projections: “Imagine we were both hiking together in the Alps…” or “We need to go rock climbing…” which can be great because they’ll get her imagining you two together, but unfortunately she’ll also EXPECT you to get her number at the end of the conversation, thus putting the ball in your court.

Instead, the best way to approach any conversation with her is to tell her about the exciting things that you do in your life. Make her want to be a part of it, and in your stories mention how you always go with different people. Simple things from how you had ice cream with a friend, to biking around the island, to salsa dancing in the evening, make your life so interesting and diverse that she’ll want to be part of it.

Remember that she has to feel as if you’re not going to ask her for her number. If she thinks that you’re going to get her number at the end of the interaction, she’ll never give you hers without asking. Make her feel comfortable with you, hint that you’re not seeing anyone without outright saying it and let her know that you’re not available for a long time. Putting on a long term false time constraint, such as “Ahh, i’m leaving in 2 weeks” will make her much more at ease to give her number, because even if you reject her, you’re gone in two weeks!

  • Kenton

    I am really shy.. And have a hard time coming up with anything to talk about. The only reason I feel girls talk to me is because we’ll I was asked to be a fitness model so yeah. How do I get them to like them for something other than my body?

  • rob

    And to nerds..?

  • sunny

    convincing a girl to go out with you . Isn’t a college entrance exam .you need no tricks, be yourself (not advisable to nerds).

  • 321Uredy

    Too bad it hasn;t yet happend to me—but im working on that…

  • Antoni

    Every situation is diff, but the one in which the opposite sex gives you their number willingly
    Is the best.

  • asad

    yah i will also go with angel she is right

  • ahi

    ye, i hate these rules. different people different methods, also if you find a girl wanting to throw her number at you then she is obviously not the one. she will do it with loads of “cool” guys. enjoy your divorces, you can tell if a girl is interested or not anyway,

  • Angel

    Wow! The writer of this advice sounds like a wimp — or a guy who hasn’t got the cajones to ask a girl out. By the time a girl is a woman, she knows men who can’t work up the courage to ask a girl out is passive-aggressive — or one of those men who will one day be the stay-at-home dad who is jealous because his wife is totally attracted to and flirting with a more alpha male.
    The truth is if a male can’t assume that leadership role of a considerate aggressor, a woman will not respect him, and leave him in the dust.