How Being Yourself Can Attract Girls


Tell you what: I love my ass. No seriously, I do. Even before I started working out regularly over 9 years ago (incidentally, when did you start?), my ass was nut cracking hot, and I knew it. Now, you may be wondering: “Why is he telling me about his ass?” Well, you see: I think that everybody, I mean every last person on Earth, has something really great about them.

And you know what that means? Everybody has their own, unique opportunities to attract girls by being awesome, including you, and nobody can take those away from you.

Stop being logical, start being fun

I bet I know exactly what you’re thinking now. “Whatever, this is true for him, but not for me. I don’t have a sweet ass, in fact, nothing about me is awesome.” Well, I see you and raise you one “stop whining, you wimp!” Hey, I get it. I was once where you are now. My logical mind would spend days, yes, months going through all possible constellations in which I could, perhaps, come across as attractive to girls. I would try to apply all kinds of reasoning to love, passion, seduction and sex. And when I say “all”, I really mean “ALL” – I don’t think there’s any logical inner debate I didn’t go through.

Guess what. During those days, all I would do around girls was freeze up while my mind went “oh-my-god-what-do-i-do-now-what-do-i-do-now!???”. Yeah, that didn’t really help.

And boy, did I come up with “reasons” why I was unattractive. I’m boring. I’m creepy, lame, I’m old-fashioned. I’m too sentimental, a loser, I don’t listen to the right kind of music, I don’t dress “cool”, I’m no fun, everybody else is better than me. Blah blah blah blah blah.

You know what I found?

It’s all bullshit, and even if it’s not, who gives a wet one!!

Really, how can you expect to be attractive if you’re not fun? And how can you expect to be fun if you never have fun?

The fun starts when you switch off that nagging, arguing voice in your head called “logical reasoning” and start being fun instead. You see, being fun is not a physical or mental condition. It’s a state of mind, and as such, it’s under your control.

So what’s awesome about you?

See, in my case, it’s just an awesome ass. That’s not even a very unique thing to have. Today, I have pretty awesome abs, too, and biceps and a sixpack, but it took me years to work on those. Now, in your case, your awesome feature may be way more unique than mine, and you may have gotten it for “free” (like I got my ass). Check out this picture of Marty Feldman:

Can you spot his awesome features? I’ll give you a hint, they’re right below his eyebrows. Now you may think “what the hell? His eyes are all messed up, how is that awesome?” I’ll tell you: Marty Feldman’s f*cked-up face is awesome because Marty Feldman had an awesome attitude about himself. He turned his disfiguring disease into an asset by being great. Watch Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein” to see him steal the show. He was hilarious. Why? Because he didn’t give a wet one about how he looked, instead, he decided to be awesome and that was that.

(okay, this is simplified, but bear with me, I’m making a point here.)

You see, my guess is that Marty Feldman didn’t have too many complaints about his sex life.

So again, what’s awesome about you?

Do you have a crooked nose? Are you a good dancer? Got a bit of a belly? A huge dick? Big ears? Strong eyebrows? Do you love cooking? Do you know more about movies than Roger Ebert? Hey, I’ll tell you what: good for you!

See, if you consciously decide that every aspect about you is great, and wear that attitude on your sleeve, people WILL like you. (So you can skip reading how to get a girl to like you.) In fact, you will gain even more respect, attraction and admiration if you DO have some feature that one would normally consider a handicap, and are awesome about it.

I’m sure you remember a time where you saw a challenged or handicapped person, or a person with some prominent disfigured feature, and that person was oozing fun, happiness and charisma. Didn’t you appreciate and admire that guy?

On being fun

Now what you need to do is be fun about it. Since we’re running out of space, I will give you some pointers about how you can pull that off: first, like I said above, love yourself and joyfully tell everybody about it. So, in my example, once a girl is attracted to me and laughing, I’d say: “Well, my ass is pretty damn hot”, while turning around and slapping my ass for her to see. “Wanna touch?” When she laughs and says “yes”, I turn back, tell her “I thought so” and kiss her.

This is the art of teasing, which will add greatly to your fun vibes. Then, you need to come up with off-the wall stuff that people don’t expect. This can become a habit, as in, your personal routine that you pull out all the time – as long as it’s completely unexpected for others. Embrace yourself and others will as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
What hobbies attract the most girls?

Dancing, weight lifting, rock climbing, swimming... any physical sport or activity.

What kind of girls do you seem to attract the most?

I attract all the girls that I am not attracted to.

How do you attract the bad girls?

Why be a bad boi when you can be a good doge?