Attracting Women of High Quality Into Your Life


A few days ago, the Oscars just played. Men all across the world had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful women in the world dressed in their finest and looking their best walking alongside some of the most macho men you have ever seen. It’s highly likely that the thought “I wish I could have someone like her” might have crossed your mind, even for a brief second. If you’ve ever wondered how to attract women of this caliber, you’re not alone. Understand this now – it is possible, indeed with the right changes, it is probable for you to date women of high caliber like you see on TV.

High Quality Women

If you turn on your television sets and gaze carefully at their escorts and partners, you might begin to piece together what it is exactly about these men that attract the models and the actresses to them. Two words can sum it up entirely – high quality. To attract high quality women, you must be a high quality male yourself. Don’t put yourself out of the running so quickly though – it’s not as daunting a task as it may seem. Understanding what women want is the first step in becoming the type of man they’re attracted to.

One of the key differences between high quality males and low quality males is the concept of value. Low quality men generally tend to suck value from other, seeking to hoard as much as they can to make themselves appear as cool as possible in the eyes of others. They may not do this consciously but on a deeper level, this is exactly what is happening, and it often repulses those whom they leech off of.


High value men on the other hand are considered value givers.

They are so full of value that they can afford to freely give it away and better the lives of those around them. People will naturally gravitate around them as no one can resist the pull of a high value person. Simply give yourself freely and help everyone feel comfortable and have fun whenever they are around you. Be the party and the people come to you.

It’s also important to treat these high quality women as normal. You might go “Oh, but she’s different from the rest and special, I should treat her differently to keep her as long as I can!” No. If you lived a life where models were constantly in your life, you would not treat them any more differently than any other women. Their beauty is simply another part of them, and one which should ultimately be irrelevant. It’s easy for any woman to look beautiful with a little makeup or surgery.

Once you stop being intimidated by a woman’s appearance, you’ll begin to notice that you attract pretty women as easily as you once did the less attractive.

Not just another pretty face

In the same vein, you have to show them that they’re not just another pretty face to you. These women have spent all their lives being hit on simply because they are slightly more attractive than other women. They will almost inevitably think that you’re interested in them simply for how they look – listen gentlemen, if all you wanted was to have sex with an incredibly attractive woman, you can simply higher a high class hooker for a night. Find what truly makes this woman unique and convey this sentiment to her. Make her understand that you value her as a person and not simply as another notch on your bedpost.

Lastly, a high quality man is not afraid of the repercussions of standing his ground. These women will test you to see if you will stand up for yourself and what you believe in or if you will simply bend like a willow in the wind and cave in to her every demand. By standing up for yourself, you’re giving her someone she can trust and respect and therefore will want to be with. This is a crucial aspect of how to be attractive to women, especially those of high caliber.


The key to getting these high quality women is summed up in a single word – integrity.

If you wish to be seeing these women on a consistent basis, you must understand that they are in essence no different from any other woman you’ve met. You should always act in a way that is true to yourself and upholds your morals and principles, and above all, you should never compromise these standards for any woman, no matter how attractive they are. When women realize that you can trust yourself, they will trust you and before you know it, you will find yourself consistently with women of quality.

Frequently Asked Questions
What questions do you have about attracting women?

I feel like I find it hard to strike the balance between "too funny/try hard" and just kind of boring

Any advice?

Also, cool guys always seem like they can have something fun and spontaneous they can do with people, any suggestions?

Why is attracting women so impossibly difficult and complex?

There might be a common Catch-22 at play for you: Guys who are satisfied with their dating life don't come across as desperate, but have confidence. This confidence is sexy and attractive.

Imagine two people who walk into a buffet. The first is hungry after a long day of work but he had a decent breakfast and lunch. He approaches the buffet, stands in line, grabs his plate, and carefully and neatly selects the items he wants. The second hasn't eaten in days and is famished. He pushes and shoves his way desperately to the front of the line and tries to heap everything onto multiple plates while everyone else looks at him distastefully.

Try to act like that first guy even if you're famished.

ETA: Be sure to interact with women as if they're actual human beings, instead of objects to have sex with.

What's the worst advice your dad gave you about attracting women?

The fact he never really gave me any.

Ethnic guys that do well with women what kinds of women are you attracting?

Asian here. Mostly asians and latinas. A few white girls here and there. Married to a latina tho ayyyy

But what types of women do you end up attracting based on your methods?

I tend to attract the crazy ones. I'm pretty out there myself sometimes, so it makes sense.