How to be confident with women is probably one the most basic skills you need to master in order to be successful with women. It’s the foundation for attraction and at the same time, it’s the advice that everyone gives. “Just be confident” they say… sure. If it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it ?

The weird thing about confidence is that you can’t buy it and certainly can’t fake it. You have to build it.

Building Confidence is like working out a muscle

Slowly building confidence, like working out a muscle, is the only way to achieve true inner strength. So where should you start in order to be confident with women?

Well most guys that lack confidence not only lack confidence with women, but confidence in every aspect of their life. From talking to people at work to talking to random strangers in the street, you don’t need a beautiful woman to intimidate you. If this is your case, then the first thing to do is immediately start working out. Yes, there are other ways, but that’s the absolute simplest way to slowly build confidence.


Fitness is linked to confidence

You see, at a very deep psychological level, humans link up physical fitness to confidence. How well you can physically perform compared to others determines how you’ll feel about yourself relative to others. Although society’s standards has warped our innate tendencies, the concept still applies on a deep subconscious level. Without getting too much into it, if you feel strong physically, you’ll feel strong mentally as well. This applies to being an alpha male as well.

However, what if you’re already confident with everyone EXCEPT for women. It’s possible that somewhere in your life, you’ve developed a fear of women, where the mere thought of interacting with an attractive woman sends shivers down your spine. If this is the case, then the remedy is simple. Start small and build up from there. By start small, I mean talking to a woman that’s the least intimidating to you and working up from there to more attractive girls.

Talk to many girls

Start frequent conversations with girls that you are NOT attracted to first.

Make a conscious effort to engage in a conversation when you’re shopping, walking, basically everywhere you go.

Getting into the habit of talking to women will build up that ‘confidence muscle’ that you desperately need. Remember, every time you talk to a woman, you become more confident with women. Slowly, build up to talking to more attractive women and you’ll see your success level skyrocket. The golden rule is that you’ll have to talk to 200 women before you’ll gain confidence around women. The trick to it is doing it each and every day because, like a muscle, if you don’t use it for a while, it will start to degrade! So if you don’t talk to women for a week, then your confidence with women will drop.

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  • Saunders

    I’m yet to meet a woman that fancies, would fancy, or ever really fancied a guy that didn’t have a shred of confidence in him.

  • Maggie

    From a girl’s perspective, if she was laying in bed with you, holding hands, and then rejected your advances, she’s leading you on. In other words, she’s encouraging your attention and even emotional intimacy from you, without any intention of ever engaging in physical intimacy with you. Why? Because she’s lonely and likes your companionship, but she’s not attracted enough to you for a sexual relationship. You need to move on to someone who IS attracted to you and not waste your time on this girl.

  • Daniel

    From 1 to 10 how bad is the following and whats the cure that:
    We all know that it is extremely difficult to turn good friends into relationships or simple moments into intimate moments with those very good friends. Consider this, after a group meeting late in the evening you are left alone in a room with that good friend of yours, which also happens to be your dream girl. Now, somehow it happens that you are lying in a bad with your dream girl, in her room, late in the evening, holding hands, really close to each other, romantic music is even playing, momentum is right there … and you simply don’t do a single thing, just carry on with the small talk. Only a while after, when the moment has gone already you are able to summon all the courage you got to say how much you like her and what you think about her. Which, of course, happens to sound really cheesy, which makes her uncomfortable, to which she responds that it’s just too girlish for her or too much of a “nice guy” and you should forget about it.

    I’m just blown away… about how lame, cheesy and insecure I can suddenly get. And it’s not the first similar occasion.

    Please, any piece of advice or comments from the experts?