making a good first impression

You walk in and she looks at you… she knows. You look distressed, out of place. You’re shy, a little lost and she can feel it. That glance that everyone gives you when you enter a place… that quick look can be what makes or breaks you that evening. When you enter a new environment, be a bar, a club or any venue, you’ll notice that only certain people are giving you a quick glance.

Remember this for later, it will be a good nugget of information to have: People that are in engaged in interesting conversations will ignore you whereas people that are looking for something new will notice you as you walk in.

It’s human nature and our minds are trained to to find the ‘next interesting thing’.

In a few seconds, I’ll show you how you can be the next interesting thing.

A hero walks in

So how are you going to make your entrance?

Are you going to be the guy that people ignore or are you going to be the man that everyone wants to talk to?

Within seconds of walking into a new venue, people will make their own assumptions about you. Unconsciously, they’ll judge you on your appearance, your posture, your friends, etc. See how to look good for your appearance. They’ll make hundreds of assessments of who you are and later on in the evening, those will come back into play. If you make a great entrance, people will be happy to talk to you. Make a horrible entrance, and they won’t even give you a chance to open your mouth.

Making Your Entrance

When nervous people walk into a new environment, they tend to make fast movements and scan the area. If you find yourself checking out all the hot women when you walk into a new place, that’s what I’m talking about. If your eyes are scanning everything in sight and your head is turning to capture everything then you’ll appear to be quite nervous.

Here’s why: Imagine that you’re walking in a jungle, and you have to pay attention to all the noises around you. Ignore a noise and something might jump out of the bush and kill you. In order to stay alive, you must be on high alert. They scan everything, look everywhere and are ready to react in a split second. This is how some people make their entrance and it’s not attractive.

Now picture the opposite. You’re back home in your bedroom and you’re hungry. “Mmm, I have a sandwich in the fridge” you think. Your stomach grumbles, your mouth waters and you walk to the kitchen to satisfy your desire. Are you scanning the area? Of course not! You’re at home and you feel very comfortable. You just walk straight to the fridge without the slightest hesitation. You have a smile on your face because you know how delicious that sandwich will be… you can almost taste it.

That’s how I want you to walk into a new place. Imagine that YOUR fridge is at the other end of the venue, and that you’re hungry. You don’t need to pay attention to anything else and you’re already overly comfortable with the new environment.

You’re walking at a happy pace and you’re not scanning the room. You’re just walking with your head high and in specific direction with a smile. (If you want more, read our good first impression guide.)

Conquering your new environment

Now that you’ve done your entrance. There is an easy way to have a high success rate and talk to beautiful girls for the rest of the night.

Remember when you walked in? Remember when I told you that people that were bored would notice you? Well, there you go!

If you’re able to pick up on subtle glances when you walk in (without making huge abrupt movements or scanning the room), then you already know which girls are open to talking to you. From there, just go up and introduce yourself!

“Hi, I just walked in and noticed you, how’s it going so far?”


  • Dhruv Bhagat

    All you need is to be confident, talk about positive things and have a smiling face…

    Don’t stare at other girls while you are on a date, don’t act as you’re an idiot by cracking lame jokes, be polite and don’t think of being physically involved on your first date!

    Follow these things and girl you want will surely love you 🙂

    Good Luck!

  • Lionel Attawia

    Pure gold, everything on this site is genius. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through these various articles on becoming a more seductive man. But I wonder, how does one transition from talking with high school girls who are still into immature high school relationships, and focus on trivial high school problems, to Women, who are focused on their career, and kids, and paying off mortgages and so on? You would think this advancement to speaking with mature women would be natural, but alas it is not that easy. Any tips for an 18 year old who’s getting ready to move into the adult world? Things that I should know about dealing with women versus high school teens. I believe it would be most helpful with my target to attract a more mature audience of females. I would appreciate any help my friend.

  • Mark sabiiti

    It starts with you buddy! You have to value yourself and know that your much more worth than any thing in the world! And that’s true by the way :)) This will give you all the confidence to approach any girl even the HOT ones!!

  • Joe Stoddard

    What if my problem doesn’t happen in the bedroom itself, but comes when attempting to get a woman into there? In other words, do you have any advice on making women want to sleep with me or making them more aroused by me? I just need any advice i can get because i am deeply in love with one of my best friends but can’t seem to make a move on her, and becuase of which can’t seem to get any other women either. Your info is greatly appreciated.

  • Ara

    Talk to every girl u see, practice makes prefect

  • Calwick

    I’m 21 years, shy and scared of hot girls so can you guide me on how to get any girl i desire