Struggling to get a girlfriend? Wondering why all your mates have grown up and settled down already … but you haven’t? 

Maybe you’ve tried all the apps – Tinder, OK Cupid, Bumble, POF (remember that?), but all to no avail. 

Thing is, it’s not the apps that aren’t working. It’s probably because you haven’t got game (yet).

Fortunately there are solutions, and for many, this is where relationship programs come in, such as Obsession Method

Obsession Method (not to be confused with His Secret Obsession) might be the one thing you need to help you land the girl of your dreams. But it costs money, and does it even work? 

Hey, I’m Will. I’m a young, single man who decided to give Obsession Method a try to see what it’s all about, how it works, and how successful it really is. In my review, I’m going to lay bare the facts and features of this product to help you make a better buying decision. 

Let’s make a start.

What Is Obsession Method?

Obsession Method is a relationship program created by phenomenally successful dating coach Kate Spring. On her sales page, Kate promises to teach you a ‘secret trick’ that guys who’ve got game use to ‘hack into a girl’s brain’ and make them desire you and only you. 

relationship program for dating
The Obsession Method seduction system program

It doesn’t matter whether the girl already has a boyfriend, or whether she’s already told you that she hates your guts, this psychological hack will completely transform the way she feels about you. 

In fact, it will plant a sexual seed in her head so that she can think of nothing but having sex with you. In a nutshell, she becomes obsessed with you. 


This hack isn’t simply the brainchild of Miss Spring. Instead, Kate has based her technique on advanced Harvard psychological research so that it works regardless of your age, build or financial status. This approach is similar to other popular programs like Double Your Dating, which also emphasizes psychological techniques. 

This bestselling relationship program is made up of video courses and books, and it comes complete with a few add-ons, such as Kate’s How To Make Her Approach You eBook and other bonuses. It costs $69.96 and there is no free trial. There is a 60-day money back guarantee, however. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of its features: 

Subliminal Messaging & Planting Desire

The Subliminal section is where you’ll learn how to “plant” sexual thoughts in a woman’s head without her even realising it. She could be brushing her teeth when – seemingly out of nowhere – you pop into her head … and she’s inflamed with passion. 

See, this is where many men go wrong. They’re either too scared to even try to get a bit sexual, or they’re way too direct. Some try to rely on products like True Instinct pheromones, but subtlety and understanding psychology are often more effective. 

Subtlety wins. 

Turn It On

Kate has created what she calls her Spring Seduction System. In the Obsession Method, she teaches you her technique in the Turn It On section, which is designed to help you turn any girl on so much that she’s not only gagging to have sex with you, but she’s also probably a bit wet whilst even thinking about you. 

Kate Spring creator of The Obsession Method
Kate Spring – Creator & coach of The Obsession Method

Unstoppable Pickup

If you’re the type of guy who struggles to go out and approach girls in real life, this section aims to help you on this front. It shows you how to make a cold approach – what to say, how to act, as well as what not to do. 

Precision Tactics 

From initial approach to asking her out on a date, Kate’s program shows you the right way to escalate things with a girl you like. Precision Tactics is a series of steps you can implement so that you never make a misstep when asking a girl out. As long as you stick to the script, the idea is that you’ll keep moving things in the right direction with a woman. 

Sounds Pretty Cool So Far … But Who Is Kate Spring?

Most dating coaches who give advice to guys are men themselves. Kate is definitely something of an outlier in this regard but in 2020, there are more female dating coaches than ever. 

Do I personally trust them? Hell yeah! 

Kate is a female dating expert with a wildly successful online blog. She coaches men 1:1 and helps them improve their game so that they’re able to land the woman of their dreams. 

As a woman, she already knows intimately the enigmatic workings of the female mind – a mind that is all too often closed off to far many men. 

In other words, Kate knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting a woman to feel sexually attracted to you. 

This is why I was so excited to try the Obsession Method. I’ve tried numerous courses and programs that were created by male dating coaches, and you know what? Some work, some don’t. But way too many of them say the same thing – and far too many of them drop the ball where the female mind is concerned. 

My Personal Experience With The Obsession Method

Okay, so I signed up for the program and made my payment of $69.95. I’ve seen similar products charge much more than that, so already I felt as though I was getting a pretty good deal here. 

And if it didn’t work? I was reminded of the 60-day money back guarantee. 

Then, I was given instant access to the Obsession Method. All I had to do was download the PDF files and access the video course. 

I was a bit excited, I have to admit. Kate had done a good job of selling the course, and the idea that I could learn a new and “secret” hack that made a woman desire me without even realising it? Awesome. 

The program itself is both comprehensive and very easy to get to grips with and follow. Kate walks you through the loophole that exists in a woman’s mind and shows you exactly what you need to do to exploit it. 

Not just that, but Kate relies on advanced and proven psychological research to back her points up, and to demonstrate how women rely on their emotions much more than men do … and how us men can use this to our advantage. 

The video course was creative and useful, and Kate does a good job of speaking directly to you so that you can easily implement what she’s teaching. 

Tapping Into The Loopholes Of A Woman’s Mind

But it’s this “secret technique” that we’re all here for – and I have to say that I was pretty bowled over by it.

I’ve consumed a lot of content created by so-called dating experts, and I’ve tried many of the tricks of the trade when it comes to approaching women, asking them out on a date and escalating things. Some of these tricks have worked really well, others haven’t.

But after a while, you begin to wonder if anyone can teach you something new. Obsession Method seeks to change the game by a) pinpointing the loophole that exists in a woman’s mind and b) showing you how to hack a woman’s brain so that she goes weak at the knees just thinking about you. 

Because the program is so easy to follow, the steps themselves are simple enough to implement. Nothing in here is rocket science and – yes – some of what Kate says is stuff I’ve heard before. But Obsession Method not only introduces you to this loophole, it also arms you with a set of tools and the right mindset that will help you approach girls with more confidence and game.

Also, let’s be clear that this is a method. The program is comprehensive but all Kate is teaching is a single method made up of a few different steps. If you follow this method, you should be able to achieve results. 

If you don’t follow the method, the program will be entirely useless. 

Who Is This Product For?

Obsession Method is aimed at men who have always found it hard to get girls. Perhaps you have no problem matching with them on Tinder or any other app, but it’s never too long before they’ve stopped replying to you.

Obsession Review Method designed for guys finding it hard to get girls
Understanding a woman’s mind is understanding what you want from a woman

Or, maybe you’ve landed a few first dates but – again – nothing ever comes of it. You like them but they start ghosting you as soon as you get home! 

All this constant rejection can cause a man to start pinning the blame on things like his height, his weight, his social status, his economic status, his hair, his overall looks, the tie he chose for the first date (lol!). 

As Obsession Method shows, none of this actually matters. What matters is that you haven’t yet learned how to get a girl obsessed with you. Regardless of your social status, economic status, hair or dress sense, you can only get a woman turned on by you via a specific method that works on any girl. 

Ultimately, men who “don’t understand girls” or who are very low on confidence, or who are always being rejected after the first one or two dates will benefit from Obsession Method. It will show you what you’ve been doing wrong and what you need to do in order to fix things. 

Is Obsession Method Ethical?

I know a lot of pickup artists and dating coaches get a bad rep because their techniques can come across as pushy, misogynistic  and even a bit seedy and unethical. 

The fact that Obsession Method is created by a woman should be enough to allay some guys’ fears, but that won’t be enough to allay everyone’s concerns. After all, in her sales video for the program, Kate talks about making someone else’s girlfriend want you instead. Hmm! 

Obsession Method Review
Building confidence for healthier, long-lasting relationships

However, this is first and foremost a relationship program that’s designed to give shy, awkward guys more game. It aims to boost your confidence so that you’re able to approach more women in real life, build up your confidence and have better, healthier relationships.

It’s also aimed at guys who are looking for something longer term. Not only does Obsession Method want to make you more confident and more at ease with women, it wants to help you build longer lasting relationships with the woman of your dreams so that you’re ready to eventually settle down and build even a family. That sounds pretty ethical to me. 

Benefits of Obsession Method

You’ll Have More Successful Dates 

I’d been on many dates before I started using Obsession Method but what this program did was it highlighted where I’ve gone wrong on occasions in the past. It also gave me massive insights into the workings of a female mind. 

Obsession Method review for successful dating
A program designed to make her desire you

If you’ve struggled to get past the first date, Obsession Method teaches you how to make sure she not only texts you back – she literally can’t wait for you to text her back.

Bear in mind, though, that no program will make every date a success. 

You’ll Be More Confident 

Even if you still didn’t manage to finesse the first date straight away, Obsession Method will definitely give you more confidence. Via the Unstoppable Pickup section, you will learn how to approach more girls with game. And the more you do this, the more your confidence will grow. 

You’ll Approach More Girls 

If there’s one thing guys seem to struggle with more than anything, it’s the cold approach. I get it – it’s horrible the first couple of times you do it. After way too many knock backs? You completely stop trying. 

Obsession Method will benefit guys who struggle to do the cold approach in public, easing you into the process and showing you exactly what to say, and how to behave and act. 

Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Obsession Method is ideal if you’re the kind of guy who’s always struggled with girls. You’ve always felt there’s nothing wrong with you per say, but you can’t seem to get it right with women. 

Obsession Method will show you how to make a woman desire you more, and it will help you to build better, longer lasting relationships. At less than $70, it offers value for money. 

However, the method is only as good as your willingness to implement it properly. If you feel as though you’re ready to give something like this a shot and change your love life, it might well be worth the money. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the Obession Method Program for?

It's for guys that want a girlfriend, a wife or even multiple girls. Once you master the system, you can apply it as many times as possible.

Who is Kate Spring?

Kate Spring is a dating coach that specializes in making men irresistible to women. She's the author of the best selling program Obsession Method and currently resides in B.C. Canada.

How long does it take to have success with the Obession Method?

That depends on where you're starting. Usually men start to see improvement instantly and it snowballs from there. In some harder cases, it can take a few weeks of practice to get right.