True Instinct Pheromone For Men Review – A Game Changer


Want so many women that you’ll need to hire a secretary to handle all your dates? Wanna be seen as the alpha male by guys everywhere you go? Want to be respected, adored and desired?

Want a relationship?

True Instinct Pheromone promises to do all of this – and more. It’s their top selling pheromone oil that’s designed to increase your sexual market value instantly.

But does it work? Or are words cheap? Is it going to turn you into a stud … or a dud?

pheromone oils for increased attraction

I decided to check it out. In this review of True Instinct, I’m going to share with you my results and thoughts. I’ll be delving into:

  • What it is
  • The Ingredients
  • How effective it is
  • The Price
  • How long it lasts
  • Pros and cons

But first …

How Do Pheromones Work?

Think back to a girl you had. Remember desiring her even when she wasn’t caked in makeup or doused in perfume? She had this sort of feminine, sensual smell that drove you wild.

Those were her pheromones hypnotizing you.

desiring you through pheromones
The sensual smell of female pheromones that draws you to her

A pheromone is a chemical that your body produces in order to change the behaviour or someone else. Humans produce them naturally, and so do animals as a means of indirect communication between them.

However, what we’re interested in here are a specific type of pheromones known as the sex pheromones, which are actually the hardest pheromone to release naturally for a man when he’s out in the club. When we do release them, we release them into the air to attract a potential mate (in this case, a woman). The woman doesn’t know what’s going on – the effect takes place in her subconscious.

Do these sex pheromones work? Can women literally be turned on by the chemicals we’re unleashing in their direction? You bet. Just take a look at the insect world: Horny moths can flap their wings and unleash a flurry of exotic chemicals into the air, which send female moths crazy with desire. Before they know it, they’re banging each other into oblivion.

People have some of the same potential. As the science shows, women can smell our pheromones, but they’re often way too subtle for them to really notice anything.

For some dudes, this is where a product like this comes in.

What’s Inside True Instinct’s Pheromone?

At it’s core, the cologne is an oil-based product with pheromones mixed in. It is designed to cast a spell over all types of women.

According to the brand themselves, this product contains the highest concentration of sex pheromones on the planet. Big words – but possibly correct.

I looked into their ingredients, and whilst all pheromone products contain an active ingredient called Androstenone, most products contain only 5 mg per 10 ml bottle – or less. True Instinct, on the other hand, contains 2.5 mg per 10 ml bottle.

active oil ingredients for attracting women
Active ingredients and pheromone performance

That’s a lot and it’s part of the reason why it has consistently been one of their top selling products.

The other key ingredient is Androstadienone, which is more commonly known by its nickname, the love pheromone. This chemical elicits powerful feelings of affection and attraction in women, and causes them to want to be nearer to you – to hold you, to cuddle you, and to kiss you all over.

Combine that with the sex pheromone and you’re onto a winner … what a blend, right?

Let’s take a look at my personal experience.

How Many Drops Of Pheromone Oil To Use

According to the company, you need to exercise a little care when dousing yourself in their product because – if you apply too much – you could literally overdose on pheromones.

Wow. I thought that sounded pretty extreme – but also exciting.

I bought a single bottle of their oil-based formula and followed the instructions. The idea is that you start off slowly with one or two dabs, and then gradually increase your usage the more you use it.

The Effects On People

For the purpose of this review, I applied one or two dabs (one behind my ear and one on my wrist) the first time I used it, and five dabs (two behind my ear, two on my wrist and a further one on my shirt for luck) the second time I used it. Here are the results:

First Experience: Attraction Of Women

The first time I used True Instinct pheromone, I was aware that there was zero smell. I knew the bottle was unscented, but it was still a little strange not to smell anything. Alas, this meant that I could double down with my favourite cologne.

Then, I headed out to the bars.

And, man, I was bowled over. I decided to go out alone just to see how magnetic this stuff is, even when you’re not with your mates. And literally within an hour or so of being in the bar, enjoying a drink and looking around, I was approached by not one woman or a pair of women – but a group of women.

I thought to myself.

“Boy, This stuff really works.”

And these women were flirty, touchy-feely – and I even got two numbers! A smoking hot brunette in particular couldn’t keep her eyes off me, and she looked me up and down with that knowing smile all the time.

The night didn’t end there. I went to another bar and flirted with another two women. And these weren’t seven’s – these were ten’s.

Here’s the thing as well: The bar was packed with men, many of whom were definitely Alpha’s. Yet these women ignored their advances and came to dance with me. I didn’t even have to work hard and they sure weren’t approaching me for my confidence and charisma!

Results Of More Drops

The next night, I excitedly doused myself with a 5 dab dose of True Instinct and headed out again. Disappointingly, the results were somewhat the same. I managed to attract a few women, flirted again, and even enjoyed a steamy kiss. But I didn’t get more attention than when I was covered in just 2 dabs of pheromone.

My personal conclusion, then, was that 2 dabs are perfectly fine for it to work. I also concluded that True Instinct pheromones isn’t designed to guarantee you sex. Instead, it makes you more approachable in a sociable environment. For a reason the women themselves can’t really explain, they’re drawn to you and want to flirt with you. They desire you madly but it’s up to you to escalate things if that’s what you want.

A Confidence Booster For Men

This product is for any guy that wants to get laid and is sick and tired of heading out to bars and clubs and having no luck. You’re tired of spending money and wasting time chatting up the ladies before they inevitably leave with another guy who’s got a bigger car.

Girl attracted to man with pheromones
Using pheromone scent to grab her attention to the next level

Bars and clubs are, of course, hard places to meet women. They’re all dressed up, they’re all on their guard, and they know they’ve got a lot of power. As such, it’s you vs. a whole load of other guys who fancy their chances.

This product is designed to be your secret weapon that ensures you stand out from everyone else. You don’t even have to work too hard – as long as you’re well groomed and stay cool, the woman will be irresistibly drawn to you.

The Cost Of A Bottle

At the moment, you can pick up a 10ml bottle from the official website for $99.00. This is a one-off payment and there’s no need to tie yourself into any subscription (unlike similar products by other brands).

You don’t need to worry about shipping either, as the brand offers free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

How Long Does The Product Last?

That really depends how much you apply each time you use it, as well as how often you use it.

The product is sold in 10 ml bottles. That’s quite small to look at, but you get 280 drops out of it. If you use, say, 3 drops a go, it can last you 90 different evenings.

In terms of how long the scent lasts on your body or clothing, the brand themselves reckon the pheromones are effective for as many as 10 hours. I’m not sure how true this is, but from my own personal experience I was still enjoying success with the ladies after 5-6 hours at least.

Is True Instinct Oil Safe?

As far as I know, there are zero side effects. I used the maximum daily amount (5) and experienced no nasty symptoms, or even any mild symptoms.

However, I highly recommend sticking with the daily recommended dosage because the brand warns that using more than 5 dabs in one go can cause an overdose.

Does It Come With a Guarantee?

Yes. This is a 100% risk-free customer satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturer that allows you to return the product for a refund if it isn’t working.

That’s how much True Instinct believe in what they’ve got here.

Pros and Cons

Reviews should have the confidence to layout out the pros and cons of the product and give potential users the opportunity to make their own judgment before purchase.

pros of using pheromones
- Higher concentration of pheromones than rival products.
- Easy to use
- Long-lasting.
- No side effects.
Cons of using pheromones
- Pricey
- Hard to find a complete list of ingredients

My Verdict On True Instinct Pheromones

We believe that True Instinct is a highly potent product designed to increase a woman’s desire for you. It certainly works but, due to its price, whether you decide it’s for you or not will most likely come down to the fact of how much you want this.

Or, to put it another way, how much you want women to want you.

The bottle is small but you only need 2 dabs, and the effects can last you all evening. If you’re throbbing with interest right now, the next step is to visit the True Instinct website and take it from there.