Switching from Logical to Social: The Art of seduction


Seducing women has always been a challenge for many men in our new generation.

Men these days seem to have gone through a massive cultural change which has stripped their ability to attract and seduce women. Learning social skills aims at recreating balance through technology. The seduction system, broken down, to a point where it is methodical and predictable, is currently the crutch for the men who otherwise would not have been to naturally embrace seduction process.

Why is this the case? Why have men lost their natural ability to seduce women? These days, the modern man spends hours a day in a frozen, dumb state. Either in front of a computer, channeling his thoughts through a keyboard, watching TV, watching a movie, men everywhere are being isolated from society. After working for 8 hours on a computer which only responds to mouse clicks, the mental switch to have a delightful conversation with a beautiful woman seems daunting. In the art of seduction, the modern man must make this switch from ‘logical, isolated, non-creative’ to a more social, imaginative and friendly state.

In this system, there are two ways to make this switch.

1. Naturally, this involves altering your lifestyle. An example would be getting a new job that allows you to fully express yourself with others on an on-going basis, then adopt an active lifestyle in which you perform many physical activities.

2. Through understanding seduction, you can lead your logical mind to perform logical behaviors and gradually switch into a more social, imaginative state. Once you have fully understood the art of seduction, you can actually stay in a fully logical state, which is comfortable to you, and embrace a natural, enticing conversation with a beautiful woman. In a way, you are converting the previously very vague art of seduction to a more logical state which your daily mind can handle. Normally, this wouldn’t be necessary, but the new lifestyles that many have adopted come with unforeseen consequences and make this technology a must.

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Chris Calo
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