We’re Made To Love – A Look at The Dance Between Men and Women


No, seriously. We’re human beings – and we are made to love one another, my friend. Nature intended man and woman to love each other. You’re probably shaking your head right now. Why is Brighty pointing out the freaking obvious to me?

Just the other day, I was talking to a student of seduction, and he asked me: “How do I approach a cute girl so she won’t realize I’m attracted to her?” Look… That’s where I’m shaking my head. You guys all know that we are naturally attracted to the other sex, yet you ask me how you can hide it from the girl you’re talking to? I think you have to realize something that makes the question redundant:

You don’t have to twist a girl’s arm for sex

And I mean “sex” in the wider sense here – the whole dance from the first looks and touches (which should come right away – e.g. a tap on the shoulder to open her) to the flirty whispering in each others’ ears, the playful “us against the world” secrecy, to the hot nights of passion.

made to love

You (and a couple thousand others) are reading this right now because you want to become a great seducer. A man that women find naturally attractive. Start here: realize that women love men. They love the low timbre of our voices, the way we walk upright and with purpose, the masculine things we do. They love the hair on our bodies, the feeling of our beard against their skin, our sense of adventure, our competitiveness. They go crazy for it. Now, why do we love them? For their creativity, their warmth, the curves of their bodies, their smiles, the light in their eyes. For the ring of their voices.

Let Your Love Show

If you try to hide from a girl that you find her interesting, that you’re attracted to her feminine essence, then you not only disqualify yourself as a lover – you also rob her of the option to experience some magic with a great guy. What has the poor girl done to deserve this?

Love and sexual attraction are completely natural parts of our existence. The best you can do for yourself and the girls around you is to fully acknowledge that. Show that you are perfectly comfortable knowing that you are attracted to each other: treat her as any other human being, but let your natural attraction to her flow neatly and naturally. It’s no big deal. And if you make her a compliment, it’s no big deal other. She does have beautiful eyes – point it out, and then move on. She’ll enjoy your company more for it.