One Good Thing Leads To Another


Many think that playing a guitar in a rock band, and playing well, is one of the best and easiest tickets to getting laid, and, well, in most cases, that’s undeniably true. But consider this: I have a friend who’s always moody or sad. He has a great personality, he plays guitar all the time, in a band, and in front of audiences. He plays well. Yet, no booty for him.

What is he missing?

The sex appeal. That sparkle and joy, the casual innuendo and flirty interplay, the teasing and the whole dance of love that women find so attractive. If he added that to his guitar playing, he’d be a seduction machine. You see, attraction largely works through the buildup of positive emotions.

Start great and get better from there

One of the safest, and at the same time most enjoyable, ways of getting where you want to be (in our case, in bed with a great girl) is by keeping the good stuff coming. Let’s look at music: why do girls fall in love with musicians so much? It’s because these guys understand to appeal to our emotions. They express what lies within us, and take us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. They sing sad songs, but they sing the joyous, upbeat ones to complement them, and sweep girls away with it.

Our interactions with each other can only benefit from good vibes, and from escalating them. Each new step should make the overall experience of being around you more enjoyable.

From fun to more of it

I think we can all agree that sex is fun. Even the staunchest of bible thumpers will have to admit that love and sex are pleasurable (evil, but pleasurable) experiences. Now, if you wanna get there with a girl, then start with other things that are fun! One pleasurable thing leads to another. That’s why my friend isn’t getting laid: he sings about despair, loss, failure, plight, sorrow and heartache. Girls hear it and go “okay, that was deep and thought-provoking. Now I’m gonna go out and find myself a guy (or two, giggle giggle) to have fun with! Woo-hoo!” And off they bugger.

Don’t go there. Don’t become a clown either, but do learn to stir up good feelings within a person. Stir them in yourself first, and then transmit your own joy of life to others. Yes, you want to prove that you have deeper thoughts and feelings, that you can be serious and thoughtful – but if you start out on that, you mess up your chances. After a girl realizes that instead, you are happy, content with your life and that you can make others laugh, she’ll be even more impressed when you bring out your stories of heartbreak and hard times.

There’s a simple rule:

You start out with fun, add more fun and then even more, and it if you want, you can take it all the way up to sex.

You get what you give, you reap what you’ve sown… There are so many idioms, but it’s all about the Law of Attraction at work. My friend realized it, and what can I say. His tongue-in-cheek acoustic version of “Baby one more Time” is hysterical. It usually means he has to take the guitar off his lap to make room for a girl.