what to say after hello

A problem that many men seem to suffer from is not knowing what to say after they’ve said “Hello”. If once you’ve initiated conversation your mind goes blank and you don’t know what to say then what follows is a guide for you. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before from it at some point, especially in the presence of beautiful women.

Focus Your Attention On Her

After you’ve started talking to her, the first thing you need to do is make sure that her attention is focused on you and not elsewhere. Perhaps the easiest way to hook her attention is with a quick observation about her. Simply notice something different, odd or out of place on her and make a comment about it. Ask her to tell you the story about it and LISTEN to her – after all, every person’s favorite topic is themselves!

Be Passionate

You don’t want her to be talk endlessly without giving yourself a chance to display your own worth though. If there’s a lull in the conversation or if she says something that would lead naturally into it, tell her a story! Talk to her about the exciting adventures you’ve been on, the crazy things you’ve done or a funny tale you might have heard somewhere. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to her that you’re just as interesting and unique as she is. Talk about the things YOU love, your passions and hobbies, and give her the chance to get to know you on a much more personal level.


If you ask any girl what they want in a guy, they’ll say “someone who makes me laugh”. When you meet women, you want them to remember you as someone they had a good time with and nothing shouts out pleasure more than laughter. Show her your funny side – tease her a bit, tell her jokes and funny little stories. Make her understand that you are not intimidated by her beauty at all and that you can relax and have fun with her just as you would with any of your other friends.

Be curious about her

One small thing that most men seem to think is unnecessary is fluff talk. Asking questions about the woman, simple things such as what she does for a living or what she studies, has garnered a bad reputation when in fact it can be a valuable asset. Every moment spent talking to her and finding out about her helps strengthen the connection the two of you are building. It can also give you time to think when you feel that there’s a lull in the conversation. It’s true, you shouldn’t ask these questions and actively TRY to seek rapport but don’t be afraid of using them either – if you’re curious about her, ask!

It’s true, the first few times you practice these new techniques, your old habits re-appear and wipe your mind clean like a blank slate. Revel in these moments because before you know it, it will be completely gone and you will be able to talk to women as easily and freely as with any of your closest friends. As time progresses, you’ll find that your stories become more polished with practice, that women laugh longer and harder at the same jokes you make because you’re more comfortable telling them and find them genuinely funny. All it takes is a little bit of effort and before you know it, you’ll never have to think “what to say to a girl” again.

  • ulysses

    each time i come back im never disappointed, thats why i keep comin back and with no regrets

  • John

    Hi there, this is actually a good article. I have to agree that I do the stupid stuff although I do have a question…
    I was gonna ask a girl out and I thought of taking her to a ice rink, is that a good thing to take for a girl?

  • Seductionist

    This is a good generalized article… a lot of men do have approach anxiety because they don’t have material after saying ‘hi.’ I know this is how I was when I started out anyway. I tried some of the cocky/funny lines and had some success. I’ve found that things work better when I make them myself though.

  • Simon

    Razz, you da man! if i haven’t read this one, i would have done the exact opposite. Thanks for the good advice and more power!

  • Anony

    ” The worse thing is when a guy says: “Ok I have a joke”.”
    lmao… Nice one. 🙂

  • Javier

    hey, This is very handy and I have noticed that every time I am with a girl like in a date I always run out of things to say as soon as I say hello. Thanks a lot for these advices.

  • become an alpha male

    Indeed, being prepared makes things easier. And knowing that you won’t be running out of things to say will even make some of that crazy approach anxiety go away.

  • Pua4Life

    Nice post!

    GUYS, listen to him, he knows what he’s talking about. If you aren’t making girls laugh, then work on your comedic skills.

  • NancyPlz

    I’m a girl that just randomly stumbled on this page…

    Guys: If you’re going to tell a joke, please incorporate it into a conversation. The worse thing is when a guy says: “Ok I have a joke”. Girls like guys that are naturally funny, we don’t need you reading me something you memorized.

  • Halbert32

    Hey Razz, that’s good advice. I usually end up being the one that’s silent when I’m at table with friends. Next time it happens, I’ll have a story prepared so I can immediately go into it and get a little attention for myself