17 Tinder Tips to Change How You Swipe Forever


Are you on Tinder, but you’re not meeting enough women as you’d like?

If so, then your profile – and your own life – might need a little makeover. Here’s a quick checklist of what works for men on Tinder, so you can make the necessary adjustments to start meeting more women.

By the way – “what works” means whatever it takes to make girls NOT click the red “X” when your profile pops up on their phone. You’ll be surprised at the little excuses women make to NOT match up with you on Tinder.

But I digress. Let’s get right on to:

Tinder Success 101

Tip #1: Be Attractive.

The unwritten “Rule #1” for Tinder is to be attractive… and “Rule #2” is to NOT be unattractive.

Of course, that’s a joke half-meant. After all, Tinder dating isn’t very different from online dating or face-to-face dating – the more attractive you are, the more girls will be attracted to you.[R]

What’s more, being attractive doesn’t just mean looking good – it also means living an attractive lifestyle, one that’s interesting, exciting, and meaningful.

Being attractive is not just about image, but about the vibe you portray

Now, you might be wondering: “What if I’m not that attractive?” Well, that can be fixed…

Speak a Thousand Words

Tip #2: Tinder is All About Images.

The saying goes: “A picture speaks a thousand words.” On Tinder, your photos WILL say thousands of words about you.

The thing is: They can be GOOD words, or they can be BAD words. So remember to only use photos that put you in a good light.

Use the right images that tell an interesting story

Tip #3: No Selfies…

Or at least, keep them to a minimum. According to a Huffington Post experiment, women to have a negative reaction toward 90% of the selfies they see on Tinder. If you have one selfie on your profile, make sure you have at least 4-5 other photos that AREN’T selfies.

A study shows 90% of women on Tinder have a negative reaction to selfies

Tip #4: Consider Getting Professional Shots.

Studies have found that more women on Tinder are looking for long-term relationships instead of casual lays [R] – and if you’re looking for the same thing, you might want to invest in professionally-made shots.

If you’re in or around Brooklyn, you might want to check this guy out.

If you want to upgrade your relationship, you need to upgrade your photos

On the other hand…

Tip #5: Consider Just Working With a Friend With a Decent Camera.

If you’re on Tinder looking for short hookups, then you might want to stay away from studio shots. Instead, work with a friend who owns a decent camera and go take fun, candid, dynamic shots that show you as an interesting guy.

Quick snaps for quick hookups

Exactly which shots to take? More on that later in this article.

Tip #6: Wear Your Nicer Clothes For Your Photos.

If you think you’re not an attractive guy, that can be remedied by wearing nicer clothes. What to wear depends on what you want out of Tinder:

  • Looking for casual hookups? Go trendy and edgy.
  • Looking for a long-term relationship? Go classic and fashionable.
A cool tip to detract focus from your looks is to wear nifty clothes

The Stories Only You Can Tell

Tip #7: Show Photos of Your Work…

if it’s something interesting, like if you’re a fighter pilot or a zookeeper or marine biologist.

Nothing wrong with boasting how interesting your work is

Tip #8: Show Photos of Your Hobbies…

likewise, if they’re interesting. Photos of you riding horses, skydiving, rock climbing, etc. are always attractive.

The same applies with your hobbies… she’s not exactly going to be intrigued by a couch potato!

Tip #9: Show Photos of Your Travels.

Travel photos are universally interesting and attractive. They tell women you’re level-headed and stable enough to see the world, and it’s always a thrill to date a fellow traveler.

Make them wonder what it would be like to travel with you

Tip #10: Show Photos of Events You’ve Been In.

Concerts, art fairs, holiday street parties, sports events, and so on – as long as it shows you having fun with other people, they’ll be great.

Being at events shows you are a fun & outgoing person… who does not want to mix with fun people!

In the Eye of the Beholder

Tip #11: Avoid Showing Clowny Photos.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that posting funny pictures of yourself on Tinder will make girls like you more. They won’t. If they were looking for clowns, they’d go on Craigslist.

Just stop it!

Tip #12: Never Post Embarrassing Photos.

If you’re naked, or disgusting, or just plain embarrassing to look at in the photo – don’t post it on Tinder.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words… they could be right with this one

Tip #13: Ask Your Female Friends to Judge Your Photos.

Remember, we’re not the ones who decide whether our photos are attractive or not – it’s the ladies. So ask a few trusted female friends to check your photos and tell you which ones look best.

A woman knows best

Tip #14: Remove Your Least-Attractive Photo.

Women tend to remember you by the least-attractive photo on your profile, not the most attractive one. So once you’ve come up with 4-6 photos to put on your profile, find the least attractive one, and remove it. Your numbers will rise.

Eliminate all possibilities of her swiping left

The Rest of the Package

Tip #15: Learn to Turn a Match into a Date.

There are SO many ways to turn Tinder matches into dates that you’ll need to try as many as you can to see what works for you. Here’s a Tinder cheat sheet on Reddit that has helped thousands of men so far, and will help you too.

Tip #16: Move Quickly.

As tempting as it might be to keep chatting with a girl who seems to like you on Tinder, you’ll want to set up a face-to-face date as soon as you can… and the longer you chat, the less likely the date will happen.

“Don’t stall, go for the kill and set up that date”

This AskMen.com article has a section on how to move Tinder chats onto a proper face-to-face meeting, in addition to a few other helpful tips – be sure to check it out.

Tip #17: Know What Girls DON’T Like.

This VICE.com guide to Tinder for men, written by a woman, exposes some of the most common (and cringey) mistakes men make on Tinder. While the author doesn’t speak for all women on Tinder, do read her article carefully – you’ll likely spot two or three (or more) mistakes you’re already making.

Lastly: Be Active

Here’s something very few men know…

Being too greedy or too picky reduces your match potential

The Tinder app actually has a rating system no one can see. Basically, if you swipe right on too many girls, the rating system lowers your score. Likewise, the less you swipe right, the lower your score.

Basically, the lower your score in this hidden rating system, the lower your chances of showing up in a woman’s carousel of potential matches. That means lower chances of getting matched, which then means lower chances of getting dates. As if Tinder dating wasn’t hard enough!

Of course, Tinder’s rating system is meant to reward the more conscientious daters among us. You can’t be a trigger-happy right-swiper, and you can’t be inactive. Instead, you’ll want to be:

  • Fairly active, and following the rules closely
  • With a clear goal for your efforts on Tinder
  • Clear on your preferences for women
  • A truly interesting guy inside and out

In other words: Don’t try to game the system, because you’ll just be hurting yourself. Instead, just lead an interesting life, have fun on Tinder, and give the girls what they want.

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1. What are some specific tips to change how you swipe on Tinder?

If you’re looking to change how you swipe on Tinder, here are some specific tips to help you out:

1. First, take a look at your current swiping habits. What are you doing that you want to change? Are you swiping too quickly? Not paying attention to profiles? Only swiping right?

2. Once you know what you want to change, take some time to think about why you want to make that change. What are your goals?

2. How can changing your swiping habits improve your matches and/or conversations on Tinder?

Be more selective with who you swipe right on. This doesn’t mean being super picky, but rather being more discerning with who you want to match with.

3. What are some general do’s and don’ts when it comes to swiping on Tinder?

When it comes to swiping on Tinder, there are a few general do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. First and foremost, do make sure that you have a clear and well-lit photo as your profile picture. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your face is the only thing visible in the photo.

Don’t use group photos as your profile picture, as it can be difficult for potential matches to figure out which one is you.

4. How can you tell if someone is a good match for you on Tinder before even swiping right?

When it comes to online dating, there are a lot of factors to consider in order to determine if someone is a good match for you. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for in a partner and in a relationship. Once you know what you want, you can start to look for those qualities in other people’s profiles.

Some things to look for include: common interests, similar values, and a good physical attraction.

5. What are some red flags to watch out for when swiping on Tinder?

When swiping on Tinder, some red flags to watch out for include:

-If the person’s profile only has one or two photos, it could be a sign that they’re not really looking for a relationship and are just using the app for hookups.

-If the person’s profile is full of selfies, it could be a sign that they’re narcissistic and only care about themselves.

6. How can you make your profile stand out on Tinder?

Your profile can stand out on Tinder by adding interesting facts or hobbies in your bio, using attractive but not overly sexualized pictures, and by engaging with potential matches in a friendly and flirty way. You can also make your profile stand out by swiping right on a lot of people, so that you appear in their “Top Picks” section.

7. What are some conversation starters that can help you break the ice with a match on Tinder?

Assuming you want to start a conversation with a match on the dating app Tinder, here are some possible conversation starters:

-How are you today?
-What have you been up to?
-What are some of your hobbies and interests?
-What kind of music do you like?
-What kind of movies do you like?
-What kind of food do you like?
-Have you been on any interesting trips lately?

8. What are some things you should avoid saying or doing on Tinder?

1. Don’t send unsolicited dick pics. This is a major turn-off for most women and will likely get you banned from the app.
2. Don’t start a conversation with a woman by calling her a “bitch” or a “slut.” This is disrespectful and will not endear you to her.
3. Don’t ask a woman personal questions about her sex life or her body. This is considered to be very rude and intrusive.

9. What are some common mistakes people make when using Tinder?

Not Uploading Enough Photos:

One of the most common mistakes people make on Tinder is not uploading enough photos. Your profile photo is the first thing people will see when they come across your profile, so make sure it’s a good one! Ideally, you should have at least 3-4 photos on your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions
I got a lot of matches when I first signed up to Tinder, but this no longer happens, why?

Tinder will boost the visibility of new users for approximately two to three days. As a result your profile will be shown to many more people, but in time, this boost drops off.

Can I only use pictures from my Facebook account to upload on Tinder?

At one time this was the case. However, since recent updates, users can now upload photographs directly from their smart phone. The benefits of this is that you do not need to upload your dating profile pics to Facebook for everyone to see and you get to keep things a little more private.

I'm having my first tinder date tomorrow what are some tips you can give me?

Number one is don't murder her. I know it'll be tempting at times but people generally frown on this.

Just try to have a normal, regular person conversation and allow things to flow naturally. By doing this, it will be easy to tell if your click or not.

Any tips for someone seeking a relationship using apps like tinder and bumble?

My tinder says "just looking for someone with HBO so I can watch game of thrones for free" right now and I get more dudes wanting to wife me there than OKC.

Can people outside my Tinder set age parameters see my profile (and vice versa)?

No. The only way you can see each other is if you both are within each other’s parameters.