Weak Tinder Game? How To Become a Tinder God


If you’re spending lots of time on Tinder with no results, relax and don’t worry! In this guide, you’re going to become a confident player with a calendar full of dates and numbers in your phone.

Even if your game is currently lacking, there are a handful of steps you can take to up your Tinder game dramatically.

So, before you give up on the Tinder app or dating scene altogether, or otherwise resort to other dating strategies, read this guide.

Read This to Discover the Number One Skill to Dominating Tinder

The number one asset you need to crush on Tinder is your profile picture. Your profile picture is the central focus of most anyone who looks at your profile. 

Your profile picture is the most critical thing you need to get right! Because your profile picture is always the first thing that your dream date notices about you. 

When taking the perfect Tinder profile picture, put your Star Wars and Nintendo shirts away! Try your utmost to look the best you can. Setting your best foot forward usually starts by wearing something respectable that would impress your dream date.

Here’s How to Make Sure That Your Tinder Profile Picture Rocks

Never forget that the first thing your potential date is going to see is your primary profile picture. Like it or not, your Tinder profile picture is everything.

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One of the most important things about your Tinder profile picture is that it looks great. Why not try to class up your photo as much as possible? If you’re wearing a stained shirt, and are holding a selfie-stick, then this doesn’t exactly scream “this one’s a keeper!”.

If you can have someone else take a photograph for you. You can either ask your best friend to take the picture or hire a professional to make sure that your photo is Tinder worthy.

Another important tip is to ensure that your picture is current. If you’re sporting a photo that’s ten years old that doesn’t represent how you look now, you can shock your date, or even worse, disappoint them when you meet face to face.

If you’re stressing out right now because your rent’s already due and you don’t have the cash for a professional photo session, then relax! You can hire a freelance photographer for very little money these days, and it won’t be nearly as stressful or time-consuming as you might think.

How to Choose the Perfect Tinder Profile Picture, Even If You Have Epically Bad Taste!

If you want to be the grand Tinder boss, then the last thing you should do is choose your profile picture. Instead, let a close friend choose your Tinder profile picture! Having someone else choose your profile picture might seem counterintuitive, but your perception of yourself is biased, even tainted.

You’ve been staring at yourself in the mirror every day for your entire life. What you need is a fresh pair of eyes.

Let a trusted friend choose the picture that they like the best. Better yet, ask a couple of your friends for advice and consider their feedback. Your friends see you from a neutral vantage, just as your potential date sees you, so listen to their feedback.

If you want more advice on how to choose the perfect profile picture, then check out this article on classic profile pictures.

Two Ingeniously Devilish Tips for Choosing the Right Tinder Profile Pictures Every Time

The following strategy might seem a little vain but listen very carefully because this is important. 

If you’re in a group photo with friends of the same sex, then make sure that you are the best looking of the bunch. Nothing can make you stand out more than by appearing more attractive compared to your pals.

On the other hand, if your Tinder profile features a photo with friends of the opposite sex, it’s a great idea if they are hot and 10/10! I’m talking gorgeous. That way, your Tinder photos will prove that you associate with hotties as evidenced by those around you in your company.

Even if you’re not the best looking, by surrounding yourself with attractive people of the opposite sex, you’ll lead everyone to wonder what’s your secret. Your prospective date will know that you can handle yourself socially and intellectually.

If you deploy either of these Tinder photo hacks, you’re actively engaging in ethical sorcery. If you decide to use any group photos, then follow these tips so you can evoke massive social proof and curiosity. Every potential date will know that you’re intriguing, tempting, and worthy of their notice.

You’re worth the catch, so have the confidence to show off.

An Easy Hack to Dramatically Improve Your Tinder Messaging Game

If you try to mimic everyone else on Tinder or any other dating app, then you’re never going to stand out or make a lasting impression.

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Remember that your first impression might be your last impression unless you can catch the eye and interest of your (potential) date. So, try to be different. Let your personality shine without being too obnoxious.

Here are a few tips to easily take your Tinder messaging game up a notch:

  • Don’t compliment your potential date too much at first. You don’t want to appear needy, anxious, or desperate.
  • Stick to friendly banter and observations. Don’t drool all over your date or you’ll signal that they’re way out of your league!
  • If you have a sense of humor, don’t be shy to put that to use but, don’t bully or belittle your date! You never want to come off too strong and scare them away.

The Easiest Way to Avoid Looking Desperate

There are two massive secrets that you need to learn if you want to crush your conversations on Tinder. First, you want to reply quickly, but not too fast. If you respond too soon, you’re just screaming “desperation” from every building top in your city.

On the other hand, if you take too long, then your (potential) date might think that you’re wasting their time, trolling, or are purposefully playing hard to get. Neither of these is a good look, especially if you want to find a date with minimal effort.

A much better strategy is to wait for hours, not days or weeks, to respond. Don’t respond instantly, or this can send a signal that your demand isn’t very high. 

Never forget that in the world of sex and dating, supply and demand is vital. If you can signal that you’re busy and not desperate for attention, then your desirability can spike big league as a result.

How to Choose the Perfect “Low Commitment” Date Location Without Any Stress?

The final tip that you need to know is how to choose the perfect date spot.

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The secret is to make your first date as low key, and as easy, and as low commitment as possible.

That way, you don’t “entrap” your date to a confined space, time, or area. Instead, you can offer a pressure-free experience that’s much easier to say, “Hell yes!” to and accept.

So maybe you could invite your date to a cool coffee shop that you were going to attend anyway. Or, if there’s a trendy festival or event nearby, ask them to go with you!

If you want more low-key and simple date ideas, then read some ideas from this epic date-idea list. The key is to make things interesting, light, and low commitment, so it’s super simple to say yes.

That way, you take the pressure off, and can hopefully open the doors to a beautiful relationship worthy of note.