A Guy’s Guide to Spring Love


The best time of the year for picking up women is, as you guessed it, is in the spring. So if you’ve been putting off approaching women during the winter now’s the time to really put everything you’ve learned into practice. But why is it that in spring is the prime time for hooking up?

Well our animal roots suggest that the coming of the warm season makes it ideal time to carry a kid, so in a way we are pre-programmed to mate during this period. However, people have suggested that the increased physical activity, the warm breeze caressing our cheeks and warming in temperatures contributes to us feeling the need to find a partner. Before I start sounding like a Harlequin novel, let’s get to the good stuff.

Where to Approach Women in the Spring

During this time of year, the best place to meet and potentially pick up a girl will be in areas that are usually only used in the spring and summer. For example, if you have the option to go to a pub or bar, pick the one with the outdoor terrace instead of the one that’s closed in. Eat your meals outside, workout outside and do as many things as possible outdoors because that’s where the women with spring fever will be.


Now it doesn’t mean you can’t meet a girl at the library or at a dark club, but that’s definitely not the ideal place at this time of year! Instead, you’ll have a much easier time meeting a girl that’s walking her dog in a park or simply checking out an outdoor show. She’ll be more receptive, more engaging and more likely to be single!

The Actual Approach

The easiest ways to approach girls this time of year is to go in with high energy. Say “Hi” in an enthusiastic tone, and just show them that you’re happy to be alive and that they should join you for some fun. The trick in spring is not to take things too seriously, that’s more a fall thing. No one’s really looking for a long term commitment in spring, instead they are usually looking forward to a summer of excitement and fun. Take advantage of this by talking about your summer plans, and include her in them whenever possible.

For example once you’ve been talking to a girl for a while you can say: “Hey I’m going bungee jumping this summer, imagine we jumped together at the same time? I’d be holding you screaming as we went down!”

Not only does this make you sound like a fun exciting guy, but she also imagines the trill of bungee jumping with you and gets to warm up to your touch as well. It’s a win-win-win situation.

What to do after

Remember, spring is a light, flirty and high energy time of the year. Don’t take things too seriously and what ever you do, don’t over commit to a girl without getting to know her better first. Realize that what you might think is love in the spring might actually simply be infatuation, so have as much fun as you can and take it a day at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you visiting your faraway love bird this spring break?

Yup. Last trip before closing the distance. I work in a school district so I get Spring Break off!

Don't ya just love spring break?

Unable to walk, unable to hold a glass of water... is there a possibility she needs a little more medical intervention than just sleeping it off?

Why does the reverse flash love spring?

I'm extremely confused as to why this is a spoiler for season 1?

Is the spring love' hat extremely rare and hard to get?

Nope. Just get roses and transmute it for a chest and take a chance at RNG.

Hearing it's been common to get it.

With spring finally here what are some things you love to do outside?

Picnics in the park.