6 Steps For Attracting A Woman


Hey, I’m sure you’ve read my friend Chris Calo’s latest newsletters about making an entrance and sweeping a woman off her feet. (In case you haven’t, you should sign up. His advice is free and solid, and I’ve seen him pull it off more often than I care to remember!) So! One of my favourite bits was the one about keeping your interaction with the girl positive. And it inspired me to give you a little nudge… Something we tend to forget, and that is so easy to do. Here’s how you can attract a woman in 6 steps!

1. Go to Google.
2. Type in “waytoosocial.com” (If you’re reading this, already 2 steps down!)
3. Find 4-5 articles and read them. Take NOTES!
4. Go to bar
5. Find girl
6. Pick up

You know, we wonder so often how to be funny, intriguing, charismatic, magnetic to women. We think “but I’m not a funny guy!”, and “I don’t have a great charisma, and it’ll be hard work to build it”. But in reality, it’s so easy. How many times have you joked around with your friends?

If I ask your right now to remember your favourite moments, I’m sure you’ll come up with them fairly quickly. And if you keep digging, I’m sure you’ll remember 3-4 more in just some minutes, PLUS the cool situations you first heard them in. There! A story to tell along with it. If you’re shy and you want to be social, then prepare your stories in advance!

I mean, can you believe it? You can attract a woman in 6 steps, and the first 2 you’ve already done. The magic of preparing yourself is that they kick all the logical, constrained, rational “whatcha-do-where-ya-from” BS out of your mind and let the FUN in. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions
What questions do you have about attracting women?

I feel like I find it hard to strike the balance between "too funny/try hard" and just kind of boring

Any advice?

Also, cool guys always seem like they can have something fun and spontaneous they can do with people, any suggestions?

Why is attracting women so impossibly difficult and complex?

There might be a common Catch-22 at play for you: Guys who are satisfied with their dating life don't come across as desperate, but have confidence. This confidence is sexy and attractive.

Imagine two people who walk into a buffet. The first is hungry after a long day of work but he had a decent breakfast and lunch. He approaches the buffet, stands in line, grabs his plate, and carefully and neatly selects the items he wants. The second hasn't eaten in days and is famished. He pushes and shoves his way desperately to the front of the line and tries to heap everything onto multiple plates while everyone else looks at him distastefully.

Try to act like that first guy even if you're famished.

ETA: Be sure to interact with women as if they're actual human beings, instead of objects to have sex with.

What's the worst advice your dad gave you about attracting women?

The fact he never really gave me any.

Ethnic guys that do well with women what kinds of women are you attracting?

Asian here. Mostly asians and latinas. A few white girls here and there. Married to a latina tho ayyyy

But what types of women do you end up attracting based on your methods?

I tend to attract the crazy ones. I'm pretty out there myself sometimes, so it makes sense.