Best Pheromones Cologne For Men Attracts Women [Tested 2024]


When looking for pheromones for men, the first question people ask is usually: do pheromones products really work or is it just a fancy cologne?

The short answer is yes, human pheromones do work.

Each animal, including humans, produce pheromones that alter the behavior of others of the same species. Since they are secreted outside of the body, they are known as ectohormones. These days, manufacturers have harnessed the beneficial elements and packaged them into what’s called pheromone cologne.

In most mammals, pheromones work by triggering a specific organ in the nose. This organ connects to the hypothalamus in the brain. Interestingly, the organ is present in a human fetus but atrophies before birth. This suggests that pheromones affect humans differently from other mammals in the animal kingdom.

Scientists still believe that humans react to pheromones oil through their olfactory system [R]. For example, the smell of tears can invoke a feeling of empathy without seeing the person crying.

best pheromones for men to attract women

Consequently, there has been a great deal of research on how humans react to pheromones from other humans to determine if there are ways to alter your scent to be more desirable to potential mates.

#1RawChemistry Pheromone Cologne
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blended pheromone cologne to attract womenContaining a blend of human pheromones including Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone and Androsterone, proven to attract women and appeal to their receptors.
#2100° Celsius Aphrodisiac CologneAphrodisiac pheromone boost perfumeThe first pheromone men's cologne oil that's alcohol-free, contains no silicone, PBA's or plastics. Works as an aphrodisiac by boosting your natural pheromone presence.
#3Pure Instinct Roll-Onbest roll-on scent to entice womenInfused with the most powerful pheromone in humans (Androstenone & Copulin), Pure Instinct works to attract both men and women by blending with your skin's PH.
#4Basic Instinct Arousal PerfumeScent to arouse womenInfused with powerful pheromones and mixes easily with your favorite lotions and creams. But here's the secret, this perfume can also be used by men while smelling like a man.
#5Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Essential Oil Bath oil for her romantic desiresFor those already in a relationship, enhance your romance together by using this pheromone infused product in the bath or as a massage oil.

How do Pheromone Colognes Work?

Attracting women with male pheromones

Women are sensitive to musk, far more sensitive than men. This key piece of information is why why you’ll find that the ingredients in men pheromone cologne that produce a fragrance the might repel men as it attracts women.

Male pheromones affect women to varying degrees, but most women are more sensitive while ovulating. At that point, it’s like pushing the shortcut key for human attraction.

There is some disagreement among health-care professionals on how effective pheromone cologne is, especially since human pheromones tend to change over time. Consider the difference between fresh male sweat compared to sweat that has oxidized. A woman may find the fresh sweat appealing but will likely react less favorably to the scent of dried sweat.

Specific social situations can further complicate the effect of male pheromones. A crowded party with other several other human odors can overpower the benefits of the pheromones. However, in an intimate setting, you’re more apt to notice the benefits.

The Top Types of Pheromones [Reference]

There are four main types of pheromones that have different functions [R].

  • Signaler pheromones provide information, like allowing a mother to recognize her newborn.
  • Modulator pheromones, usually found in sweat, alter or synchronize bodily functions.
  • Primer pheromones take time to elicit a response and often are responsible for development, like puberty, or reproduction.
  • Releaser pheromones are generally linked to sexual attraction and receive a fast, almost immediate response.

For our purposes, we will focus on releaser pheromones and use an attractiveness rating. Several subtypes have been identified as creating a response in the opposite sex. (Plus, sometimes a nice moisturizing effect)

Alpha Androstanol

Also known as Anol or Alpha-nol, this is one of the most common pheromones linked to a female reaction. Dubbed “conversation grease,” Alpha Androstanol increases sociability and fun [R].

Women have rated men as more attractive when exposed to this pheromone. Men may seem less intimidating with Alpha Androstanol.

In high doses, Alpha Androstanol has led to a giddy feeling in the brain area that is exacerbated by alcohol use. This effect can push the positive effects over the edge and lead to adverse reactions.

Beta Androstanol

If Alpha Androstanol gets a conversation going, Beta Androstanol takes it to the next level. Commonly known as Bnol, butanol, and epiandrostenol, it’s been nicknamed the truth serum pheromone.

Beta Androstanol facilitates the formation of a true bond between people. This triggers the vomeronasal organ in the brain and is often present in close friendships and familial bonds.


Let’s talk about respect. Alpha Androsterone is associated with reliability, natural leadership skills, and higher social standing. It essentially makes you more believable and persuasive. Androsterone is not necessarily an overtly sexual pheromone, but it can help with self-confidence and communication [R].

The downside to Androsterone is that it can attract certain types of women, like those seeking a “protector” archetype. It can also make the wearer come across as being too serious. However, used with the right combination of other pheromones, Androsterone can have a positive effect.


Not to be confused with Androsterone, this pheromone is similar but less aggressive. It evokes feelings of safety, comfort, and reliability.


Androstadienone is one of the most studied pheromones by scientists and hobbyists. Commonly known as A1, dienone, and the love pheromone, it’s thought to enhance romance, attractiveness, and bonding between humans.

Not only is this pheromone frequently studied, but it’s also one of the most common pheromones used today because of its effect on women [R]. Women may see the wearer as more attractive and encourage the desire to cuddle or touch more frequently. That’s why we really like True Instinct with one hit of copulin (more on this later). It was designed from the ground up to be as effective as possible, utilizing scientific research on human attraction.

Be careful not to use too much Androstadienone and don’t use it for prolonged periods. While it can have a desirable effect on women, extensive use can result in lethargy, anxiety, and depression in men.


Estratetraenol, also called EST, is a female pheromone that can improve mood and relieve stress in men when they use small doses [R]. It can even encourage men to be more affectionate.

Though it is used in some formulas, Estratetraenol is only used in minimal doses to avoid negative interactions with other pheromones. If the dose is too strong, it can trigger aggressive reactions from alpha pheromones.


Like Estratetraenol, Copulins are female pheromones. They can boost men’s testosterone and make women appear more attractive [R]. Another effect of Copulins is to boost a man’s self-confidence and make them feel more sexually desirable.

What Are Male Pheromone Hits?

pheromone cologne human results

Pheromone hits are the number of reactions you will likely get from a product. There are three different levels of hit counts.

  • A subtle hit count means you’ll get people looking at you, trying to be near you, and generally being a bit friendlier than usual.
  • Moderate hit count products should attract obvious flirting and more walk-ups from strangers.
  • Products with blatant hit counts will generally have the highest return with more affection, overt sexual interest, and aggressive body language.

When it comes to customer reviews and ratings, people seem to prefer moderate attraction products as they are subtle enough to be worn as colognes without being a nuisance.

There are product videos showing you that even small fl oz containers can pack a massive punch. Be sure to carefully read the product info before applying men pheromone cologne oil.

What do Pheromones Smell Like?

Smell of Pheromones for men

Though fresh male sweat can elicit a reaction from women, you probably would have a difficult time sustaining that fresh scent. Synthetic pheromones, such as those found in pheromones for men, don’t really smell like anything at all. They still impact your olfactory system, but they don’t have a noticeable odor.

Do Pheromones Have Any Side Effects?

Like anything you apply to your skin, pheromones can trigger some side effects ranging from minor annoyances to more severe reactions. Whether or not you experience side effects will depend on your body chemistry, skin type, dosage, and the quality of the attraction product, among other things.

side effects of human pheromones

Pheromone cologne is meant to enhance the feelings of sexual arousal, so it’s reasonable to expect you’ll experience a lot of the same effects. It may require a little trial and error to determine the best combination for you, and some side effects may resolve with a small tweak in dosage.

  • Mild headaches are the most common side effect of pheromone use and can generally be remedied by drinking something with caffeine.
  • Some users may experience heart palpitations because the body is excited. Drinking extra water or cutting caffeinated beverages can often resolve this.
  • Rashes can develop if you’re allergic to some of the ingredients, so be sure to consult the label for any known triggers.
  • Some pheromone products can trigger a drowsy feeling as the effects wear off. You may need to cut back on your dose and build up a tolerance.
  • Blatant hit products can cause anxiety in rare cases. If you experience this, you may want to stick with subtle or moderate hit products.

How to Properly Use Male Pheromones to Attract Females

Once you’ve selected the right product for you, using pheromones is not tricky. There are just a few pointers to maximize the benefits.

  • Follow the dosage suggested on the package. You may want to start small and work your way up. Just like a dietary supplement, don’t over-do it.
  • Apply the pheromones to your pulse points. If you aren’t sure what they are, start with your wrists, neck, and behind your ears.
  • Be wary of spraying your entire body unless you know exactly how you’ll react.
  • Make sure you have a hotel room ready just in case!

Disclaimer: None of this is medical advice. Proceed at your own risk and consult a physician / doctor before using any products. For those interested in exploring additional methods to enhance attraction and relationships, you might want to check out The Obsession Method or His Secret Obsession for complementary strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions
Has anyone tried the raw pheromones for men pheromone cologne?

It's possible to have a placebo effect when trying this stuff.. If the women aren't interested before the cologne the cologne won't help. Pheromones can amplify interest but if none exists beforehand it doesn't magically work. However the cologne can give the wearer a significant boost in confidence which can have the desirable effect. Then it's the confidence creating the attraction.

Where to buy unscented pheromones that actually work for men?

I saw some basic pheromones online, that's about it. Look at the recommendations on this site.

Can you use pheromones colognes every day?

You should always be careful when using any product on a daily basis. Usually guys prefer to use them for special events and activities (perhaps only on weekends) to enhance their dating life.