Going Out: A Major Step Towards Success With Women


Today’s article is about a simple, yet immensely effective practice for boosting your success with women and people in general: I lovingly call it “get the bleep out of your house”. It may sound like I’m stating the bleeding obvious here, but from my own experience, I cannot stress enough that going out on a regular basis is a crucial component towards your success with women. In this article, I would like to address some ideas that keep us from actually doing it: the misconceptions are that it needs to be set up properly, you need to set enough time aside for it, and it’s a special event.

Going outside needs no prior planning

I’ll tell you something about me. I’m a guy that likes to plan and organize a lot. I’m German and a Virgo, so there you go: predisposed for obsessive tidiness. As such, I used to think that a proper “going-out” had to be planned in advance, and at least two hours had to be set aside for it to have any effect or sense. I had to have people to go out with, and a place to go to, and something meaningful to do, otherwise I felt it wouldn’t be worthwhile. It took me quite a while to realize what a load of bull this is, and how many opportunities I was missing that way. Now, I go to the theater or cinema on my own, and on a spur, and I always find people to practice my social skills on while I’m out there. I open them up by the entrance door or chat with them while standing in line.


Sometimes I meet people to watch the movie with me right there and then, sometimes I simply run into ones I already know. And guess what, the more you chat people up, the more likely you will be to bump into them by just leaving your house. I have a friend who stayed in my city for only a couple of months, and by the time he left, he could barely go outside without running into people that recognized him. And they all loved him!

You always have enough time to go out

Seriously. Sometimes I look at my watch and I see that I have about an hour of free time on my hands. I used to tell myself “that’s hardly enough time to go outside and do anything meaningful”, and then I would stay in front of my computer, reading articles on the internet, retouching photos or chatting with friends online. Today, my approach is different: I know now that even as little as ten minutes are enough to leave the house and chat with somebody in the café around the corner. It may not lead anywhere, you may not get a number or ever see that person again, but YOU went OUT and TALKED to somebody, and THAT is your practice, your gain, your unique experience.

If you already spend a lot of time outside, then socialize

Grocery shopping. Way to work and back. Walk in the park. Meeting friends. You spend all that time outside each day – stop thinking that it’s not the right time to approach women. ANY time is the right time to practice your extroversion and social skills. You don’t need anybody to wave the “go” flag at you before you do it. Remember that you only get good through practice, and this is something you can practice very easily because people are everywhere. If it makes you feel more comfortable, start by approaching old people, or males, just whoever doesn’t come as a “challenge” to you, and then move on to girls.

You can easily walk up to anybody, ask them their name and get to know them a little better. Ask them what they are up to, and if the conversation goes well, dive into deeper topics such as their dreams and passions. People will gladly chat with you, and even if one person doesn’t, the next will. Remember: going out, or should I just say: just being social is what’s going to determine your success with girls. So seize the day! As for me, I have to go now. Got ten minutes on my hands to go outside and wave at chicks across the street!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do parents who kick out their kids not go to jail?

Not legal advice, but I was kicked out of my parents home at 15.

They didn't go to jail because I never reported it. At that point in time I had more important things to worry about like finding food and shelter. Plus I was 15, I didn't know that my parents weren't allowed to do that, or that the police would do anything to help.

If you could choose any way to die how would you go out?

Don't really care how so long as it's instant.

Breakup no friends how to go out alone?

Try MeetUp.com to meet people that enjoy the same things you do. You're a body builder and you never ask someone to spot you at the gym? That's an easy way to make new friends. meeting guys at the gym and potentially getting a beer with them sometime.

Use Tinder, Bumble and any other dating apps, if you're a body builder and not a douchebag about it (shirtless pics, boasting about bodybuilding, being too cocky) women will flock to you. Remember to stay modest.

Pick up a new hobby and take classes on it, like cooking. drawing, boxing, etc. or join an adult basketball/soccer/football league, this is how you meet new friends. especially at your age.

Also, not sure if you've heard of RSD or not (Real Social Dynamics), but they're a great pick up company and have a massive Facebook presence. I can almost guarantee that there is a Facebook group of guys who go out regularly in your city (or a neighboring city). Look them up on Facebook and try to find your city, those guys are always trying to go out.

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

I can get ready in half an hour or it can take me hours, it depends how good I want to look, what state I'm in before I start getting ready, and how much i rush.