Guide To Picking Up Girls – The Easy Way


If everyone was picking up girls on a consistent basis, there wouldn’t be many left now would there? It’s a good thing that most men don’t know how easy it is to pick up a girl and are frightened to even attempt!

The definition of a successful pickup would be to engage in a new interaction with a woman and create enough attraction for her to want to see you again. Unfortunately, what I usually see is a far cry from that. I see men concentrating on ‘getting the number‘ and they seem to completely lose sight of the actual goal.

Although it’s true that sometimes getting a number CAN be a sign of success, it is not necessarily an absolute victory. What’s the point of getting a number if she won’t go out with you afterwards? Sometimes women give their number out just to get rid of a guy…

Successfully attracting and picking up beautiful girls can be easy as long as you follow a few guidelines:

1. Have a good opener

An opener is a line that breaks the ice and begins a conversation. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it feels natural. Don’t talk randomly start telling a girl about a wind surfing story if you’re in the grocery store… she’ll wonder why. Sometimes an opener can simply be “hi”.

2. Create some attraction

Why should this person continue talking to you? After you open the conversation, you should convey that you are an interesting person worth talking to. This can be by telling a story about what you’re doing, or simply saying something funny that will make her laugh. Want to know more, read what attracts women.

3. Pull back and get to know her

Interactions should never be one sided. In a successful pick-up, you should BOTH want to talk to each other afterwards. This is one of the major pitfalls that most guys do… they get a bunch of numbers but they never call because they never got to know the girl in question.

4. Close

Remember, when you’re out picking up girls, you want to create a little commitment and excitement for later. Either get a number, email (not as good) or some way of seeing each other again because it’s always more fun the second time!

Frequently Asked Questions
Men who are successful at picking up girls what s your secret?

Lifting from your legs, not your lower back.

20m always had trouble picking up girls where do i stand?

You are attractive. I think you're just lacking confidence.

Afraid of what people will think of you picking up girls?

Man, I've allowed this thought to control most of my life. I'm such a bitch to the point where it hurts. Argh. Thanks for posting, Tony.

Any tips for picking up girls in the club as a short guy?

Assuming you're not in a 3rd world country, you will most likely be towered by girls with heels on. Also, unless you're with a group of buddies, you'll probably be a bit intimidated by the taller guys there as well. As with anywhere in the world, at a club, girls will want to sleep with you if you have looks, money, status, and a fun, masculine personality. I don't know your personality and money situation but you do not have looks on your side as a 5'5 guy unless you have a 10/10 model face, extremely well proportioned, white, and wearing lifts. Since you're going to a new city, you will not have any status whatsoever. Unless you're like a youtube celebrity or a somebody, you won't have much going for you. I suggest dressing up like a rich bastard, and getting a table at the club. Pretend you are somebody with status. Aside from that, have fun and give off a good vibe. Also, wear lifts if you have them, they help. It can be done with oozing money and having fun/being the party, but if you're broke and feeling like shit, I think it'll be a rough night for you with the ladies.. good luck though!

Picking up girls at concerts raves?

It's hard to talk during the sets. Dancing with her noticing you may spark a conversation later, but that's all I can see happening. It's much easier as festivals.

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