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What Is Cocky and Funny – Implementing It Into Your Game

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So what is cocky and funny? The concept that’s been popularized by the famous dating book Double Your Dating has a lot men wondering exactly what it is and how to use it successfully to attract women.

In reality, it’s quite simple and quite self explanatory. The cocky concept is to be slightly arrogant, which sub-communicates that you have confidence.

An arrogant statement would be: “I’m the best”
A slightly arrogant statement would be: “I’m pretty good”

The problem with ONLY using cocky is that, if you ONLY use cockiness, it actually LOWERS your value. Coming off as a ‘showoff’ or someone who’s “full of himself” isn’t going to help you with women any day.

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The Right Mix of Cocky and Funny

This is why it is ESSENTIAL to mix cocky WITH the funny. You really can say anything, as long as it’s a joke. If it’s funny, then that cocky comment doesn’t have the same “I’m full of myself” air to it, because it’s just a joke! It does however, retain a hint confidence and is overall very attractive. Not to mention, funny is always great and creates a nice ambiance.

A cocky, yet funny statement would be:
“I’m pretty good… only on Friday though”

Adding mis-directional humor to the same comment removes the arrogance that would of otherwise been associated with the comment. The result ? You come off as funny AND confident, two qualities that are very attractive to have.

If done right, it’s fun as well! In fact, it’s SUPPOSED to be fun.

The concept of using slightly cocky comments that are funny only works if you sprinkle it throughout an interaction! It’s something you can use right now to add that little extra spice to your conversations with women. Even though it’s amazing, it’s only a small part of the entire picture. In order to make cocky & funny 10x-20x more effective, you must combine it with the mind frame, body language and techniques contained in Double Your Dating, only then will it truly be magic.

Even David DeAngelo says it himself, even though cocky and funny seems to be the technique that everyone remembers, his other stuff is even more powerful. That’s why you really owe it to yourself to check it out as soon as you can!

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What Is Cocky and Funny - Implementing It Into Your Game
In reality, it's quite simple and quite self explanatory. The cocky concept is to be slightly arrogant, which sub-communicates that you have confidence.
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  1. @Above comments

    Don’t discredit yourselves guys, there are few things that a woman finds more attractive than a guy who has charisma, good physique and intelligence. Besides, playing the intellectual route is PRIME for the cocky and funny route if you do it right.

  2. Yes indeed Ben your arrogant attitude was something that I was also guilty of and rather than hoping women would be impressed by my intellectual prowess….they were turned off and generally thought I was kind of a arrogant geek. My game has far improved when I “mitigated” (ha!) and “refrained” (another big word) from coming off as a professor, because girls in their late teens and early twenties will think you are a douche bag if you have that type of attitude and show off. Basically this will lead to frustration then mastuerbation and no kitty kitty for you buddy!

  3. Wow at the above comment!! Ben I’m sure you go home alone every single night…. With an attitude like that and proclaiming your supposed “genius” intelligence makes it a huge turn off for 99.99% of women. Using big words does not impress anyone but yourself.

  4. As a graduate student studying the philosophy of psychology, I feel somewhat qualified to critique the quasi-psychological approach that you guys use. From a theoretical perspective, I like most of what you have to say. From a practical perspective, well, I can only assume that these methods have been at least marginally successful. From a grammatical perspective, however, this website is atrocious. Might I offer a little advice? If you want to improve your overall credibility, have an editor comb over the contents of your website, at least so that you’re not invalidating the hard work you’ve done systematizing your thoughts.

  5. The shoes part isn’t really important. Well fitted shirts and pants are the most important. It is a really good idea to be funny when your cocky, or the girl won’t react well. Also if your muscular like me, make sure you offer them to touch your biceps and they’ll be impressed . I like wearing tight shirts because it brings out something I’m proud of . Also when you do flex, ask the female to show you her ” guns ” and act impressed . Then say a cute remark like ” wow, your stronger then me ” .

  6. I hate full moons. (The Moon in orbit on a full moon)
    It’s full of itself. (like vain)

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