Two Mistakes That Prevent Men From Ever Finding Their “Dream Girl”


Usually my older students, the ones that have been practicing seduction for one or two years and have reasonable success with women, tend to ask me: “Why don’t I have the girl of my dreams in my life yet? It seems as if all the girls in my life have flaws that just make them impossible to date.” Well today, I’ll share with you a little insight about getting the woman of your dreams: If you’re just trying to meet women at random, you’re not going to find the one you’re truly looking for (Well, you might if you’re lucky, but why not just do it the easier way?)


Know What You Want

In order to to succeed, you need to take two steps back first. You need to know exactly what kind of woman you want, and before that, you need to know yourself. Without this groundwork, you’ll have a hard time even creating attraction, and once you get a girl, chances are you won’t be happy with her.

Most men will say they know what kind of woman they want, but if you inquire, you’re likely to get a rather vague response: “Well… I want her to be sexy, intelligent and funny.” Right. So why is it that of all the women who share these traits, only a few will be really good matches? What you need is a solid concept about what you want. Here’s where you start:

Know Yourself

What makes you UNIQUE? You need to explore yourself, you want to go way beyond your hobbies or everyday life. I know it’s the oldest psycho-trick in the book, but go back to your youth and childhood. Think about what made you tick, who provided the soundtrack to your life, what you loved to play with, which books your mom read to you and what they meant, what the defining moments in your life were. That stuff stays with us! Then, think about peculiarities you have: I, for instance, can wiggle my left nostril – it’s true. Also, look into your future. Where do you want to take your dreams, ambitions, passions? Do that soul-searching for a few days, I promise you’ll come up with amazing things. To help, here’s a list of 81 questions geared towards figuring out who you are.

Write down what you discover about yourself. It will make for some great conversation later on.

Know What Kind of Woman You Want

This is where you work out the specifics. Many women are sexy, intelligent and funny, but that doesn’t necessarily make them appealing to you: so think about what kind of woman you find most attractive.

  • How does she dress?
  • Is she elegant, sportive, artsy, a rocker chick, a goth, a party girl?
  • Which ones of your passions does she share?
  • What can she teach you?
  • What’s her eye colour? (me, I’m a sucker for dark eyes)
  • Does she fall asleep with her favourite cuddly toy in her arms?
  • Is she strong and independent?
  • Does she smoke?
  • Drink?
  • Does he have piercings, tattoos?
  • What do they mean to her?
  • What’s her sexuality?
  • What’s her body type?
  • What kinds of places does she go to?
  • Does she laugh a lot?
  • Crack jokes?
  • Or is she shy?
  • Is she conservative, does she like to play things safe?
  • Or is she adventurous?
  • Sports or video games?
  • Beach or mountain?
  • Vanilla or chocolate?

You get the idea, write down everything you can imagine about your ideal woman.

Go and Find Her

Now we’re back where we “started”.

More often than not, a guy will blame himself if a conversation with a beautiful woman goes downhill. While there certainly are ways of avoiding that (read our article “How To Talk to Girls” to learn more), consider that if you don’t get an exciting conversation going with a girl, perhaps it’s just not meant to be. There’s nothing wrong with either of you then. Now that you know who you are and where you’re going, you can be goal-oriented: approach a girl whose appearance and demeanour appeals to you, share something you’re enthusiastic about, see if she picks up on it. Don’t be afraid to test her! If nothing else, she’ll realize you have your act together and know what you want. She’ll sense that you’re not just another guy that aimlessly approaches beauties. That’s a good position to be in!

A final word of caution: when you go get the women you want, make sure you don’t start chasing dreams. You might know now what your perfect woman will be like, but you’re going to run into real-life human beings that aren’t perfect. Approach a girl with your destination in mind, but don’t measure her against your “perfect one”. If you start comparing her to your perfect vision, you’ll end up empty-handed. Just make sure to have a good balance between knowing what you want and accepting her differences. So remember to do the exercises because, once you know exactly who you are and who you’re looking for, you’ll end up finding her.

1. What are some common mistakes that men make that prevent them from finding their dream girl?

There are a lot of common mistakes that men make that prevent them from finding their dream girl. One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that they have to be someone that they’re not. They think that they have to have a lot of money, a big house, a nice car, and a six-pack of abs. The truth is, most women don’t care about those things. They want a man who is kind, caring, and who will treat them right.

2. What are some things that men can do to increase their chances of finding their soulmate?

Everyone’s definition of a “dream girl” is different. However, there are some general things that men can do to increase their chances of finding a partner that they are compatible with and who meets their criteria for a dream girl.

Some things that men can do to increase their chances of finding their dream girl include:

1. Get to know themselves and what they want in a partner.

3. What are some signs that a man has found his dream girl?

There are a few key signs that a man has found his dream girl. First and foremost, he will be absolutely head-over-heels in love with her. He will be constantly thinking about her and wanting to be around her as much as possible. He will also go out of his way to do things for her and make her happy. Additionally, he will be proud to show her off to his friends and family and will be constantly telling them how amazing she is.

4. How can a man tell if a woman is interested in him?

There is no surefire answer, but there are certain behaviors and body language cues that may indicate interest. For example, a woman who is interested in a man may:

-Make eye contact and hold it for longer than usual
-Smile or give a flirty look
-Touch her hair or face
-Lean in when talking
-Stand close to him
-Playfully touch or punch him
-Laugh at his jokes
-Ask him personal questions

5. What should a man do if he is interested in a woman who is not interested in him?

It depends on a variety of factors, including the man’s personality, the woman’s personality, the circumstances under which they met, and the level of interest the man has in the woman.

In general, however, if a man is interested in a woman who is not interested in him, he should first try to get to know her better.

6. How can a man tell if a woman is not interested in him?

There are some signs that may indicate that she is not interested. For example, if she consistently avoids eye contact, seems disinterested in conversation, or makes excuses to leave when he is around, she may not be interested. Additionally, if she talks about other men or flirts with other people when she is around him, she is probably not interested in him.

7. What are some things that a man should avoid doing if he wants to find a partner?

There are a few things a man should avoid doing if he wants to find his dream girl. First, he should avoid being too clingy or needy. This will only push her away and make her feel uncomfortable. Second, he should avoid being too self-centered and always thinking about himself. This will make her feel like she is not important to him. Third, he should avoid being too controlling and always trying to dictate what she does.

8. What are some things that a man should do if he wants to find his soulmate?

1. Get clear on what you want. What qualities are most important to you in a partner? Write them down and be specific.

2. Do some soul-searching. What kind of person do you want to be in a relationship? What are your relationship deal-breakers?

9. How long does it typically take for a man to find a wife?

It typically takes a man quite a while to find his dream woman. He may have to date a lot of different women before he finally meets the one that he really wants to spend the rest of his life with. Sometimes it takes a man years to find his dream girl. It all depends on the individual man and how much effort he is willing to put into finding her.