Answer: What Do Girls Want? – A Solution For Men


If there’s one question that frustrates most men, it’s “What do girls want?” Well first let me tell you, most of them don’t know what they want themselves! However, it’s not because they don’t know what they want that they don’t want something (try reading that sentence 2-3 times quickly!).

Girls have many physical and emotional needs that are well covered by just about every single article on dating, so we won’t go there. Instead, we’ll concentrate on the one thing that girls universally want: Excitement!

Yes, it’s true. Most girls (and guys for that matter) are completely bored out of their minds! Every day, the same mindless routine. You wake up, go to school/work, watch TV, talk with friends and go to sleep. Repeat!

what do girls really want

Women Crave Diversity

Even really social women are bored. They’ll always go out to the same places, with the same guys, etc. They CRAVE diversity. If you can provide excitement and diversity, then women will chase you. They’ll NEED to have you.

That’s why some guys have so many girls calling them.
That’s why the ‘bad-boys’ get all the girls.
That’s why girls will go with the jerk (among other things). It’s just that he’s more fun to them because they break the social norm and are unpredictable.

So does this mean you have to be a jerk? No way! Just be unpredictable. Don’t do it for her, do it for YOURSELF! Being unpredictable is fun and not only will she enjoy it, but you will as well. Make it a point to do things you haven’t done before. Force yourself to do random things that you don’t even expect yourself to do. Don’t think about it… just do it.

Be Original

When you’re talking to a girl, if you’re just like every single other guy, then you’ll be forgettable. No really, even if you make her laugh and things seem to be going well, unless you can stand out, then there’s no reason for her to remember you longer than the next guy.

I’m a big advocate of being genuine, and one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your potential girl is to create an exciting life. If you’re staying at home all the time, working your 9-5 jobs, then figure out how to spice up your life quickly! Otherwise, you’ll wake up at 50 wondering where your life went. Instead, take unexpected decisions in your life and build up the exciting part of yourself.

Really, even though girls can want a million things, they all crave a little excitement from time to time. So the next time you ask yourself “What do girls want?”, know that the answer is a little excitement.

Frequently Asked Questions
Men of reddit what do you really want to ask girls?


What romantic thing would you want girls to do for you?

* Leave some beer in the fridge ahead of time so it's cold by the time I'm home. Optional, but desireable: Also leave a silly note, with a little tiny heart;
* Cook me dinner;
* Ask me to join her in a bubble bath (with candles!);
* Plan a picknick;
* Send me a card at work;
* Plan a camping trip, so we can sit by a campfire, watch the stars and drink cheap wine;
* Hug me from behind and tell me I'm handsome;
* Slap my butt on occasion and tell me I'm hot.

EDIT: A girl I used to go out with once drew a heart with her fingers in the mirror in my bathroom. A few hours after she left, I went to take a shower and the steam from the hot water made the heart appear (I had no idea it was there). It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done to me. I felt like I should add this here.

Guys what kind of compliments do you want to hear from indian girls?


To any girls here what do you look for when you want casual sex?

When I was looking for casual it was much like when looking for more than casual. I needed to feel safe, that he was enthusiastic about protection (condoms), that he appeared interested in more then getting just himself off.